Death of James Forrestal, Did Zionists Assassinate the Secretary of Defence?

Death of James Forrestal Did Zionists Assassinate Secretary of Defence

Death of James Forrestal, Did Zionists Assassinate the Secretary of Defence?

Some names slip into anonymity even though they were influential, patriotic and highly capable people. This can happen even when they occupy some of the most important roles in government. This is the case for the United States of America’s first Secretary of Defence, James Forrestal.

The closest most people may come to his name is the USS Forrestal, the world’s first super carrier and named in his honour, and scene of the famous near catastrophic fire in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1967. The Irony of this near catastrophe was that it was caused by sloppy carrier practices and naval budget constraints, something Forrestal himself had fought vigorously against and of which was a significant factor leading to the falling out between himself and President Truman.

James Forrestal was a dedicated public servant. He left private employment in 1940 as president of a bonds company while the US was beginning it’s build up for potential war, taking a role in organising procurement and industrialisation of naval ordinance and shipbuilding. Much credit can be attributed to Forrestal’s skills in bringing the American industrial might to the Pacific and Atlantic fleets. In 1944 he was appointed Secretary of the Navy.

Following the war, and given his clear skills, Forrestal was appointed in 1947 as the United States’ first Secretary of Defence.

Recognising the threat of Soviet expansion, Forrestal had sought funding to store surplus military equipment such as tanks and aircraft, heavy weapons and ammunition. Instead Truman’s budget priorities led to directives to convoys returning from Europe and the Pacific to dump billions of dollars worth of materiel over the side of the ships. Planes, tanks, guns, ammunition and shells sank to the bottom of the oceans.

This appalled Forrestal who rightly recognised the waste as short sighted and an insult to the workers who laboured during the war. He argued that the Soviet Union present a significant threat to US interests and that the US needed to be prepared to act as a barrier against Soviet and communist expansion. Truman viewed the Soviets as a keen ally.

With the impending creation of a Jewish state, Forrestal counselled Truman not to bend to Zionist demands for a partitioning of Palestine, favouring instead a federalist model which would not rest power with a single ethnic or religious faction over any particular composite. Forrestal argued that a partitioned Palestine would ostracise Arab states and potentially cause conflict in the region.

Threatened with campaign funding cuts from major Jewish benefactors, Truman bowed to pressure and agreed to the partitioning model. How different things could have been had Truman the courage to follow common sense instead of the smell of cash.

Immediately after creation of the partition, war erupted between Israel and its neighbours.

For his opposition to Zionist demands, Zionist columnists initiated a campaign against James Forrestal. Led by Drew Pearson, the notorious and sensationalist tabloid journalist of the era, Forrestal was smeared by unsubstantiated claims of cowardice, fraud, corruption and mental illness.

Forrestal began to notice vehicles following him, an investigation was initiated and a vehicle was stopped by police. Upon interrogation, the two occupants confirmed they were employed by a Zionist organisation to follow Forrestal and photograph his movements. They advised that it was hoped they would be able to record him visiting various Arab embassies, and that this would then be used as evidence by their backers to demonstrate Forrestal was sympathetic to anti-Zionist elements in America and the Middle East.

It is also alleged, although impossible to prove, that James Forrestal was a member of Majestic 12, a government appointed investigation team into UFO sightings and artefacts, and that he was pushing for information to be made public.

Following conflict between Forrestal and Truman on defence spending, Palestinian Partitioning, publication of National Security information and perceived disloyalty (Dewey who ran for president against Truman was so impressed by Forrestal he committed to keep him as Secretary of Defence under his administration) Truman demanded his resignation.

James Forrestal duly complied and following years of hounding, lies and stress, was admitted into Bethesda Naval Hospital for treatment of depression and mental exhaustion a week later. Forrestal’s body was found seven weeks into his treatment below an open 16th storey window. A contemporaneous report of the state of his room identified broken glass in his bed, however this was not mentioned in the subsequent report into his death. Neither was the robe sash found wrapped around his neck. Four out of five treating physicians, testified to the enquiry that they did not consider he was at risk of suicide, and tellingly was never treated by the hospital as a patiently likely to harm himself.

Suspicions around the death of Forrestal have lingered, those who say he did not voluntarily go out that window point the finger at communist agents, Majestic 12 or Zionists. If indeed Zionists were responsible, this probably represented the first assassination by the Israeli State of a senior US official. It seems improbable that such a figure would be targeted without sanctioning from the highest levels.

James Forrestal is remembered by those familiar with his methods, work ethic and dedication as one of the United States most capable and successful public servants. Unfortunately his legacy is dead, his position having been inherited by the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

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  1. Interesting post, McTreblar! I had only heard of the carrier didn’t know anything about the man it was named for.
    As far as “aliens”, I try to keep an open mind about that. There’s life on this planet, there may be on others as well.
    I wouldn’t attempt to guess at who might have been responsible for his “suicide”. Tragic end for the man, in any event.

    1. That’s brilliant. I gave a title pointing the finger and asking a question about who killed a senior US public servant, and because of a dismissive reference to an alternative theory half of the first dozen posts are about that instead of the real topic. It goes to a very important point.

      Many conspiracy theories are a distraction, an offence against the truth. They hide the real insidious behaviours of governments, agencies and nefarious individuals beneath the murky waters of deception. Planted seeds take hold and ignorance feeds their growth. People who want to believe what they want find evidence where it doesn’t exist and create discreditable theories which only serve to syphon attention from what we should be focusing on.

      If you want to hide the truth, create a counter truth and give oxygen to it and any other counter truths that pop up. The more attention focused elsewhere, the better. It doesn’t even need to be believable, so long as people talk about it.

      1. You wrote a great article that explores the many theories surrounding James Forrestal’s death. Not sure why the extraterrestrials of all things grabbed the attention of many. Your title clearly states that the post is about examining whether Zionists had their hand in his death.

      2. “That’s brilliant.”
        I mentioned aliens because others on this post stated aliens don’t exist. I try to keep an open mind about most subjects.
        Maybe the Zionists were responsible, maybe they weren’t. You listed three groups that could have had something to do with his death, there could have been someone else we aren’t even aware of, not to mention the possibility he may, in fact, have taken his own life. That’s why I personally wouldn’t attempt to guess who might be responsible.

        1. @It was me I hope you didn’t feel I was targeting you. I followed your post only because you happened to be the last person to mention aliens at the point in time I logged in.

          If I was precious what people would comment about I wouldn’t post on BestGore. Open discussion is a good thing because it spreads ideas and encourages people to research for themselves.

          The reason I thought it was brilliant was because it gave me an excellent segue to point out the risk of any conspiracy theory. As you suggest we may not be even close to what really happened. For all we know Mr Forrestal groped his nurse who pushed him out the window.

          1. I tend to agree with you on the subject of conspiracy theories. If I was in a position of power I would be spreading ridiculous false rumours left right and centre. That way everyone is so busy running up blind alleys discrediting themselves i’d have carte blanche to carry out my evil plans.

  2. Hmmm…interesting article!!..I’m going to have to smoke real quick and reread this again once the room stops spinning..but what i did get from this first read…its sad when people know what’s really going on and let it and or support it..but it’s really fucking sad when people who know what’s really going on and try to fix and or stop it get fucked up..imprisoned and or killed…sigh.. =/

      1. @fapple, shweeeeetheart, my darling, teal blue skullhead love of my life… yous sittin behindz mushroom smoke watchin you televison GODDAMN FUCKIN COCK-EYED gasping to breath richard burton’s fart vapour.
        oh mommy my mommy dont you fuckin defile pete ya HEAR ME

        *somewhere’s in heaven peter,siskol and ebert all just shat thier kizzy fleece!

    1. @NextEx, Forrestal entered treatment voluntarily but the location was decided for him on account of maintaining his privacy. Once in treatment though, all decisions were made by others, including who was and was not allowed to visit him, and he was not permitted to leave, per the standard practice of the day for psychiatric patients.

      1. Sounds kinda fishy to me. If he voluntarily admitted himself, you’d think he’d be able to make some decisions for himself, but they just completely took over. Especially since he was never even considered a suicide risk. Good job on the article! <3

  3. I also read this name first in a book about UFOs ca. 15 years ago. but since i know that Metallic Disc shaped UFOs are man made, i came to the conclusion that was simply a fabricated story, just as the whole Roswell Crash bullshit. it has more to do with the NWO conspiracy, along with the Zionist hypothesis imo. thx, great post.

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