Does it feel good to take a shit?

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    Road Pavement

    Does it?

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    Well it feels good when it’s all over and done with, lightens the load. If you were local I’d give you some food so you could experience it.

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    Road Pavement, you sad filth from the old BF days 😉

    Remember when you once STOLE your BOSSES LOGG???

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    Yes it does. Such a proud feeling looking down and seeing a perfectly crafted log. Probably how women feel after giving birth.

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    I have heard the thedre is eating his own LOGG due to financial problems. Can anyone confirm this rumor?

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      Team Dilf

      Channel 6 News
      Tonight we sadly can report that a man by the name thedre has resorted to live scat eating to pay for his HEROIN addiction. In other news Svensk is a cuck.

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    When im depressed and i need to take a shit i just hold it for 1h so when i take that shit it will feel extra good,it helps with depression trust me.
    P.S. joking

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      Jason the alpha

      Oh it’s a joke is it? Well I can tell you that a bathroom is a mans temple! When you shit you just release all that stress and depression that goes with it. That’s why it stinks so bad. Nothing like laying a big dirty hog nailer

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        The toilet is indeed the mans last male bastion. No nagging or bitching from women or estrogen.

        When you are depressed try to hold the scat for 19 more hours, until your stomach is full of shit. Then you release the MALE SCAT and damn you feel good.

        Also it stinks so bad that you nearly break down. Lol

        Dropping a pressie? It is wellness for me.

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        Trailer Park Boy

        It’s only a man’s temple if he’s a fucking cuck. Same as a man cave. My whole house is a temple.

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    amazing best glorious moment of the day… everything is better after.. only other thing close to a orgasam is jamming a q-tip in wet ears

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      Beware of SCAT STEALERS!!!!

      Svensk is currently on the hunt for your scat!!! He loves to steal scat and eat the chunks off!!!

      I was dropping my morning pressie. The scat was floating peacefully on the toilet water. A huge 7 incher. Cold and fresh, when the phone rang.

      I stood up and took the call. It was no one. A prank call. As I returned the scat was gone !!!!! With a note. Svensk!

      So beware. You may consider a scat assurance. Svensk is a scat stealer!!!


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        Ronald Ray Gun

        You speak the truth Rev Dilf. Some pick scabs to pass the time and some take a shit. Literally, take your shit and pop it into a large zip-lok bag.

        Do not trust such scat rustlers. They place it on a shrine and polish the corn fragments to shine like the gold in my shoelaces. They will place the Alpha logs in their yard. This scat-scraping is the closest they will ever get to true greatness. The girth of an Alpha turd shall be prominently displayed resting upon ONLY the finest fescues surrounded by finely manicured hedges.

        Fecal financing is becoming a heavy trend. Alpha scat, pinched off in 10oz logs are now being traded on the commodities market and soon on NASDAQ.

        Betas are not so bad. After all, they are 1st place Omegas. I feel sympathy as they come to me bringing gifts. Beware my Alpha proclaimer! Some bring gifts with larceny in their hearts. They bring the finest cuisines cooked in their modest homes in hopes of rich returns in the form of superior Alpha duke. They hide in the shadows then disguise themselves as a golden toilet in your bathroom. They want you to read the Wallstreet Journal while dropping mondo cash with peanut tones into their laps.

        Heed these warnings. If your golden toilet hands you the sports page or sneezes at your peppercorn crusted prime rib residues, you sir have a felonious beta under your rich anus.

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        Bahahahahahah!!! business associate Nutsack!!!! Thanks for making me cracking up on this holy Sunday!!!!

        Bahahahah. I read it two times. So true man!!!! Alpha log!!!! And they clean the turd like your golden shoe laces!!!


        I need a scat insurance. That’s for sure. Hope our alpha logs will do big time in Nasdaq!


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    My friend had to take a shit in a nice restaurant and when he came back he told us to look in the last stall. He was so proud of his turd, he reached in the toilet, pulled it out and displayed it on the water tank on the toilet. That thing had to have been a foot long. It was quite the sight to see on a Sunday morning.

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      This has to be most sick stuff I ever read. Ffs, mate.

      I never forget when I wored in a bank. I started early and was kind of in a bad mood. Before starting the shift i went to the toilets.

      When I entered the cabin there was also huge, thick foot long MALE SCAT!!! Swimming peaceful on the water. A cold, fresh huge pressie. And the owner didn’t flush the toilet.

      I was shocked. I aked myself why???

      All of a sudden I couldn’t scat this day.

      Later I found out that my co workers were laughing. Telling me that this is kind of a competition. The one drops the biggest scat shows his trophy by not flushing it down. Showing who is the alpha male in the company.


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      Ronald Ray Gun

      That’s fucked up @PIGgray! Not PG at all. I have a few questions.
      Did your friend just reach right in there and cradle his new pal with his bare hands?
      Did you notice if he left prominent, brown tinted finger prints on his wine glass after returning to the table?
      Did he learn this nifty trick from many teenaged Prom Queens before him?

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        Indeed not PG13!!!


        I imagine this could be a funny prank. I mean imagine this. When your buddy cums back, with GRUESOME filthy brown fingers, wiping them discreetly away at the table and waiting for the next customer going to the toilet!!!!

        I mean the dude will cry and run to the waiter shouting:” There is a huge LOGG on the top of the toilet! I didn’t expect this at Ritz!! Heeeeeeellpppp!!!! Noooooooo!”

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        Ronald Ray Gun

        Absolutely Rev Dilf.
        Maybe a twist on the old ‘fly in the soup’ gag could be employed.
        “Excuse me waiter. I hate to be ‘that guy’, but there seems to be a mondo duke overlapping my soup bowl and wilting my salad. I checked its pulse and found that it hasn’t been properly cooked.”

        Regarding your near envenomation at The Ritz by the Carleton Stink Snake, aka, Indian Cuisine Slab Snake, count yourself lucky. Many bite victims find that their ass rim has been impregnated with fertilized Slab Snake eggs.
        While this is a serious affliction to humans, in California, giving birth to ass eggs is a sporting event enjoyed by the depraved and sanctioned by the LGBT.
        Shitting only in Dom Perignon will prevent a bite from occurring. Also, the sparkling bubble action will leave a golden sheen on your nut sack.

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    Yes. Hope I was helpful.

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