I give batons to homeless people

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    Road Pavement

    I like to give batons to homeless people so they can defend for themselfs.

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    Raving Mad Pigeon

    Haha i saw the title and thought you were going to say: “so they can whack each other.”
    I dunno. I just assume everything on this site is violent or gory by default. Suppose im wrong.

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      Road Pavement

      I give batons to them to hunt pedophiles but then again I have seen hobos wack each other over liquor

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    Sounds interesting I suppose they do need to defend themselves,And sounds like a good thing to do. But just a joke do to ever get them to have a bum fights,You could charge​ people people to watch,And buy more batons. But seriously good stuff pedophiles need hunting down,Keep up the good work.

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