What happens after we die?

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    I’m curious as to what everyone on this website thinks. I personally believe that our minds, as we have evolved over thousands of years to become the human beings that we are today, are not capable of understanding not only what death is, but the extraordinary events that happen after death. We will not know these answers until we fully understand the universe, which will require our minds to evolve further.

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    I believe in heaven and hell.
    Romans 1:18,19 tells us that we all have a built-in knowledge of our Creator, and I believe that based on my own experience.

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      Make that Romans 1:19-20
      “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
      For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”

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        I believe in heaven and hell but difference is that we live in the hell and when we pass we go to heaven

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        I think we get a taste of hell and heaven in this life. What happens when we die is the result of our choice, having seen both.

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    Long Haired Dude
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    I believe Jesus died for all our sins and if we repent and accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, we go to Heaven. If we reject Christ, we go to Hell forever and burn in darkness.

    I was raised in a Born-Again Christian household.

    Good deeds don’t make you go to Heaven. You can be a serial killer, but repent for your sins and truly believe Christ died on the cross for your sins and you go to Heaven.

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    I believe all is preordained and there is literally nothing we can do to know what is next or to change anything. Think about how many times you adamantly tried to stop doing something and inevitably came back to it. Think about how many thoughts ideas, and fantasies you have had and compare it to where you objectively are. Can you really say you control anything? I do believe if you repent that it may potentially alleviate the pitfall of your fate though.

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    I believe that world will be a better place after we die.

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    I don’t believe in something as stupid like heaven nor hell it’s just unrealistic and boring.

    first let me some common scientific facts.
    Information can not be destroyed, your brain works basically on information.
    they have try to disprove this with blackholes by saying information will disappear which it don’t even steven hawking’s say’s so in his latest thesis that information inside a blackhole will persist on it’s edge when the blackhole dissolves it will release information.

    I believe that after we die the information we processed will be collected by nature and enrich and enhanced future development of nature when you look back in time Nature started very basic now it’s very complicated whole. all thanks to information processing. We are part of nature as whole just like all other matter we just do not know because we separated by the brain when we die we simple return as whole back into nature bringing new information.
    this is the sole goal of life experiencing anything bring back and improve.

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    What happens after we die? We begin to rot.

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    street shitter
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    I was replaying one of my favourite games BioShock: Infinite the other day and that game has a very interesting take on death. The world has many different universes within tears spread all over the galaxy. If you die in this universe then you will continue to live in another. The only way to kill someone is to make sure that he never even existed in the first place.

    It’s hard to explain but if you haven’t played it then do look up the story. It’s pretty cool.

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    You return to the ether this is the consciousness of all beings that ever lived and will live we are god/supreme consciousness whatever you want to call it broke up into all these tiny pieces that are us nature etc and having a whale of a time experiening this physical illusion believe me when i tell you when we are broke down to atom level we are literally waveform or like WiFi anything physical in this realm is illusory and a simulation although it feels so real it isn’t at molecular level nothing even actually touches you never sit on a chair you never touch a door handle it’s an extremely advanced biological version of the SIMS video game

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    Road Pavement
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    We should not be afraid of death it comes naturally Even we get hit by a semi truck or die from natural causes we be come ghosts and finish where we left off in life,

    When I become a ghost I am going to scare collage girls into becoming natural born house wife’s By get their hormones bubbling and enlarging their breasts.

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    Maybe we go to heaven, maybe we go to hell, or maybe just maybe we turn into BestGore Gnomes…

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    “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”. I think this may give an indication there’s something after death, perhaps an existance quite different from our present one, as you have indicated, but how this existance is I don’t know as no one has shown me good evidence so far, so I will wait and see, but I am not not anxious about it, after all, life is short and fragile anyway…

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    If people had my experiences then there would be little to no doubt of other dimensions. There is some freaky paranormal stuff out there. Seen alone and with others. It has opened up a life’s mission to figure out what’s happening. A body is just a shell. I remember a funeral director told me when I was a boy that the body in the coffin is like the chrysalis and a beautiful butterfly emerges. He also mentioned that people have had heart attacks after seeing the spirit of a loved one! Either life after death is real or something else is mimicking loved ones. Though I believe both exist. I have met quite a few changed atheists. Not religious here. Energy whether we can or can not detect it with our ever changing tech still exists.

    I have lived through some horror stories. This is one reason I figured I should be able to handle just about anything including this website.

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    Hey watch one of my videos where a ghost nearly pushes a man to his death in a mine. There were three of us. Nearly one of us did not make it out alive. Ghost box session takes place in mine. What do you think? Video on you tube

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    No matter what we believe in.. the truth is, we simply do not know.

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    I believe nothing happens to you when we die. We just sleep without any consciousness,Jesus said so himself.Its like you don’t exist;people,your loved ones,even God knows you exist,but you don’t.So you wake up in the end like you just went to sleep a second ago.

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      Please tell me where in the Bible that Jesus said something like that.

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        😂He said that the time he was going to resurrect Lazarus and many other texts throughout the whole Bible describe death like going into a deep sleep. Only a handful of people were resurrected from the dead and none of them ever described death as an out of body experience or seeing bright lights and visions,simply lights on and lights off.

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        I respect that at least you have an opinion from Biblical texts, but I don’t agree with your interpretation. The Bible clearly tells us about death, in fact “The wages of sin is death.” To suggest there is no death, and that there is only a deep sleep, makes no sense.

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        In general though it makes more sense then some amazing place or some shit scary place afterwards..

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