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    The Black Hebrew Israelites are a black supremacist anti white brainwashing cult based on make-believe, the bible. The current Hebrew Israelite camps all originated from a group called “one west” based in New York City. One west were black freemasons.

    These black supremacist wannabes like to call white people “edomite”, a name out of the bible. They tell their brainwashed followers that the white man is “Esau”, Jacobs brother out of the bible, and that Esau, aka the white man, is going to be destroyed.

    Many of the camps are run by government agents and freemasons. Don’t believe the hype.

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    Everyone wants to be a jew. Everyone’s claiming to be descended from such and such tribe or the lost tribe. We on Planet Zion.

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      Empty soul

      No. Not everyone wants to be a Jew.

      The vast majority of people accept themselves and strive to better themselves as much as they can within their own ranks. The Chinese for example strive to be richer and more successful whilst being Chinese, so do the Japanese and the Indians and the Pakistanis and the white Europeans so on and so forth.

      Blacks however will prostrate and submit themselves to Islam, to Christianity, they will even trick themselves into believing that they are “real Israelites” etc, all in order to distance themselves from what they truly are. They will shave their heads bald and wear wigs and weaves, bleach their skin, chase and lust after every single race but their own etc, all in order to be less black.

      I could go on and on but the main point is this, most races strive to gain advantage for their own via academic, social and political excellence combined with protectionist policy. The blacks on the other hand prefer to gain advantage via infiltration and subservience, whether that be subservience to a model of perceived victimhood or subservience to an already there socio-political platform.

      To conclude, most races attack and protect because they can. The blacks infiltrate and submit because they can’t.

      If you must blame something then blame black peoples lack of overall intelligence and ability I guess.

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        lol you sure do have it out for that black straw man huh? Traditionalists crack me up. You all deflect so eloquently yet I see right through it. Projecting insecurities is common among your type 😜. Get over it. You can’t go back to the old days grandps

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        Empty soul

        Lol young hitler, well…….it wasn’t exactly a straw man on my part since the topic was about black Israelites and the post I was addressing was about people wanting to be Jews. To my knowledge there are no Indian groups claiming to be Israelites, nor Chinese groups, nor Polynesians or indeed white European groups either. In fact the only groups claiming to be Israelites are Jews and black people. My point is therefore valid.

        As for projecting insecurities, I am a white man born to a white family. I live in a predominantly white country. My friends are white and I have a white girlfriend. I also have my own home and a steady job and whilst my life may not be all sun and roses there are no actual insecurities in it either because I am contented with how I was born and where I was born and feel happy to be white and live white.

        Many black people on the other hand can’t stand themselves. They wear fake hair and bleach their skin, black men also make up the largest statistic for interracial dating whilst black women hold the highest statistic for being single mothers so on and so forth. As you can see the insecurities are very much on their part not mine because I am contented with being white whereas they are not contented with being black.

        I hate them, that’s true. However, it is an hatred born not from insecurity but from my own held standards and their observed inability to meet them. I could lower my standards of course but if I did that I may as well go live with the animals.

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        Hoping for Nemesis


        I do not want to go into whether i agree or disagree with your thesis here. I only wish to mention that in fact there are many groups that claim they are Jewish. Christian evangelist white zionists claim they are Jewish, some black tribes in Zimbabwe? Claim they are Jewish as do some South American Indians ie Patagonians.However, the fact they are uncharacteristically taller,whiter and less Mongoloid in appearance to their cousins around them also lends credence to them being the descendants of Spartans and /or Survivors of Thera /Santorini volcano destruction or Atlantis- another story they believe in.

        In fact,the only real Hebrews i believe in are the Samaritans,only a few hundred strong and the only Jews that never left the Holy Land ever!

        As you know ,all Jews were expelled by the Assyrians and Babylonians and the Gentiles then populated the land. Even in Jesus’s day thebland was filled with Gentiles of the descendants of the Ancient Greeks and their the Decapolis etc and why St paul spoke and though like Greek and Herod had Greek name etc. The Pharissees were the imams of Isis at the time and the Zealots were The ISIS as well.Read Josephus to see blood and gore to rival what we see here!

        Anyway till another day.

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    Mr.Zion….. Mr.Zion…..

    do you even read, bro?


    [1.] as you well may know, we must treat this like a court case. The Law is objective. we must be objective in our quest for truth. please remove the atheistic/racist/prejudice/victim mentality lens. thank you. you never were the victim, you still are not the victim, you never will be the victim other than Yah’s wrath.

    [2.] “The white man’s the devil.” sounds hateful, but is it true? history backs up this claim. will you deny history? perhaps. The Scriptures state that we are to love and pray for our enemies. this doesn’t mean we have to sit down and have brunch together. it just means that we are not to be hateful.

    there are Gentiles [whites, in particular] that admit themselves who the real Hebrews are. look for yourself.

    i think you may be intimated by these men’s approach. we are to be merciful, slow to anger, graceful. like the Father. i am sure Yahushua himself would not have taken to this approach; yelling/screaming, in such an angry manner. but i’d be lying if i said i couldn’t resonate with their apparent rage, but it’s still ungodly to preach in such a way. this video is tame compared to some of what i’ve seen thus far. it’s hard to touch the hearts of others when you’re being seemingly hateful. that is certainly not the right approach to preaching, but i digress for now.

    [3.] “Many of the camps are run by government agents and freemasons.” i wouldn’t doubt that for a second, to be honest. paid shills are everywhere. they’re everywhere. just look at Alex Jones.

    [4.] spiritual warfare is real and it is happening. i’m sorry that you can’t “see” it. again, remove the lens and seek truth with an open heart. but you can’t do that, because you’re seeing it from a subjective standpoint. all you’re seeing is: “black people trying to be something they aren’t because they’re nothing, playing the victim, pinning whites as the enemy. go figure.” what a whiny, pitiful response.

    you still have no case, other than the simple and obvious fact that you cannot accept the truth. you can be grafted in, if you pray and repent, but you don’t believe. you have no faith, and you probably never will, because you have to humble yourself, which is painfully hard to do. and it’s easier to continue living in one’s own deception than to face the truth.

    you don’t really seem to care for real truth anyway. you seem to be more passionate about your hatred. now that is sad.

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      Hoping for Nemesis


      Beautifully written and argued piece but i must disagree with a few parts.

      Firstly, the Law should be objective and it is drummed into us in all nations that it is. However, it is not. I have been at a level in my career to see that it is so. Poorer ,browner and less-educated people are always at a disadvantage before the law. Subtle ,thinly -disguised but still the disadvantage is there. I have seen with my own eyes what powerful, moneyed – types can and do often with the Law.

      Yes some nations have it better than others but it is always there.That is why i am cynical and distrusting of people in such careers even though i have been amongst them.

      Secondly, white people as enemy. Yes,white people have committed horible acts in history. Yet so have the Blacks. Slavery would never have happened in the USA without the collusion and active support by African Blacks in the Gold Coast ie Ashanti regions etc Furthermore, whites have also enslaved whites.In ancient times ,fellow Celts and Germans enslaved and sold their people to the Ancient Greeks and we are talking about the ancestors of Germans ,brits ,scots ,Russians and scandinavians etc Even in South africa ,blacks had other blacks as slaves even though the whites were encroaching and treating all blacks as slaves.Same by Usa first peoples including the Cherokee.

      If anything,it is the model of slavery that is at fault.In the usa, one drop of black blood anywhere was enough to label you a slave whereas in ancient greece and rome ,a slave could and did rise to be emperor etc.Many of the famous Greeks and romans were the descendants of freed slaves or had part slave heritage.

      Anyway,you seem clever and i am sure you know all this already but i include it for those who might not and may be interested.

      Shit people and shit systems are shit regardless of the former’s colour!

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      You’re living in the land of delusion. The bible’s not real. If you hate white people, just say it, own it. Don’t try and use a book as a crutch and say, the book says so. You’re a follower. You read a fictional book that says there is an invisible man watching everything everybody does and you believe it.

      The so called “bible” is a book. A BOOK! A story, a fairy tale. So do you believe that snakes can talk? You believe that women were taken from a mans rib? You believe the earth was created in 6 days? By magic? So “God” is a genie?

      You’ve been brainwashed by a cult. I already told you where the bible came from.

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      In Romans 9:6, 7, the Apostle Paul states:”. . . For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel; neither, because they are of Abraham are they all children: BUT (because of this) IN ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED.” (Emphasis added.)
      There is only one race of people in the world today, who are named after Isaac. They were once called “Sacae,” then “Sacs Sons,” then “Isaac’s Sons,” and are now known as “Saxons,” or “Anglo-Saxons.”
      Yet, without exception, when a statement such as this is made, in such an unequivocal manner, many brainwashed Christians will cry “prejudice,” or “unChristian pride.” Isn’t it strange, how these same people are willing to allow their worst enemies to steal their “birthright” and assume the name of God’s Chosen People, which rightly belongs to them?
      Whenever the term Anglo-Israel is used, many churchmen, especially those in the fundamental field, will immediately undertake to refute Scriptural proofs which prove that the white, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and related peoples, are the true Israel of God and instead will vehemently assign this role to those who hate Him most.
      While Israel was lost in Biblical history and was not mentioned as a people after their deportation to Assyria about 726 B.C., they can still be traced through secular history and by some obscure references in the New Testament.
      In 2 Kings 17:20, we read: “And the Lord rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hands of spoilers, until He had cast them out of His sight.” (Notice this came after the division of the Israel nation into the two parts of Judah and Israel). Now notice closely in verse 21: “For He (God) rent Israel from the house of David.” Then verse 23 – the Lord removed Israel out of His sight, as He had said by all His servants the prophets. So Israel was carried away out of their own land to Assyria, unto this day.”

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    Ive read some of your posts and you have some very knowledgeable things to say, you are obviously Jew savvy & I respect that, I also respect a mans opinion, religion, or lack of IE atheist or agnostic it really matters not to me… what I would like to point out is you are sorely mistaken about the biblical text you call “A book”, it’s actually 66 books & they are the most historically accurate & provable books the world has in regards to recent ancient history.. I can argue that another time if you’d like but right now I want to clear up some obvious confusion you have about these texts, 1st- talking snakes? Maybe you’ll give us a better idea of who the talking snake is LOL, if you’re referring to genesis then you really need to learn how to read the scriptures & perhaps use a strongs concordance so that you don’t sound so confused in what you are trying to describe .. no big deal, a very common mistake amongst the secular community.. 2nd- did you know that the male has 1 less rib than the female? Something to think about. I mean I don’t want to make an embarrassment of your post because I understand it for what it is, pure, unadulterated ignorance. Many people that read the Bible have the understanding of a 9 year old when reading.

    I know you will respond with the typical tirade that atheists go on when challenged at this subject, just know that “Ignorant” is not a bad name, it only means lack of knowledge, Etc.
    You should really be interested in learning more about something before you go around trashing it, you sound more like a hater than an educated individual.

    Anyhow- good day & God bless

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      You’ve been brainwashed by a cult my man. You believe in a fairy tale. It’s called magical thinking. I tell the truth as I see it, no matter how people feel about that truth. Most of the christian pastors are freemasons.

      I was brought up Catholic, did it all. I have no problem with you. But I will tell you the truth. I’m not ignorant, you are, I mean that with no disrespect.

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    Hoping for Nemesis

    @happy and @thedre

    What happened to my three minute grace period to correct my spelling!! No timer anymore and posts too quickly!!

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      It usually Always works my good brother. Probably just a small glitch, as in happens to me also once in a blue moon.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about it my good man! But if it happens again,,, just send a message to Mark in the “Contact Bestgore” as he gets those messages faster, and therefore he replies quicker to them also! Cheers bud! 🙂

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    The black israelites are useful to us joos until they manage to accomplish their anti-white objective. After that they will be discarded like they deserve. It seems that our great help in the slave trade is finally showing progress. Oh yeah, we joos are greatly guilty of bringing your black asses here.

    Oy vey, all this talk about black jews reminded me of the lovely Whoopi Goldberg. There’s no superior jewish blood in her veins, she’s just a wannabe so there’s no salvation to her in the end but as long as she behaves like one of us she’s fine… for now.

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    i’m afraid that it is you that has been brainwashed, Mt.Zion.

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