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    I’m the last daughter of the last son
    Of our right and noble name
    And nature would torch our lifeline
    To my womb, laying claim

    She came to me in November; always loyal
    Her return has ceased yet I’m so young
    Are you jealous, Mother Nature?
    Scooping up my eggs to slide down your tongue

    You eat the young that I hear crying
    You eat my heart as I’m exhausted and dying
    You eat my efforts as I was broken from trying
    You eat my faith with your wicked lying

    Mother Nature – are you coming back?
    Mine are not yours to claim
    For I’m the last daughter of the last son
    What will come of our name?

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    Cool poem

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    Thanks I wrote about when I took medicine that made me stop having my period and I thought I was infertile. It was just the medicine but it scared me for a minute.

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      When we are writing about feelings we are living, things flow with inspiration. I’m not very good with poetry and I’m not very skillful with English ether, but you talk about meaningful things. Babies will grow up to hate you anyway 🙂 Hope your feelings better, don’t be angry with me.

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        I don’t hate my parents. And they were fairly strict. So I’m not just going to set myself up for failure with bad expectations. Maybe I won’t even have kids but I want the option.

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        Of course not every child hate it’s parents. You take my words to literally. When babies, they are terrorists. When kids, they are everything. They ‘probably’ will hate you during teenage years and god know where it goes from there. Parenthood is heaven and hell. I’m not the best adviser. I have been a stepfather for only a few years (but I was a full time housewife!) to a lovely girl. Now I advise no one for kids. In fact, get away from women!! 🙂 (if I put a smiley face, I’m not serious) 😉

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    Very dark. Very good. I liked very much. Thank you for it.

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      Thanks. I was in a dark place.

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    Very nice poem your a very creative sole.

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      It seeps out sometimes. Thank you

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        I know I have the same feeling sometimes,I think it’s impressive that people can express themselves with art. Especially a gore website but I don’t log in just for the blood and guts,You get some interesting people online. Thanks

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    This is quite beautiful. Usually when I read poetry by someone on the internet, its usually over-the-top and makes no sense and seems like it was written just to make people think he/she was “deep”. But I actually really enjoyed reading this one and thought it was very beautiful.
    “She came to me in November; always loyal”
    I dont know why but I loved that line. Keep it up!

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