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    Cannot send links in the forums for some reason. Gives an error message saying “reply cannot be made at this time”. Saw someone else earlier mentioned having this same issue. Wanted to make you aware @happy if you are not already

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    We use automatic spam filters so if your link is to a zone that has been overused by spammers in the past, this could happen.

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    Ahh that makes sense. I can understand the need for that feature. Thank you for explaining Mark

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    ok well filters are now personally effecting me as now I can no longer post any links to my world’s greatest t-shirt forum so something must be done! just in that forum of course because I do understand your need for stuff but we really ne d world’s greatest t-shirt forum here at bestgore, been long overdue.

    thank you for prompt attention regarding matter of utmost importance.

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    Does the spam filter also affect the Contact button as well @happy? Might be a dumb question

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      @appledicticprinciples I write all the scripts. the Akismet 6000 second edition point six zero shouldn’t conflict with contact form.

      I recommend you take a visit to send link through there and see if able to then post link here . it eagerly accepted my t-shirt submission however I didn’t try to then post to forum as that is strictly Monday through Friday operation.

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    @appledicticprinciples I would say no, but I’m not sure. Best Gore runs on WordPress, which is an open source collection of server side scripts that one can build a website around. We use spam blocking scripts like the Akismet, but I’m not entirely sure if they affect the contact form too. I’m guessing they don’t. But I did not write the scripts so I don’t know for sure.

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    Ok I understand. Just popped into my mind wondering what aspects and features of the site it might affect, and it dawned on me that it might prevent contact forms from getting through. Double checking to be sure that if I send content in a link through the contact form that it does in fact get through the filter to you if it is from a website that has been unable to be posted in the forums recently(youtube mostly, but other sites have had issue), but it seems like it would not be applicable from what you and despy have said. Thanks for the speedy responses, I appreciate it 🙂

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      lol awesome. glad I could help you

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    Now might be your chance to see , if you are curious @happy Just sent a video to you through contact form. Sent it twice, once with a youtube link, once with a sendspace link. Same video, I hope it is new. Sorry to be a pain if not, just trying to be helpful and contribute at the same time if I can. If at all possible could you let me know if you recieve them, either way, even if it does not get used. It will just put my worry to rest. If you cannot it is no big deal, I know you are busy and I hate to bother you.

    Again sorry to be a pain in the ass if I am. Thank you for your help in advance 🙂

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