Israel supports the terrorists?

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    Damn Straight and Best Gore broke this story years ago! Nice job family.

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    Division Point

    Did you even watch the video that you posted? You might wanna exnay on the otpay. I only understand the greatest language in the world, my friend – English. As the motto goes: Speak English or die.

    Well, “Daryl” from “The Walking Dead”, if Israel supports Islamic terrorism, then why are they fucking them up whenever the opportunity arises? Why would they support an entity ferociously driven and dedicated to absolutely annihilating its existense?

    I know, I know, drug-induced conspiracies abound, but if your side can pull those conspiracies out of the ass of Rocky Suhayda and gather up whatever scattered, opinionated, made-up nonsense your side can pull out of George Soros’ ass and drag it into an authentic, impartial court against what is already set in stone-reality, what odds do you really think your side would have of actually succeeding?
    Answer: ZILCH
    I rest my case, Carl.

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    Division Point

    Oh, I forgot to mention –
    Using the u.n. as your sole argument is laughable at the very least. In other words:
    The u.n. file, another “nothing” file in your case in court.

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    Why would they fund terrorists? Does trying to get Golen Heights back into its possession seem reasonable. You must be Jewish. ISIS, why have they never attacked Israel if they want them dead so much then? They sure can attack all other counties but never Israel.

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    Division Point

    I must be Jewish? I don’t have to be anything but a truth-seeker. Israel had the Golan Heights, but they gave it to the Arabs voluntarily, which proves that Israel actually is trying to make peace. They give the Golan Heights over to the Arabs and they still fucking shoot Rockets over into Israel. And they shoot these rockets from among civilians. You know, children, old people and so on … pretty pathetic right?

    Isis hasn’t attacked Israel because they can’t attack Israel. Isis can attack all the other countries like you said because their Arab countries because Arab countries are pussy countries. Israel is not a pussy country. Israel is a “don’t fuck with me or I will obliterate you” country.

    I don’t think you’re a bad person, I really don’t. I just think that you just don’t know some things, that’s all. I can help enlighten you on some questions that you may have. And if I can’t answer some questions then I’ll tell you that I can’t. And if I can answer some questions then I will answer them and I will back them up with proof, no problem. And I think that you can answer some questions for me. I’m looking forward to it.

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      Sorry bud, I have to barge in cause you;re talking so much bullshit it hurts. Israel is the sole entity in the region that causes tension and violence. Before Israel, there was hardly any. Since Israel, there is always something they stir up. Israel stole Golan Heights from Arabs. They stole it from Syria because it’s a land of vast oil reserves, and has been a source of dispute with present Syrian government, who contests the ownership of Golan Heights on the international level. It is therefore understandable why Israel has been so involved in cooperating with ISIS in overthrowing Bashar al-Assad.

      Genie Oil and Gas, is a publicly traded company listed on the stock exchange in the US under ticker GNE. Genie, who has been doing the drilling-exploration in Golan Heights, has some very interesting characters on its strategic advisory board:

      – Dick Cheney
      – Rupert Murdoch
      – Jacob Rothschild
      – James Woolsey (ex-CIA director, aka a failure as CIA chief, who then spent the next decade making up lies about Iran and trying to start World War III)
      – Lawrence Summers (former president of Harvard University, former Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton, director of the National Economic Council under Obama)
      – Bill Richardson (former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton)

      ISIS once attacked Israel, but quickly apologized. Israel has been treating their wounded, providing them with air cover, and training them in Jordan. ISIS is as Israeli as Benjamin Netanyahu.

      But most of all – it is Israel, and it’s always been Israel that uses children as human shields, and shoots rockets at people from among inhabited areas, but if all you do is listen to Jewish press, or shills on the internet with agendas, like yourself, you’d think it’s the other way around.

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        Division Point

        Rather than wait for a reply, let me just lay my opinion down. Israel captured the Golan Heights during the ’67 six-day war and they continue to possess it as a buffer zone for their protection because Syria continues to this day to be a threat. Israel has from the beginning offered land for peace. They have proven that by handing over the Sinai to Egypt. But all that land was won DURING WAR … vital land, at that. You wanna cry about land that you lost, then don’t plan for an Arab blitz krieg. And to think they pulled the same b.s. (Egypt & Syria) again in ’73 during the most religious Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur … and again failed.
        The U.N. and thus the International Community has a bias towards Israel publicly … PUBLICLY, NOT PRIVATELY, BUT PUBLICLY because of oil, but that will change with the times. But that is why those in the U.N. would not acknowledge Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights as well as the West Bank — OIL. IT IS THE ARAB WORLD THAT USES THE ARABS THAT CALLS THEMSELVES “PALLESTINIANS” AS UNFORTUNATE PAWNS AND PUPPETS. They could have absorbed them long ago, but they purposely did not and that has been severely unfortunate.
        So, Israel didn’t steal anything. Israel captured a vital piece of land buffer 50 years ago from a country that to this day refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to be and for some reason, Mr. Marek, you find something wrong with this? To the fair-minded, that would be unfair.
        Now, pertaining to Genie Oil & Gas, what can I say? Maybe that’s Israel saying, “Hey, the Arabs have had all the good fortune of getting the oil all these decades how about us for a change? Let us have a crack at it”. To the business world end of it all, Mr. Marek, I put my arms and shoulders up on that one.
        ISIS saying sorry to Israel — Well, if you attacked the most powerful entity in the Middle East, that would not hesitate to obliterate you I would apologize too. That’s how I see that. ISIS attacked the Arab countries in the vicinity because their pussies. Israel, on the other hand, (when they choose to be) is the “don’t fuck with me or I will swallow you and shit you out in one single move” country. And keep in mind, that Israel is already there. They don’t have to ship planes, trains, and automobiles because they’re already there. So, that’s my opinion on that and NO, ISRAEL IS NOT FUNDING ISIS OR ANY OTHER ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION OR PACK OR INDIVIDUAL. Isn’t it bad enough that they’re funding their own entity which, according to you, is a terrorist entity in itself?
        Finally, we couldn’t be more apart on this next one. The ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE has NEVER ONCE used Israeli civilians as shields. Let’s just point that difference out.
        Now, I’m sure you were referring to Arab civilians, correct? Well, enemy territory truly is another playing field altogether that I hope you and I never have to experience. Especially in Muslim territory … creepy stuff.

        The Muslim act of shielding themselves with arab civilians, especially children and the elderly, during conflicts is so infamous and, therefore, there is so much documented proof of it. Muslim extremists feigning openness to the idea of peace simply in order to bide time during times of conflict maybe second in infamy.
        Take care, Mr. Marek.

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        at least you are one Jew that acknowledges the Palestinians.

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        Division Point

        Yeah, well I wish the palis had a history of acknowledgement themselves of their historical neighbors and their genuine need of a home. Sadly that is not the case.

        The highest-ranked American to be killed by enemy-fire during WWII — a Major General — was a man by the name of Maurice Rose. He had an uncommon nickname: Division Point.
        And he was a Jew.

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    Division Point

    Hi Mr. Marek, I hope you’re safe down there and not just pertaining to the weather.
    Could you please fix my account where I can comment on the video boards? When I leave a comment it says it’s awaiting moderation.
    First off, you remember why Israel captured the Golan Heights. Israel took the initiative and pre-emptively struck against what they eventually concluded was the obvious attack–to-be by the several armies of the several Arab Nations surrounding Israel. Now, here I don’t know what your personal opinion is about this certain situation. I don’t know if you accept the facts about the beginnings of the war and how it started or if you have different opinions, different facts — I don’t know.
    It seems you claim that Israel had a strictly financial reason alone for capturing sovereign land, is this true? Do you believe that Syria was preparing to attack Israel, along with the rest?
    Wait a minute — do you believe that Israel had a right to pre-emptively strike the surrounding Arab Nations? In other words did Israel have enough evidence to come to that conclusion?
    I’m going to leave it right here, if you don’t mind, Mr. Marek, because if you could please answer those questions I put to you so I know your stance at this point.
    I appreciate your time and effort, Mr. Marek. I sincerely mean that.

    I just now peeked above and took a look at my conversation with PIGgray and I just realized I made a big, big mistake and for that I need to apologize. I had mistaken the Golan Heights for the Gaza Strip. That was what I was talking about when I was talking with PIGgray – sorry PIGgray!! Maybe I should exnay on the otpay, lol.

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      Don’t worry about apologizing. During heated arguments people say things that shouldn’t be said and its no problem to me. We all have a voice.

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        Division Point

        Actually, you seem mellow …
        What I was apologizing for was the fact that I was talking about the Gaza Strip when I should have been talking about the Golan Heights. And I didn’t realize this fact for quite a while.
        And yes, I am Jewish. I’m precisely 80% Eastern European Jewish, and the remaining 20% is a mixture of Great Britain 14%, Ireland 4% and Northern Italy 2%. I know this thanks to a friend of mine who gave me an Ancestry DNA kit as a gift.
        But I’m purely Agnostic. Have been my entire life. I’ve been in a temple a few times, even held up the Torah for my Niece’s Bat Mitzvah once, and it’s pretty heavy.
        But my Ma allowed my Brother and I to choose for ourselves if we wanted to partake in any of that and we said no. All my friends were and are non-jews. Never associated with Jews other than my immediate family. That’s just how it’s been actually – a Jew-less existence.
        My mom and I just had a discussion about this very topic about two weeks ago. We ended it by her saying, “Well, why don’t you finally get a Jewish buddy”. And I simply responded, “Nah” and we both laughed.

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        Well you can really only call yourself an American Mutt since most of us are goulash.

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    Dirty Jews

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    Almost all wars/conflicts are orchestrated by Jewish bank owners to make even more money. The WW2 “holocaust” BS was thought up to get Israel created. In a private letter to his son the very first prime minister said “now all that remains is to rid this land of the Arabs” …. (you could almost see them salivating at the prospect of controlling Middle-Eastern OIL). If you are AWAKE and aware of the ongoing battle against the Globalists / Jewish bankers / Paedophiles then like myself you will be looking forward to the demise of the perverted, parasitic scum who have controlled this planet for far too long !

    The internet has allowed people of this world to communicate freely and learn just how corrupt the “elite” are. Because the West is rapidly turning away from the control systems (God / Religion) they have infected Europe with Islam to ensure we continue to behave as their cattle / goyim !

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      Division Point

      Yeah, all wars caused by the fat, jewy bankers oink, oink with no proof except the word of psychopaths and scattered, forged documents at best- throw all that into the fact machine. But, BUT the mass documentation of the mass extermination of innocent people – that was all just cooked up by animators of “Popeye the Sailor Man”.
      Hey, you win, champ. The Cubs ain’t got nothing on you.

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      Division Point

      I personally believe that WestLos had a much better argument.

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        Jason the alpha

        The Jews were responsible for the Wall Street crash just so they could own 90% of all banks. What could their name be I wonder?

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        Division Point

        I’m not gonna argue with the alpha carne JayJay, nope!

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        Jason the alpha

        But you have to argue! If you don’t I will go mad! I need your argument! Argue damn it! Argue! Please?? Please? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE! Haha!

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    Bottom line is @girthy, it doesn’t matter anymore how much money the Jew spends on shills to keep rewriting the history, people are waking up and he cannot stop it anymore. For the first time in the history of the world, the people begin to understand who the Jew really is. Neither you with your bullshit, nor any other shill can change that. People now have access to information they can verify, The bullshit you spew doesn’t fool anyone anymore. Jew is going down sooner or later. He’s been manipulating the truth for 5,000 but despite that, we the people are outsmarting him. We can tell the shill when we see him and nobody buys his lies anymore. So far, all the Holocaust bullshit has been a lie. The next Holocaust will be for real. No more lies. The ovens will be rewarmed and Jew will be sent back from whence he came – the deepest pits of hell.

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      Division Point

      Is it possible, Mr. Marek, to help me out with my request I made earlier about my comments awaiting moderation? It’s been like that for a while. Or at least a response as to what I can expect about that would be much appreciated.

      I’m just worried that if you continue to read my humble opinions that you’ll get pissed with me and not help me at all. If you could help me with that issue and assure me that you guarantee voices to be heard here regardless of what opinions are spoken, where you claim you can’t find such true rights “out there”, then I will feel more inclined to … speak my mind in a more outright and “accusatory” fashion. I’m just being honest. At the same time, I am not part of this “Jew” and “He” Kabala. I’m just a simple Cubs fan. That’s it, nothing more. I’m not gaining diddly-squat from anything, other than the VA and that is it.
      Anyways, I hope you can help me.
      Stay safe, Mr. Marek.
      Hey PIGgray!

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        A CUBS fan too? Ban him forever Mark lol jk. Go Brewers.
        I believe we are entitled to our opinions no matter how right or left field they are and as it was once said (Voltaire I believe) I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death.
        Peace Division Point.

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        Waterfall, don’t ever change your ways
        Fall with me for a million days
        Oh, my waterfall

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        Division Point

        CUB-BIES!! CUB-BIES!! CUB-BIES!! …
        They seem to be a better team, offensively, than last year, but there is much better competition than last year. And Cubs pitching is not as tight as last year, for some reason. They will have a much bigger, uphill battle, as opposed to last year. They will be playing the Washington Nationals in the first divisional playoff series … the Nationals are a tough team.
        There’s only like 5 or 6 more games left and the Brewers are 2 games behind Colorado Rockies for a wild-card spot against the Arizona D-Backs (Wild-card playoff is just one game where the loser goes home). So, Brewers need to win and the Rockies need to lose, bottom line.
        I noticed that post from Mr. Goff. Do you know him? Well,
        I recognized his post immediately — it’s the last lines from Jimi Hendrix’s song, “May This Be Love”, one of my favorite songs. Major coincidence, though I don’t normally believe in coincidences. Hmmm …
        Mr. Goff is an interesting looking fella, to say the least, and I like his taste in tunes.
        Laters, Mr. Gray …

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