Donald Trump Reaffirms His Commitment to Cut Off Internet and Crush Free Speech

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    Donald Trump – the greatest enemy of the right to freedom of expression, independent journalism and the free flow of thoughts and ideas on the internet, reaffirmed his commitment to “cut off” the internet allegedly to stop terror attacks.

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    You mindless moron …. the ongoing quest to stop freedom of speech and the internet is almost entirely the result of the the butt-hurt left-wing / Democrat losers who can’t accept that the majority of people on this planet will no longer accept the old control systems (God/Religion) and will no longer do exactly what the super-rich / Globalist / Jewish bankers / parasites / PAEDOPHILES tell them to do ….. Trump is a breath of fresh air and possibly humanity’s last chance to defeat the paedophile ruling class !

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      Are you talking about the Donald Trump, protector of pedophiles, close friends with Jew pedo Jeffrey Epstein whom he defended, and whose Lolita Island, known for the elite child sex slaves, he visited? You sure are deluded.

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        Jason the alpha

        @happy Don’t argue man. Some trump followers are blinded by the simple facts. It’s Like talking to a brick wall. Trump is just Another man who uses his wealth and status to do what he likes and get away with it. Then you have morons like above us who believe his bullshit just cause he says so with a smile.

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      “Trump is a breath of fresh air and possibly humanity‚Äôs last chance to defeat the paedophile ruling class.”


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        @illegalsmile55 I know, right? WTF? LOL. How does one even get this deranged?

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        Years of practice?

        Also, there is nothing fresh about Trump’s breath, that’s why his wife always has that look on her face, like she just caught a whiff of turd.

        If I didn’t laugh…I’d cry.. Dumb dumb dumb dumb…

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        I believed at first Trump might be a good thing. However, my hope was dwindled.

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    You are from United States

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    Slovenian woman do tend to look pretty serious a lot I’m from
    This culture government there all the same Obama sold weapons to bin laden and Isis tramp is just the biggest pervert going

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    I am new here but as an American i like some of what Trump said while running for office. He is or was at the very least the lesser of the 2 evil’s. Our country does need to regain control of the traffic flow in and out of our borders if just to curb the violence and to somehow show we still have a backbone and not becoming just another tolerant nation who allows the public to live in fear.

    But he worries me with not what he says but how he says it. He is making a lot of enemies and let’s face it. Our military cannot fight on many fronts as it has been minimized by the past (Obama) parties.

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