Carl Philip Herold and Why Real Criminals Don’t Hang Around Best Gore

Alleged Pedophile Carl Philip Herold - Nobody Suspected Him Because Sheeple Mistakenly Think Pedophiles Hang Around Best Gore

Alleged Pedophile Carl Philip Herold - Nobody Suspected Him Because Sheeple Mistakenly Think Pedophiles Hang Around Best Gore

In his interview with The Verge journalist Adrianne Jeffries, Mark has done an excellent job clarifying who exactly the sheep are and why exactly they are the sheep. I also liked the way he concluded that if one wanted to find real criminals, they would be wasting their time looking for them on Best Gore:

…people who point fingers and readily issue the β€œbad taste” labels are often people who do so in order to build up a public image of being a person of high moral standards. This is done to conceal their true inclinations, to ensure nobody suspects a thing about what they do in private.

If you want to be hinted of your next neighborhood rapist, you’d be on the wrong path looking among the regulars on Best Gore. Instead, look at those too eager to call for the ban on Best Gore and ask yourself just why they would want the site that exposes the evil doers shut down, and why are they so desperate to be seen as do gooders?

Only a feeble mind could come to a conclusion that a website which exposes evil doers would be a favorite hangout for the very evil doers who had not yet been exposed. Not only has there never been any scientific or logical proof that Best Gore fosters violence, exact opposite is being proven with each passing day – Best Gore verifiably contributes to the reduction of violence and each time a truly disgusting criminal is exposed, they are found to have been regulars not on Best Gore, but on websites that foster the sheeply mind.

On December 16, 2013 it was reported by a wide array of mainstream media that an Alabama man by the name of Carl Philip Herold subjected his own 9 year old son to sexual abuse and videotaped it for profit. Authorities suspect that Carl Philip Herold may have been involved in a larger, interstate child porn ring.

Charles Dunnavant, Carl Philip Herold’s pedo partner was charged with sodomy, sexual torture, aggravated child abuse and exposing person to an STD. Carl Philip Herold – the boy’s father was charged with sodomy, sexual abuse, aggravated child abuse, child pornography production, distributing child pornography and with allowing his child to be depicted in pornography.

Carl Philip Herold, prosecutors allege held his 9 year old son captive for months, sexually torturing him and filming it as part of a larger child porn ring.

Here’s the disturbing part which has not been picked up by anyone, cause outside of Best Gore, nobody seems to posses the ability to read between the lines. reported that the more than 100 photographs police found were so disturbing, the officers could not even positively identify the boy because they could not bear to look.

LOL, when cops investigating child pornography say shit like “we could not even positively identify the boy because we could not bear to look at the photos of him being rammed in the rear…” it sounds very much like saying:

Holy fuck, I just opened the first pic and got an instant woody. Second pic only half loaded and I already creamed my tighty whiteys. But fuck, I can’t let anyone know how much I enjoy working as a child pornography investigator, so I’ll play disturbed for the sheeple cause then they will not suspect a thing and instead, will see me as a stand up guy who opposes child pornography with everything he has. Sweet job I have – I get to see al the best pics and not only will I not go to jail, I will get paid and thanked for it…

But wait a minute – what should I say to make it sound like I was really disturbed so nobody suspects a thing? Oh, that’s right. I’ll say I could not even positively identify the boy because I could not bear to look. That’ll bamboozle them in an instant. Ta da!

Imagine that after all we’ve seen on Best Gore, Mark would publish a post featuring an image of a stubbed toe with a few droplets of blood oozing out of the tiny wound. And imagine he would accompany the commentary with whinery about how he barely could look at the image of blood, how it was making him feel nauseous, how he was having a hard time publishing the post cause it was so graphic he was fainting, yadda yadda. Would you not feel that something was amis?

It is for the same very reason why child pornography investigators should be looked at with a suspicious eye if they issue a statement that they could not even identify the participant cause they could not bear to look. When someone who looks at child porn as part of their daily routine tells you they could not look at pictures of child porn, all red flegs should go up.

BTW, Mark summed up the pretentious bullshit of the oh-so-concerned-with-the-public-good authorities in the above mentioned interview when he implied the possibilities most people tend to overlook. Imagine what other possibilities are also routinely overlooked:

Why do you think policemen who work on child pornography cases are so eager to “explore” the collections of captured individuals when they’re hidden from the eyes of the public, but go all out denouncing the awfulness of child pornography before the media? See, and this is why Best Gore exists. Because nobody else dips into the unthinkable to ask questions that may expose evil hidden in plain sight.

Carl Philip Herold was a “respected” member on a popular, mostly pro Jew and pro everything that’s destructive to society website However, not even with its ultra high concentration of sheeple was able to resist Global Political Awakening.

A few years ago you would have found nothing but Obama worshiping on there, with any voice raising concerns over his war crimes quickly outbleat by the hoards from the herd. But something happened and now it’s not unusual to come across voices of reason on there, although as is the case with every larger site, Reddit too is overrun by shills paid to “rewrite history” so it is favorable to Israel. Hence any post that exposes Israel and acts of the goy who serve them is quickly removed and the usurper who posted it banned.

As for our alleged pedophile Carl Philip Herold – using his Reddit handle CarlH, he started his own subreddit r/carlhprogramming on which he posted computer programming tutorials. The subreddit became quite popular and boasted more than 14,000 subscribers.

Regardless of how parroting it may sound, the case of Carl Philip Herold proves for the n-th time that true criminals don’t hang out on Best Gore. They always end up being those polished, good members of society seen in hangouts popular with the fellow sheeple. But it just doesn’t sound spooky enough to look for a problem where it really stems from. Blaming a fabricated boogieman who doesn’t bend over to the herd sounds more like it.

As such, good luck continuing to look for your next child molester among the regulars on Best Gore. Cause while you are too busy blaming the victim, a mouthy member from among your ranks has his dick deep up another 9 year old’s ass. But who cares where his dick is, right? As long as his finger is pointed at Best Gore and his mouth is full of “Ban It”.

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          1. @all
            Have you noticed that I always misspell words? I just speak My English but still you know what I mean no? ha ha! Like great Augustus Cesar who also misspelled Latin words while writing and they were always correcting him and he kept on misspelling cos he wanted to sound original!! LOL

  1. I for one would love to see this Carl Philip herald on Best Gore, with his cock sliced off and placed in his mouth, his guts splayed out and a couple of metres of barbed wire rammed up into his arse, all in HD of course .

  2. Where better a place to hide, than amongst the sheep? They don’t want and won’t look around for truths or read between the lines, and provide the perfect camouflage for monsters like this guy. Collective bunch of blinkered ignorant drones. Criminals on bestgore? Negative. Just a bunch of people weary of modern moronic society. And lately, one or 2 retards with no purpose. They know who they are.

      1. Pretty sure he’s not around kids because there’s no actual kids involved in that show. I think it’s just the point of it. Who would dare to think Mr. To Catch a Predator could be one himself. The people who hide their dirty deeds in plain sight. There was a police chief here that would go so hard after sex offenders. He would go on local news stations and brag about how he put all these sickos away. Turns out he was molesting his ten year old daughter, screwing his dog and filming it all. Biggest jackass ever.

        1. The paragraph talks about asking questions nobody has the balls to ask. Specific name was clearly used to illusrate the point about pretentious investigators and the need to delve into unthinkable or else bad things continue being hidden in plain sight – just as these notorious murderers and child molesters mentioned in comments profusely were.

          Corporate Media would want us to stop asking difficult questions because difficult questions make people think and thinking is crucial for de-indoctrination of those who still believe in freedom. When we stop reading, talking, imagining and asking questions, we are screwed.

      1. I have not made a comment in a long time now , but I have been stopping in and checking up on things , and I must say that there seams too be a lot of trolls on here now ! lots of comments that seam to be here for no reason but to inflame and degredate those on the site and to help bring the site down ! it hurts to see this after we have been here so long ! to bring us down it will be done from within !

  3. I totally agree, look for child molesters in places of power in society, here in Australia we’ve had our fair share of molesters in the church, namely the Christian Brothers and those boy-fuckers are not even going to enjoy jail as much as they should because they’re now too old for jail. You can find more common sense in Best Gore than in lots of places in the web. Amen!

  4. The old Naked Gun joke still holds true,

    President George Bush: “Frank, please consider filling a post I’m creating. It may mean long hours and dangerous nights, surrounded by some of the scummiest elements in our society”.

    Frank: “You want me to be in your cabinet?”

    The conclusion, you can find the worst people, the most perverse, the most cruel and corrupt at the top of society and the reason for this is that at that level they are mostly always protected from prosecution because they have money and influence and this means that they are never stopped and their crimes continue forever, it also means that more top level people give in to their dark side because they never fear getting caught and punished.

    If somebody said to you right now that you could do whatever you wanted and you would never be punished for it you would probably kill your boss and bad neighbours with a rusty steak knife and then sit down and have dinner.

    The above does not happen often however and not because we are all lovely people without malice but because the negatives outweigh the positives, we would face jail and the loss of liberty and even possibly death and that is enough to make sure that we all behave ourselves accordingly but when that fear of punishment ceases to exist, as it does when you get to the top of society, then the man will love his neighbour on the Tuesday and murder them on the Wednesday.

    Other professions that protect their employees also have the same problem, the police, politicians, the judges, the clergy men, all have a lot more perversion and corruption than most other areas of employment and again this is because those who never fear the consequences never feel the need to control themselves.

    The added moral fuckup is that those who are more inclined to revel in their dark side will on purposely seek out the areas of employment that will give them the best opportunity to explore that dark side.

    Therefore it is correct that real bad bastards will not be found in places like Bestgore because the real dirty fuckers survive by keeping a low profile, by blending in to society, by hiding under the cloak of respectability and thus they can continue their actions without being disturbed.

    We Bestgore lot tend to not like society, we think that our countries and politicians are shit because we see ourselves being constantly disenfranchised whereas the sick fuckers love the way that their countries get run, they love the filth and all the corruption, they love the lies and the liars because it allows them to get away with their own acts of sickness.

    Bestgore likes to rock the boat, corrupt people do not therefore Bestgore is not a good hiding place for them, try a church, try the government, try the police force, try the pensioners Bingo night if you must but I wouldn’t waste much time trying Bestgore because you are not likely to find any here.

    1. A pretty nice philosophical analysis you just made mate.
      I followed a Portuguese website similar to Best Gore which exposed the corruption from inside sources within government. The website’s founders were prosecuted and finned. Almost went to prison. It just proves that the power the few at the top have is universal and unchallenged.
      By the way, where are you from?

      1. Everything the both have you have just said..took the words right out of my mouth. Just a small note on the police force dad is a cop, and he comes to Best Gore with me. He shares the exact same views as you, including that almost all cops think they can get away with anything. And sadly..they can. My dad has to work the whole week of Christmas because his boss took the whole week off for ‘vacation’. His ‘vacation’, is selling moonshine. Which is illegal. But he’s a big old sheriff..and as long as he gives a good front to the people, he’ll just keep on getting elected. It’s truly sad.

      2. @ThePortugueseDude,

        I’m from the UK, one of the most corrupt and cruel of the “civilised” developed countries.

        Only those with money and friends in the right places can enjoy a good life here and the working class are constantly beaten down by the perverse ruling class whilst the middle classes laugh at them, ignorant of the fact that they, the middle class, have an existence built upon debt and it can all come tumbling down around them and most certainly will one day when the poor can no longer be squeezed.

    2. I want to interject luka at this point as in he was obviously flat out crazy and ended up on here simply because he wanted to get caught and therefore we were a benefit. Our existence neither prompted not promoted that man and Marks posting of said video, for lack of a better term,” mainstreamed” that video and forced it to be recognized as evidence of a traceable sicko.. Not just some random sandrag faced executioner that is beyond finding.. Ya know?

  5. I’m proud to be a member of this community and even prouder i’ll be if i can contribute to it with my knowledge and to the best of my habilities keep this website, essential to provide unbiased, balanced and independent opinions, facts and information often ignored by the mainstream media, running at full speed. A big sheers for Best Gore, for you Mark and for all of you guys! We are thousands, nobody can stop the truth! Vale a pena? Tudo vale a pena, se a alma n?o ? pequena.

      1. That used to be the case one year ago. Traffic has since grown and so did the cost. We also use Content Delivery Network servers for faster loading times all over the world, not just in North America where the main server is located, so monthly cost is now $800 πŸ™

        1. Something is wrong here……. 800 should be peanuts for a site like this.

          Let’s think about donations again and/or let’s go corporate without porn ????

          Who’s a marketing expert here ????

          Let’s crank it up another notch πŸ˜€

  6. i still remember in the interview with detective that interrogate mark when the reporter asked if mark were dangerous:
    “…mr merek have a unique point of view, unique ideas…”
    but he didnt stated that mark were dangerous or really a criminal

  7. When I was finishing up my so-called higher education (mainly because I was really really high most of the time), one of the better discussion/debates was about sociopaths, mainly murderers, and how they would attempt to do everything they could when not in the act of any crimes, to both blend in and fade away from what they truly were as people. A good example is Ted Bundy. When he wasn’t a serial killer, he was, for the most part, a really good guy in the eyes of those he had to mingle with on a daily basis. It is true though that there are a few exceptions to that rule (there always is), but for the most part, it does hold true. Something this post reflects quite well.

    Hardcore criminals, mainly murderers, probably would not make it habit to log into bestgore because in their minds, that could possibly draw attention to themselves and who they truly are. Likewise, if you’re what society would call “normal”, you won’t have a problem if people knew you came to this site; even though many people do assume it’s strange behavior to want to see many of the things posted here. And this leads to the real issue: It’s not “normal” to want to see someone getting their head cut off, or as so called society would deem it. So in turn, people like to assume that because I choose to look at gore (reality), then in turn, I’m “not normal” and thus, could be a possible threat to society. This is why this site would be monitored closely.

    ~~~~Ironically, in the mean time, those same people coming up with that mentality are jumping into leather body suits, getting spanked, eating shit and drinking piss, and yet, I’m the weird one because I choose to come to the site. Go figure! This falls in line with what the OP said about how cops choose (or not choose) to look at the child porn they are investigating.~~~~~~

    And a side note, kind of related: There was a debate about would a serial killer play an online game like World of Warcraft and if they did, what would they play? A couple of my friends automatically assumed that they wouldn’t (too much attention) and other assumed if they did, they would play killing toons, like a warrior or rogue. Of course the answer was simple: Obviously even serial killers need entertainment when not cutting people into little pieces so sure, some probably do play a game such as WoW. However, going back to the need to not draw attention to themselves, I’m willing to bet a ton of money that each one would actually play a healing class! There is no attention, and in the sociopathic side of the mind, there is that irony in being the caregiver. But mainly, in their minds, playing a heal based class is not drawing any un-needed attention to them as people as would an uber death causing character.

    Anyways, my semi-drunken rant for the week! Have fun and Merry Christmas or what ever it is you celebrate in your hovel, house, tent or cardboard box!

    1. Interesting stuff as usual frodogore, I agree with your post except for one example I’d like to remind you of the magnotta attention whore types. I know he doesn’t count as a serial killer but I am sure he would have continued on killing if not caught. Seems like his desire to be famous got him caught, but it seems like he got what he wanted . He has a fanclub and shit. Now THOSE people are the fucking wierdos in my opinion.

      1. I was almost going to bring up Magnotta actually.

        Most serial killers are sociopaths, the need to control and manipulate is flowing strongly. The same is true for serial rapists.

        Magnotta doesn’t actually fall into your standard sociopath group of murders; the exception to the rule. IMO, Magnotta was indeed crazy, but falls into a special class of killers that wants to show off his deeds. Though many would say that’s sociopathic, it’s a special type of crazy. Hence why he filmed a lot of his actions, lastly his famous murder snuff video, and then made it a point to get the video here. A true sociopath, though killing and displaying bodies, maybe even taking pictures, they don’t generally put themselves into the limelight as Magnotta had done. BTK killer took pictures for example, and even took pictures of himself in crazy poses, but never at the same time with corpses. That is true sociopathic behavior. It’s pure control and desires; but still trying to hide himself; something BTK did quite well.

        Child predators have more of a desire/disease than sociopathic behavior. This is why many of them, like the fucks in this post, will visit and be active members on sites that revolve around child porn. Many even knowing that that is a huge mistake, but their sick desires overcome good choice making. Their desire is so strong that they make the mistake of getting on those sites and not hiding who they really are, all that good.

        Again there are always rules to the exception and I have no doubt that a murderer or two, sociopathic or not, has probably visited this site. But, it’s not going to be common at all, but pretty rare. Though I couldn’t prove it, I’d be willing to bet more sociopathic criminals have probably visited Comedy Centrals website than this web site.

      1. @nextex
        ahhh thats right. forgot his name. i can understand some deviance. but WHAT THE F***???? unfortunately he was probably at one point subjected to some form of abuse. however, it gives him no right be evil. i swear if people dont believe in satan after reading about that, theyre crazy.

        1. He could’ve been. But I don’t know. I don’t buy that all abusers were abused. Especially not him because you would think someone that’s been abused and knows how it feels would be remorseful even a little bit after they’re finally caught. He thinks it’s funny and that he’s going down as some kinda rock god. He’ll do it again when he gets out.

          1. @nextel
            More often than not, people who face early childhood abuse have little or no recollection but instead are left to deal with unexplainable (is that even a word? Haha) feelings of deviance and depression until they begin to face their past and uncover the truth. Either way its a sad situation. Those poor babies will undoubtedly be faced with issues as they grow older. How awful? I pray for their safety and recovery:( they now have no mothers and will face all types of problems.

        1. @zion agreed. They have eroded the society’s beliefs in the idea of a god. Now without a higher power to set the moral standard we can be persuaded to believe that anything is acceptable. (nazi Germany’s campaign to destroy elderly and handicapped is a prime example of using ‘reasoning’ to commit heinous acts.)

          1. @zion
            dont worry, im not sheepin it up. i was simply using it as an easily understandable example. Most can easily articulate concepts taken from that piece of ‘history.’ i have not yet done adequate research on the H.cost but i dont believe it all went down the way everyone has been told. anytime there is war, there is BS.

        2. You I wouldn’t be suprised man. The current priemere of Ontario,Kathleen Wynne ‘s top adviser was charged and prosecuted for possessing, MAKING, and distributing child porn! He was also the director of the school board / curriculum ! The Wynne liberals still pushed his curriculum even after he was charged ! In an different school, Jr high like grade 7 there was a poster that said ” so you like to fuck?” And proceeded to step by step describe how to suck a dudes dick. Appalling. I hate liberals.

          1. @aj that’s a bout where I am at with the holocaust. I used to believe whatever I heard about it but now agree it didn’t go down as we have been taught. I too have to do some research on this as well. I want an unbiased source though, which admittedly is probably very hard to find as people tend to be very polarized on the is issue; yes it is true to its a total lie.

  8. Dennis Rader, the BTK killer, is another example of a monster hiding under the guise of being “normal”. He was married, he was involved with the church, and he was a Cub Scout leader. The more “normal” the better, I guess. When you’re as depraved as a man like him you have to make up for all of your perversions to be able to hide them.

    I’m not going to let society define what an acceptable standard is on anything in regards to myself. I’m going to think and use my own judgement, because too many bad apples have spoiled the bunch on what other people consider to be “normal” in this world.

  9. I have to say, I love this website and I stand up for its core values. But whenever I try to show people of its true vernacular, I am bombarded with filthy, vile porn from the margins of this would be fantastic site. I understand the need for advertising to keep the running of the website up and running, but it feels a little overdone.
    There are many incidents/accidents general potents that we cannot diversify from. But some of the margin porn is unnecessary. I am a believer that our young minds should be shown, on all occasions of this site. Should be shown the horrors of life, only to appreciate the joys of life. Life, the soul sustaining reason we are here. To show the brutal way that we all can leave this realm of consciousness is to realise that we must take better care of ourselves. Ultimately to no not get ourselves into that position. Unless you fancy a snackbar. I love this site as an educational, functional part of our social fabric. But why the Sidebar porn. My daughter can know the ultimate fate, but why ultimate abuse.

    Reply ?

    1. i agree, there are alternative way also to earn money through adds not those discusting ads
      Its like defending this saying or moto. I. Its better watching porn and getting fat in my home than doing activities outside where i can end up like slized pizza corpse
      You cant be afraid, you need to live your life not hiding and thinking oh this can happen with me too.

  10. I have to agree about the popo and loving kiddie pussy. In a small town in PENNSYLVANIA in the USA their is a sheriff who is always on the news for cracking down on kiddie offenders. he makes sure it is front news and showing him placing them under arrest. well i know for a fact and witnessed him having
    “sleepovers” with 15yr old girls during a weekend while his wife was away. she left his ugly fat ass. it happened a couple of times because i was never invited because i didnt get along with the scumbag but the girls would come back bragging. I am never afraid to talk about it to anybody. sad part is everybody knows but he holds the “power” and sucks dick of every politician so he will never get caught unless he knocks one up or somebody complains. but they wont because of who he is……i hate fucking cops.

  11. I would love to see animal cruelty vids banned because they make me rage!!! I can assure you that I’m not a closet animal abuser! I think that’s why animal welfare groups are so important because it’s their job to find the culprits of animal cruelty…. Oh wait they’re actually into animal abuse!? I’m confused! :/

  12. I can respect the facts obviously. Whereas a criminal would most definitely point the finger at those of us who enjoy the rapists with their dicks chopped off, and cry when we hear and watch the innocent being tortured… It’s like the show Dexter, blood-splatter analyst by day, serial killer by night. But now we point the finger. Is it so crazy to believe that the evildoers are on both websites? Again the logic clearly makes sense… just a thought…

    1. I mean I know when I first started on here ago was nervous about looking like evil person, haha especially when my sister asked me if I was going to become a serial killer. But I wouldn’t want anyone knowing I watch best gore if I was. Granted I would love to kill some sick mother fuckers, but then that’s my ass in prison…

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