Stormfront Brought Down by Jewish Leftists…. BUT you can still access the site

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    Here’s how, and please spread this message around the net because as you can imagine the daily traffic of the board has taken a massive nosedive.

    So why has the site been blocked due to pressure from the ‘Jew-sual’ suspects? Well I believe one of the reasons is due to the recent “Unite the Right” event, which descended into chaos, mostly due to violent masked ANTIFA thugs might I add, could have actually awakened and possibly brought many fence sitters over to the right wing side of thinking, and even (God forbid) full exposure of the International Jew and it’s various brands of Kikefuckery.

    This will get messy, because the Jews will cling onto their power over the goyim until the bitter end, regardless of the cost or number of lives lost. I just hope I live to see the day when they are expelled from another nation, or better still, the US and Europe completely.

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    Jason the alpha

    You got to be shitting me!!

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    Division Point

    You want them expelled out of the U.S. and Europe? Well, then it’s a good thing you’re such a strong supporter of the kingdom of Isra—

    What?! You despise Israel and hopes it burns in the deepest bowels of hell where it belongs?! But where then, pray tell, will the Jewish people li—

    What?! You want them all to burn and suffer in hell just like their shitty, little Israel?! Yes?!! Even the little babies and old peop—

    What?! Every single Jew— KIKE??!!! Every single K-K-KIKE!!!
    Oh Lordy, Lord, Lord … who is this scary person that speaks to me with such authority and might, Lord?!
    Oh, a self-hating, jealous, drunken, drug addict …
    with hemorrhoids? Perfect, my Lord, perfect.

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    Division Point

    A pack of hemorrhoids, just like a pack of niggers— ooh!
    Who said that?! Mel?!!

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      John Nigger

      Hey there! Go easy I resemble that lol

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    personally i don’t get all the old racist shit.. who gives a fuck… the whack job camel jockeys fuckung up the world need the hate meter.. these fuckz are getting bigger and biggef and moving to a convenience store near you

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    If it wasn’t for Jewish multiculturalism and open borders, the dune coons wouldn’t be in our lands to start with.

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    Der Kopfsammler

    Huh… But i can still access Stormfront… But anyways, isnt it (((controlled opposition)))?

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    John Nigger

    The cultures were never going to co-exist without genocide. Mixing everyone together is a recipe for disaster, because we all see each-other as the “other”.The “other” is always coveting and wants what the “other” has. It does not take much for evil to take root and genocide to commence. Normal everyday people can turn on each-other like ravenous beasts over an empty stomach. Rawanda cir. 1994 the Hutti and Tuttsi people lived together in relative harmony (well in african standards) The Tuttsi were Darker Skinned minorities but held most of the important positions. The Hutti are Lighter skinned Majority who are products of Dutch/German colonial bestiality. The Hutti blamed the Tuttsi for all their problems, both groups lived like shit and have nothing from the Westerner perspective. The Hutti literally overnight went from being neighbors to genocidal demons killing 3/4 of the Tuttsi with machetes and spiked/nailed baseball bats in just a few short months. The Hutti spared no-one and simply killing the Tuttsi was not enough. They made sons rape their own mothers which most niggers do anyway, they beat children to death with bats and made their parents watch if they were not already dead. They made sure to Rape the Tuttsi women and when they couldn’t get hard anymore from the non-stop raping and murdering they fucked them with knives, sticks, anything they could ram up there. The Hutti children even got in on the action. One only needs to look at the world with the lens of truth to see that shit like this is very common.

    In fact I find it absolutely insane that Europeans are letting in millions of un-compatible people that European Christianity has been at war with for centuries. Only Europeans have forgot they are “Christians” while the migrants are Muslim with Europe’s total extinction their Holy Duty to fulfill. No doubt the World’s most privileged minority (((that is illegal to mention in most western nations))), has his usury hand in Europe’s demise. After convincing million’s into believing “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” and using it as his “divine right” to enact the complete destruction of all European Nations and people.

    The Brutal truth that is reality will always be denied the light of day. People are “conditioned” from birth to violently attack anything or anyone who points (((them))) out. Remember the Tuttsi’s tyranny was nothing but a fight over fried chicken rations, Imagine what will happen if the masses wise up to the true 1% one-percentiles. No wonder they lobby 24-7-365

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    I don’t mind racism…even if its racism against my race…open racism is better than hidden fake acceptance…racism isn’t bad or good…its just human nature…if I’m to be considered a POS because of my race well then I guess I just be considered a POS n not really gaf gonna live my life anyways…

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    Der Kopfsammler

    “Look at me! Look at me!! Pay attention to me!! NOTICE ME!! I need attention… You’re this! You look like that! Your mother is fat! DNA tests are 100% reliable, so everybody should send their shekels to my fellow jews behind it and finance us for future schemes!” 😆

    Begone child, adults are discussing in here.

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