On White Genocide in South Africa and Terrorism by Nelson Mandela

Architects of White Genocide in South Africa

On White Genocide in South Africa and Terrorism by Nelson Mandela

With Jewish owned media going overboard in their hyperbolic praise and worship of Nelson Mandela, time has come for Best Gore to set the record straight about the patron saint of barbarism whose life and work are emblematic of the resurgence of atrocities that accompany the progressive decline of the White race.

Like the United States a few centuries ago, South Africa was a pioneer nation. During the Great Trek of the 1830’s, after the colony had passed from Dutch to British hands, the Dutch-speaking Boers lead by Piet Retief pushed deeper into the African wilderness in search of greater freedom and self-determination.

Piet Retief signed a treaty with the Zulu King Dingane, after which Retief and a large number of his followers, including women and children, were brutally murdered. The Boers responded to the treachery with what became known as the Battle of Blood River. Outnumbered 33 to 1, the Boers defeated the Zulus without sustaining a single loss.

An article in Life magazine from 1950 covered the erection of the Voortrekker Monument, an event which attracted a crowd of over 150,000, on their front page.

Just like the brave White men of America’s past, the South Africans fought and made sacrifices in order to secure a safe homeland for their women and children. And just as it happens in America and other white countries now, the Jew took over and the country descended into the reign of rape and murder. Not even the mainstream media can deny that White South Africans are undergoing a genocide anymore.

Rot in Perpetuity, Nelson Mandela

Fact is – Nelson Mandela was a foul murderer. He was a killer of children, motivated by hatred for their color of skin. But because he was not European and his victims were white, instead of being called a racist murdering terrorist, he’s being called a secular saint.

Nelson Mandela preached racist hatred against Europeans and bombed an entire South Africa into submission to his Marxist tyranny, in accord with his partner in crime – Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo.

As a full-fledged murderer and terrorist, Nelson Mandela also killed black Africans – in the same manner as Jews, who massacred 100 Million Slavic Christians during the communist rule of the Soviet Union, also occasionally killed fellow Jews – when it was politically and financially beneficial to him.

Bottom line is – if Nelson Mandela had been White and his victims non-White, he would have been compared with Adolf Hitler, using the same Zionist hysterical mendacious propaganda. But because he had been a non-White murdering Whites, the Zionists have all but canonized him by their Talmudic media.

Mandela is also well known for his public singing of the “Shoot the Boer” song, If a white person sang a song that could be interpreted as “racist”, he would be imprisoned. Yet if the song included incitement to murder, especially racially-motivated murder, there would be no end to bleats by the Jewish media and their hoards of liberal sheeple. The same liberal sheeple who worship Nelson Mandela for doing the same.

But it is not so much what he said, but what Nelson Mandela did that really matters – Nelson Mandela murdered people!

When finally arrested, the terrorist scum Mandela was found in possession of:

  • 210,000 hand grenades
  • 48,000 anti-personnel mines
  • 1,500 time devices
  • 144 tons of ammonium nitrate
  • 21,6 tons of aluminum powder
  • 1 ton of black powder

You can tell that as is the case with the jihadists in Syria, the ANC was well-funded and armed by the Zionists.

Nelson Mandela orchestrated the “Church Street Massacre” and had it executed in such a way so as to maximize the casualties among Afrikaner women, children and babies. The bombing was timed for the rush hour to deliberately cause for the maximum number of innocent civilians to be murdered and maimed. And this is just one of Nelson Mandela’s many bombings.

Nelson Mandela’s ANC (African National Congress) ran prison camps in which torture and rape were a norm. Both men and women were routinely sexually violated, yet Mandela has never apologized for the atrocities.

At one point, his murderous terrorism became unbearable and Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. His Robben Island prison number was 46664. Considering that number 4 on a computer keyboard is also used for the $ sign, he could not have gotten a more appropriate number – $666$. Very fitting for a foot soldier serving handlers of Lucifer’s own flesh and blood.

Just as their counterparts in Libya and lately Syria, Nelson Mandela’s ANC used Zionists funded terrorism to bomb and maim their way into government and just as the terrorists in Libya and Syria, ANC terrorists were also lauded by the Zio media as “freedom fighters”.

And while Nelson Mandela was mass murdering civilians in South Africa, comparable demon by the name of Robert Mugabe committed similar atrocities in Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe). Not surprisingly, while Nelson Mandela was praised in the Jewish media, Robert Mugabe was badmouth. The reason? Zimbabwe had already been ethnically cleansed of the European population hence Robert Mugabe’s victims were mostly black, whereas Nelson Mandela’s victims were mostly white.

With Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela dead, the world is a better place. However, the liberal sheep and the Zio media feed us the crap day and night that he was a saint among man. What a slap in the face of all those who died, were maimed, raped and tortured at the hands of his ANC henchmen.

I say – Rot In Perpetuity, Nelson Mandela. Good riddance to an enemy of humanity and servant of international bankers who seek to enslave the world. Shame on those who lie that he was a good man. Nelson Mandela was, and will forever remain a stain on the planet Earth.

Partial List of Whites Violently Murdered in South Africa in 2013:

January 2013

  • John Commins (71) Cape Town – Stabbed to death
  • Jannie du Plessis (58) Villiers – Stabbed and tortured
  • Rudolf van Heerden (79) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated
  • Elna van Heerden (76) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated
  • Ernst van Rooyen (77) Parys – Beaten to death
  • Annatjie van Rooyen (75) Parys – Beaten and suffocated
  • Pieter Kellerman (85) Johannesburg – Beaten to death
  • Desmond Botha (59) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Andries Becker (29) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Eddie Fouche (30) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Shaun Lipshitz (30) Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Gordon Bazzard (75) Bloemfontein – Stabbed to death
  • Manfred Schmidt (42) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Matty Smith, Gordons Bay
  • Chad Harris, Estcourt – Shot dead
  • Fiona Finnis (57) Centurion – Shot dead
  • Lorraine Shepheard (76) Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Hettie Phillips (55) Cradock – Gang-raped and tortured to death

February 2013

  • Dawnsy Mieny (47) Cape Town – Pushed down a quarry
  • Robbie Malan (39) Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Carmen van der Westhuizen (38) Welkom – Raped and tortured
  • Gordon Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death
  • Lorraine Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death
  • Derek Cornelius (75) Roodepoort – Stabbed to death
  • Zarco Bulajic (58) Brits – Skull crushed and shot dead
  • Carel Ferreira (25) Brakpan – Shot dead
  • Laurens de Wet (20) Bloemfontein – Shot dead
  • David Barclay (66) Wolmaransstad – Shot dead
  • BertusCoetzee (42) Vanderbijlpark – Shot dead
  • Nick Basson (67) Vereeniging – Beaten to death

March 2013

  • Waldemar Strauss (42) Danabaai – Shot dead
  • Gert van Wyk (52) Kemptonpark – Shot dead
  • Sarel Pretorius(43) Glenharvie – Shot dead
  • Peet Du Plooy (42) Johannesburg – Stabbed and tortured
  • Suzie Willemse (84) Port Elizabeth – Strangled and stabbed
  • Johan Stighlingh (65) Ventersdorp – Beaten and tortured
  • Eric Labuschagne (51) Rustenburg – Bludgeoned and stabbed to death
  • Marius Hayward (31) Durban
  • Nico Nel (27), Durban
  • Johan Kemp (37) Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Talbot Smith, Ruimsig – Shot dead
  • Quintin Brits (23) Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Hannes Hattingh (53) Stilfontein – Shot dead

April 2013

  • Paul Shultze (56) Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Anton Bidlingmaier (43) Strand – Shot dead
  • Bob Heunis (60) Seaview – Shot dead
  • Francois Potgieter (59) Boschkop – Shot dead
  • Robin Bothma (67) Uvongo – Shot dead
  • Karel Pretorius (78) Pinetown – Stabbed and bludgeoned to death
  • Jannie Dreyer (62) Paarl – Stabbed to death
  • Louis Eksteen (45) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Walkie Walkinshaw (65), Belfast – Shot dead
  • Jacques Oosthuizen (35), Waterfall – Stabbed to death
  • Rodney Bradley (35) Hillcrest – Shot dead
  • Hendrik Potgieter (78) Pinetown – Tied to a chair and stabbed to death
  • Adriaan Stander (33) Bethal – Beaten to death
  • Jacques du Plessis (29) Alberton – Beaten to death
  • Carl Mischke (63) Norwood – Stabbed and tortured
  • Shirley Soffiantini (69) Umhlanga – Raped and tortured
  • Nadine Prinsloo (20) Centurion – Shot dead

May 2013

  • Babs Roos (80), Klerksdorp – Raped and stabbed to death
  • Peter Hackland (61), Ixopo – Stabbed and shot dead
  • Daan Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated
  • Erka Rousseau (72), Wellington – Beaten and suffocated
  • Kenny Linmeyer (75), Johannesburg – Beaten and set alight
  • Rui Moutinho (37), Nigel – Beaten and tortured
  • Fred van den Bergh (58), Pretoria – Shot dead
  • William Sharman (43), New Germany – Shot dead
  • Francois le Grange (51), Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Kobus Larrem (42) Springs – Shot dead
  • Jenny Lachenicht (57), Kemptonpark – Beaten and tortured
  • Morne Nel (32), Muldersdrift – Shot dead
  • Annebe Lategan (33), Reigerpark – Raped, tortured, stabbed to death
  • Dave Maratos (65), Greytown – Stabbed to death
  • Traudel Kretschmer (67), Piketberg – Bludgeoned to death
  • Johan Janse van Rensburg (62) Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Dennis Kleynhans (65) – Shot dead
  • Carmen Mathe (37), Willowvale – Hacked to death
  • Jeandre van Rensburg (20), Springs – Stabbed to death
  • Freek van Niekerk (26), Wolsely – Shot dead
  • Johan Raaths (29), Carletonville – Shot dead
  • Dave Shaw (58), Johannesburg – Shot dead

June 2013

  • Dudley Buss (67), Queenstown – Stabbed, tortured and suffocated
  • Michael Zafiris (42), Springs – Stabbed to death
  • Melinda Lee Bam (30), Gravelotte – Shot dead
  • Michael Quin (52), Hole-in-the-Wall – Stabbed to death
  • Louis Traut (80), Hofmeyr – Stabbed to death
  • Herman van der Schyff (34), Olifantshoek – Stabbed to death
  • Lindie Nel (29) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death
  • Eugene Preston (70), East London – Beaten to death
  • Jeffrey Wiggel (59), Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Barend Nel (19), Sasolburg – Stabbed to death
  • John Hatfield (42), Amanzimtoti – Stabbed to death
  • Roelof du Plessis (51), Bronkhorstspruit – Shot dead
  • Frank du Plessis (62), Cookhouse – Stabbed to death
  • Willem vd Westhuizen (22), Potchefstroom – Stabbed to death

July 2013

  • Dirk Koekemoer (72), Springs – Stabbed and tortured
  • Brian Shalkof (65), Johannesburg – Shot dead
  • Andrew Brown (42), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Clyde Byrns (26), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Isabel Hugo (67), Clocolan – Stoned to death
  • Onika Bakkes (29), Saldanah – Stabbed to death
  • Lizelle le Roux (42), Molteno – Stabbed to death
  • Robert Bader (62), Cape Town – Shot dead
  • Bossie Barnard (39), Rustenburg – Shot dead
  • Judith Muller (84), Vanderbiljpark – Stabbed and strangled
  • Neil Muller (43) Krugersdorp – Shot dead
  • Nicky Klopper (56), Alberton – Shot dead
  • Claudi van der Merwe (33), Hendrina – Stabbed, raped, throat slit
  • Louis van Wyk (77), Nigel – Tortured and beaten to death

August 2013

  • Craig Botha (37), Pietermaritzburg – Shot dead
  • Gerrit Myburgh (79), Heidelberg – Tortured, burnt and stabbed to death
  • Attie Cronje (47), Germiston – Shot dead
  • Janetta van der Walt (60), Margate – Raped and tortured
  • Hennie Bentley (73), Vanderbijlpark – Bludgeoned and shot dead
  • Brian van Blerk (42), East London – Bludgeoned to death
  • Schalk Burger (95), Kakemas – Beaten to death
  • Timothy Green (44), Newcastle – Shot dead
  • Vivien Ponte (47), Oranjeville – Raped, tortured and set alight
  • Michael John Poval (81), Bulwer – Tortured and beaten to death
  • Johnny Meyer (46), Randfontein – Shot dead
  • Mr. Thompson (69), Roodepoort – Stabbed to death
  • Wilhelm Pretorius (36), Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death
  • Johan Botha (51), Port Elizabeth – Shot dead
  • Willem Swanepoel (59), Witbank – Stabbed to death
  • Jochen Rädel (59), Stellenbosch – Bludgeoned to death
  • Pikkie Stassen (72), Kempton Park – Stabbed to death
  • Rina Stassen (69), Kemptonpark – Stabbed and strangled
  • Bill Daly (81), Morningside – Stabbed to death
  • Kulu Clark (92), Robertson – Bludgeoned to death
  • Craig Bailey (32), Randfontein – Stabbed to death
  • Jannie Hills (41), Hanover – Stabbed to death
  • Miems Robberts (62), Mooinooi – Tortured to death
  • Johan Harding (51), Utrecht – Stabbed to death
  • Garth Johnson (67), Waterval Onder – Shot dead

Septebmer 2013

  • Gert Trucker (52), Hanover – Stabbed to death
  • Eddy Reid (68), Erasmia – Shot dead
  • Sollie Botha (72), Zeerust – Shot dead
  • Elsabeth de Bruyn (71), Brandfort – Stabbed and strangled
  • Noreen Bryant (84), Hermanus – Beaten to death
  • Doris Labuschagne (72), Duncanville – Beaten to death
  • Sollie Botha (71), Zeerust – Shot dead
  • Louisa Francis (68), Middelburg, EC – Beaten and tortured to death
  • David Shacklock (69), Oviston – Tortured to death
  • Danie Geldenhuys (82), Kraaifontein – Bludgeoned and strangled
  • Hannes de Wet (52), Fochville – Stabbed to death
  • Hans Jonker (42), Boksburg – Stabbed to death
  • Leanne Douglas (43), Port Shepstone – Murdered by black police officers
  • Boetman Swart, Swellendam – Stabbed to death
  • Johan Gouws (23), Pretoria – Stabbed to death
  • Mick Hampson (69), Eston – Shot dead
  • Rocco Swanepoel (39), Despatch – Stabbed to death

October 2013

  • Paul Madison (63) Sabie – Shot dead
  • Daan Wybenga (69) Clarens – Tortured to death
  • Michael Foltin (61) Groblersdal – Shot dead
  • Heidi Foltin (56) Groblersdal – Shot dead
  • Deon Bezuidenhout (68) Pretoria – Stabbed to death
  • Hennie van der Schyff (72) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death
  • Eugene van der Merwe (61) Ixopo – Beaten to death
  • Maria Erasmus (52) Durban – Raped, tortured and stabbed to death
  • Frans van der Schyff (75) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death
  • Gerhard de Beer (82) Witrivier – Bludgeoned to death
  • Elize Douglas (52) Carletonville – Shot dead
  • Dawid de Villiers (83) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Ralie de Villiers (81) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Susan Olivier (60) Bloemfontein – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Peter Rassloff (72) Kommetjie – Shot dead
  • Dan Knight (56) Underberg – Bludgeoned to death
  • Judy Washington (67) Kei Mouth – Throat slit
  • Kevin Launspach (38) Durban – Shot dead
  • Willem Weites (79) Vryheid – Shot dead

British Jew puppet Prime Minister David Cameron, who in the 1980’s called for having Nelson Mandela hanged, was “elected” into the office by his overmasters so his rhetoric now matches what the Zionists want:

Tonight families across Britain will mourn with his family and everyone in South Africa, your greatest son has moved millions and I believe his inspiration for the future will be every bit as powerful as the extraordinary things he achieved in his life.

More on racist attacks against white farmers in South Africa HERE.

In this video, Dr. David Duke talks about how white people are facing an ongoing genocide in South Africa and the vital need for people all over the world to raise their voice to stop it:

Gallery of images explaining terrorism of Nelson Mandela, supported by murderous Jew Joe Slovo and white genocide their overtake of South Africa lead to is below:

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221 thoughts on “On White Genocide in South Africa and Terrorism by Nelson Mandela”

      1. the important thing to realize as truth seekers is not to indulge in taking ones opinion as complete truth. same goes for what you see on cnn as in what you see on sites like this. i agree 100% on this article as i have had knowledge of the white genocide in south africa for years but my only quarrel with this article is the approach. i understand the anger and emotions that people feel in situations like this, but the goal is to spread the real truth in a way that appeals in a logical factual way to all people, sometimes we make the mistake of being to opinionated and raw to where the perception of sheeple is offensive, vulgar and there is something wrong with these people, instead take the approach of relating to the average joe and not to force feed them our information like the zionist jews, instead lets rise above that and not to take the same approach as them, but to encourage people to ask questions and to think for themselves and question everything.

          1. i will check that out. i am in no way shape or form trying to talk down or glorify myself. i just hate how such horrible lies are told to people. and when people get fed up and try to speak out our own words get manipulated against us.

        1. As soon as the JOOO is dealt with the world will be able to heal herself. PERIOD! Another historically proven fact is the races will need to be placed back in their homelands & miscegenation & the mongrelization of the 5 primary races MUST STOP! I know that most will disagree but history doesn’t lie & only continues to repeat itself.

          1. History is already in the early stages of repeating itself. The US government is using propaganda to disarm it’s people. Just as Hitler did. And just like Hitler they are using children as their backdrop. Hitler used the media to manipulate and scare German citizens. Staging an attack from poland. He knew the German citizens would not support invading Poland. But if they attacked first. Well. Game over. German citizens go scared and angry. Wanted revenge. It’s sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? But no-one sees it. I stopped watching the news 5 years ago. What’s the point? We’re being lied to anyways. It’s so frustrating to see everyone fall in line so easily with the government’s plan. No-one questions anything anymore.

    1. I am South African.. I’m 23 years old and I have just realised how brainwashed I have been.. I respected this man.. After all he did, when he came out of jail, he could have started civil war and gotten rid of us whites, but he didn’t, he choose to end the apartheid..

  1. Common knowledge available to anyone. Problem is most people don’t take 5 minutes to research something. Good article. The only thing I didn’t like: At the end, the point is driven home by using fucking memes!!

  2. I feel sorry for the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin fame because when viewed side by side Mandela and his free Africa party were much the same in that they both used violent action in order to have their own government and people in control and they both used similar tactics such as bombs and execution and yet one side, Mandela’s, are viewed as saints and freedom fighters and held in high esteem whist the other side, IRA, are viewed as evil and held in contempt, a shame since Mandela’s lot were far worse than the IRA.

    The question is why?, Mandela and his lot were once branded terrorists and killed or jailed but now they are viewed differently and I believe that the answer is two fold,

    The western powers, those in control of our economies, used Mandela to keep his people under control, they knew that the black Africans could never be tamed and as such made a deal with Mandela in that they would release him from prison and provide him with money and power if he just keeps his head down with no more mischief and leans his people towards peaceful action instead of violent action.

    The above does hold true considering after jail Mandela remained relatively low key and didn’t lift a finger to help his own people instead spending all of his time with women and posing with celebrities, western corporations still came in to Africa and mined for minerals using slave labour and put tribal leaders at each other throats in order to keep them busy.

    Therefore the conclusion it would seem is that, branding them saints keeps the Africans in blissful ignorance of the fact that they never did get back their own country and government and it also keeps the white countries in a self imposed jail of shame, the shame that we must never ever say negative things about African people and their culture for fear that we will all become racist once more and revert to “evil white bastards”.

    Its the same with criticising Israel, we simply cannot do it because that would mean that we are bigoted, racist Nazis who spit upon the graves of the millions of gassed Jews, but it would also explain why the IRA are viewed as evil by the British government but not Mandela’s men because the Irish are white Catholic mostly and well, it’s a combination hated by those in power it would seem.

    Therefore the end result is that we have a situation where we view Africa as a country for the Africans, we view Israel as a country for the Jews, we view Pakistan as a country for the Pakistanis, China for the Chinese and we view western countries as countries for everybody in the world.

    Cut off my penis, what fuck witted logic is the above and how is it accepted as the norm?, we have allowed ourselves through left wing ideology, also known as the ideology of self hate and shame, to be mistreated, abused and destroyed as some form of fucking repentance for crimes that we, us in the here and now, never committed, Jesus wept.

    Anyhow, I have rambled on for far too long and am going to get some sleep now, bye, bye.

          1. @ empty you are the person that could change this world,your Iq has to be in the billions.love reading your words and feel educated when I do.

    1. With all due respect….the Western countries you speak of were never white to begin with, they were taken over by whites with an even worst and more barbaric manner than the zionists took Israel….let’s be fair and call it what it is.

      If you want to say England and Europe should be a white land, then I can’t argue with that. But as for North America, it should be either for the Natives or for any race.

      1. You missing the point I think, natives in americas would still probably use sea shells for money and negroes in africa would still build huts out of shit crap and mudd using river stones for money. and never see an airplane yet, or something on those lines.

        1. Lol that may be true but it is still rightfully their land and was stolen by force and murder. And hey, I live in Canada and I’m Egyptian so in no way am I laying down for a fucking native.

          But we have to at least admit that it was their land so if anyone is going to bitch it should be them, not white people.

          Europe however is another story.

          1. That is taking place right now. Every single day. The third world hoards will never sympathize with us. Regardless of what we do. They want what we have. Our nations, our wealth, our prestige. They will stop at nothing to take it from us. Whether European nations or the “colonized” nations. The nation millions of White men and women sacrificed everything to create out of nothing.

            you are a parasite

      2. Whites are not going to be negotiating with any other races. When we overthrow the Jews we’re taking back all of our countries regardless of any other races opinions. I would say that whites and Arabs have a common enemy in World Jewry and we should combine efforts against them. But after they are overthrown we will be taking power in our countries that we built and we won’t be negotiating about it. It will be a violent revolution. If it was up to me, I would give all of Israel back to the Arabs.

        1. Agreed! I’ve read some of your posts and I know you dont believe the biblical texts and believe them to be fairy tales- BUT, those texts basically say what you just mentioned ! The JOOOO is Esau & his seed MUST be permanently destroyed before this planet can heal. FACT! They are of the nephilim seedline & have no place in the civilized world……..
          I absolutely love your post & couldn’t agree with you more my friend…. BTW, atheist , agnostic, Christian , Etc , I don’t judge & I don’t care who you are, as long as you’re for the preservation of the White, Anglo, Celtic, Icelandic, Germanic & related blood , then you are my friend 😉

      3. the” Natives” were drifters and settlers camping by fires. White people founded America. They attacked US for being there so we retaliated.

        Whites were the real native Americans. We whıtes were here thousands of years before asians came. Look up the kennewick man and soutreans
        Spirit cave mummies, Florida bog mummies, Maritime archaic (red paint people), all Caucasoid, and thousands of years pre-dating the Vikings
        Of course there’s also genetics, European and American Haplogroup X split around 30,000 years ago.. Haplogroup X is not found in east Asians

        1. Yea, the evidence says the whites were there first, it was people from France that travelled in the ice age, they crossed over ice bridges. They were outcasts who had been thrown out of their villages so they they took advantage of conditions and went across the atlantic ocean.

      4. Wrong! The united states did not exist until anglos, french and dutch created it. We created not just the name but the cities with in it along with the institutions and shared culture with europe. The indians were tribal and had no nation or unity with other natives. You say you are egyptian which explains why you have that opinion, you are in someone else’s country and its easier for you when you can say its no ones country. My people created everything here and yours took advantage.

    2. Ancient rome started off as a white civilization, it prospered. When it became more multiracial and race mixing started it stagnated and collapsed. The same can be said for the Indus Valley civilization. Civilization can survive defeats in battle and natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution. Apparently we haven’t learned from our ancestors mistakes. We are the persecuted race, always retreating and always repeating the mistake of miscegenation. White people settled South America thousands of years before the Spanish. The Amerindians worshiped them as Gods, but they started slaughtering them, forcing them to retreat. Hernan Cortes returned and destroyed them. But they too made the mistake of miscegenation, creating the mongrel Mestizo race. We are repeating all the mistakes our ancestors made. Will nature punish us for the last time by extinction or will this obscure history of the white race make us want to say enough is enough?

      1. Dude I absolutely agree with you 100% ! It’s funny because I have a “No race mixing” meme I used to use for my YouTube avatar but the JOOOO owned google/YouTube used to penalize me for using it, they would threaten me if I didn’t change it, Etc, Etc finally after having 2 YouTube channels removed over. Their strict sensorship laws I finally quit using it. I’m actually using it on my BG page as the background image…
        ANYHOW- we really need to learn how to spread the message before it’s too late! I don’t know if it’s any consolation but biblical text tells us that God has promised the White IE “Adamic” man will never be lost from the face of this earth. PERIOD! We are His “New” creation & we are his litterall offspring ! We aren’t going anywhere dude! ; )

  3. Incriminating propaganda again….if Anglo Saxons are stupid enough to live in Africa then they are asking to get annihilated. Plain and simple! The continent belongs to the Africans and that means blacks. It doesnt matter what great accomplishments the Anglos have made there….its not their place to be!
    I honestly dont care about Mandela. He was just a puppet and on puppets one must not be wasting time on or thought.

      1. Europe belongs to the original descendants of that land, now if they are too chicken shit to do anything about it than just complain and point out the obvious, then yes it belongs to everyone….plain and simple one must show true devotion
        for ones cause there is no buts or whining. … do it!
        The fact that you are informed yet choose to just ramble on and on about the cause will do nothing!

        1. You are a leech in a white country, you would never understand the importance of education in achieving the first step in change of governance – mind shift. No revolution that attempted to change the established has ever in history of the world succeeded without first experiencing a significant shift in awareness. You are sure as dumb as you are clueless.

          1. There is no point in going along with your so aware righteous know it all attitude, the same propaganda doctrine about educating the unknowing has been going on for decades and still the movement remains flat and untouched. Actions speak louder than words or any education you speak of….by name calling and looking down on my comment I can tell I have struck a nerve in your simple one dimensional believes of a world of illusions. Remember in order to educate one must know how to lead and by leading action is a must to demonstrate devotion in ones beliefs. …

          2. Metaler is right – we talk and talk and write blogs but it takes nuts to finally put it into action. A lot of people on here are Americans and I’m telling you that our forefathers are rolling over in their graves right now. “In short, the flames kindled on the 4th of July, 1776, have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of depotism; on the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work them.” -Thomas Jefferson

          3. Metaler is about as right as anyone who doesn’t want the white race to free itself of leeches. A parasite looking to fool its host into thinking that everything is fine. That steps which could actually lead to freeing the host of the parasite should be undertsken in order that is not likely to shake the shit off.

        1. Whites are too civilized to deal with subhumans proactively. There has to be some sort of catalyst or last straw that will get everybody on board for a “cleansing.” I want Europe to remain nigger-free more than anything in the world.

          1. its too late julius streicher,lolol….the sheet heads are in place,only germany will be spared the indignity of a successful jihad,france…netherlands etc will learn the joys of multi-cultural intergration,its too late for them my friend

        1. I think we should try to mainstream an anti-anti-white agenda that progresses into fear mongering and assigning blame where it properly belongs: the jews and the lecherous nignogs. Pierce’s books kind of did this, but they could have been a little more veiled.

      1. Hails my lovely brutal truth say’er!
        By no actions our words are useless!
        How have you been goddess of SMuT? Been to any shows lately….I saw the raging ferocity of old school death legends Mortem at a shitty bar with the bestial christ loving Morbosidad! It was a pure onslaught of headbanging and venomous preachings….Aaarrrggghhh!

        1. @Metelar
          come to nova scotia and we’ll show you motherfuckers how its done \m/

          2013 was the fucking jesus year for us unwashed metalfucks to drink shit and be merrry

          scholar hit it summer ,spring, and fall… at opeth, katatonia, in flames, demon hunter, all shall perish, battlecross , …even caught lame crutches of fuck deicide cause a car buddy of mine bro plays in local band Black Moor also on the bill.
          *Booger did a S-shaped burnout to blasting reign in blood smoked the whole front of the marguis ballroom venue from sightt as we rushed to kentucky to eat and piss out loads beer

          1. Sounds like its a blast in nova Scotia, also a lot of headbanging good times from what you speak of…..Africa is too far away to be wasting ones time on repetitive illusions of nothingness!

          2. @DIVISON
            i especial love it “plumb” with a with just the right amount of curviture..dont care if its little wrinkled cause i lick around and around the hole where its more wrinkled as i take the whole fucking donut into my craw

          3. I would have never guessed that you like analingus, SoS.

            You must really be a pretty nasty bitch.

            Do you grow out your pubic hair as well?

            I think you do.

          4. @Divison.
            scholar’s pure fucking BDSM SSScum 😉

            if you get on your knees and yank them out with your teeth scholar promises she’ll crouch like a camel , and shit fart a swastiker onto your tongue

          5. Hey scholar sounds like a few guys on here like the typical cookie cutter barbie doll type of woman. Pay no mind, stay metal and octane. I’m not intimidated by you attitude of possibly superior knowledge of mechanics 😉 I dig it for sure. This being said don’t mean I’m submissive to women but an equal

          1. They played over an hour it was lots of beer drenched patched up headbanging frenzied maniacs….we gave’em a blast….
            Hails goddess of metal mayhem!

          2. I am a metal fan as well . not familiar with some bands you mention , since high school I’ve usually been the only one who loves metal but am not up to speed. Some of my favorites are Fear Factory, pantera, hatebreed (older), throwdown, as I lay dying, slayer, kill switch, so as u can see I’m out of the loop ! When did sepultura get rid of max? 🙁 when deciding to get caught up I just feel like its cliquey andnshit and listen to songs from highschool and whatever else I remember . gotta get back in the loop .

  4. i’ve come to see recently that there are more of The Aware at my place of business than i had previously believed. we are indeed growing, my brothers and sisters. more and more are seeing the bullshit around them. hubris will be the fall of Xion.

  5. Glad he’s dead, can’t believe people still are giving him a good reputation.

    Many people knew nothing about him, but as soon as the news hit the internet and the television, these brainwashed fucks start ranting about how he was a good contribute to the world and how he was such a nice man.

    And there’s like no way you can really make them change their mind, they’ll criticise you about how much of an asshole you are for not agreeing with the rest of the herd.

  6. How about digging up the case studies instead of dumbing down your whole post with the shitty memes?

    If this is really going on, post up some documentaries that have actual times, people, dates etc…

    Surely there is some factual background info, right?

  7. Its hard to believe anything these days, either side always has ” evidence ” that the other is wrong . Makes my fuckimg head spin. For me it boils down to if you treat me with respect you will get respect whatever race you are. Very little can be changed as massive invasions and such are now looked upon as war mongering and shit but that’s exactly what change will take. For most they will just blab and complain but some of us would surely fight for what we believe in. I’ll protect my family and my way of life I don’t give a fuck who you are.

    1. I agree with @reality check. If you respect me and my family, we will respect you. You fuck with my family, I don’t give a shit what colour, sex or size you are the games on.

      And to quote Clive barker – every body is a book of blood, wherever we’re opened, we’re red.

      We all bleed red, there are good and bad people in every race or creed, if you’re a fek-wit, you’re a fek-wit.

  8. I’m happy that bestgore tells the truth about the Jews. Someone has to counter the corporate Jew owned bullshit brainwashing media. That’s what we need as whites, our own media, and best gore is just that, we need more and more websites to counter Jew media.

    1. What circumstantial evidence is there linking Mossad with 9-11?

      I say “circumstantial” because asking for actual documentation is impossible.

      Even if there was a conspiracy and Israel played a part, do you actually think they could have orchestrated it without help from our own government?

      Israel is not a major power. Nothing compared to what we have.

        1. There’s alot of material on youtube. That doesn’t make it factual.

          While I believe the government was responsible for 9/11, it’s really hard to buy the notion that Israel was behind it. They’re a small country and hardly have the resources to wield the kind of influence in our politics that a 9/11 conspiracy would require.

          I’m active duty military and I can tell you with the utmost certainty that it wasn’t Israel. Did they participate? Maybe. Did they orchestrate it? No.

          I honestly think your anti-semitism blinds your ability to be objective.

          1. Looks like it’s true that one must be dumb as a doornail to join the military. Whiney Israel gets so much money from each white nation on Earth each year, it’s incomprehensible. And guess what they use it for – to carry out attacks against the very countries to get more. 9/11 was not beneficial for anyone, except Israel. Netanyahu was do excited everything went to plan, his reaction to 9/11 was “it’s great”. Jewsish indoctrination has completely clouded your mind. You are an obedient sheep, a puppet on a string who bleats exactly according to the way he’s told to. Your bringing up anti semitism, a Jewish trick admitted by them to serve the very purpose proves it.

          2. Jews control the American government and all their freemason puppets within it. Jews own all of the American banks and run the federal reserve. They have control of the money supply. You need to read The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion.

          3. I’m not pro-Jewish, but I’m also not against them either, which is why I can be objective.

            The last administration was more sympathetic to Israel than this one.

            You still haven’t shown me any proof that Israel has any ties to 9/11.

            I’m on the inside, you’re on the outside, but you’re going to sit there and try to tell me how our government works when you haven’t actually worked within it?

            Spouting off about your ethnocentric politics doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

          4. …….and most of the commanding officers I’ve had were not the brightest.

            Having a degree and being intelligent aren’t mutually exclusive.

            I’ve known some Masons, but they were enlisted.

            Being a Mason in and of itself doesn’t mean much.

            There are larger organizations out there that can do much more, at least in the military.

  9. When I read some of the statements made on here I just wonder why we fight in these ways. I seem to like most everyone here and you all seem very intelligent minus a few individuals but even they are likeable. I have had to much confrontation in my life and I feel like it is very pointless, at the end of the day all it amounts to is hatred and loss of life. I wish everyone here a better life no matter who you are or how you comment. Maybe I’m just too depressed for this right now.

  10. How can you not know this; it was quite a scandal when Mandela’s witch-wife was convicted for kidnapping boys and killing a boy named Stompie. I never liked the Mandela’s; i mean look at him, his evil eyes. Nasty man with a nasty wife.

  11. As someone who was born here in South Africa and has lived here all my life I can say all this “white genocide” stuff is total shit.

    You people are quick to judge and eat up information without considering anything else.

    Yes it is true that white people do get killed in this country. But black folks also get killed, and in higher numbers.

    Those of you who have not actually lived here during these times and experienced the change will not be able to understand and so you speculate – often based on swayed and false information.

    The truth is that there was once an extremely racist government which brainwashed it’s citizens into believing all sorts of garbage in order to preserve itself. Other human beings saw through this bullshit and acted accordingly to change this country.
    After Mandela, things did not get better.

    Greed soon took over and we have been plunged into a sea of corrupt government officials and parties who only seek their own benefit over the benefit (and thus progression) of all SA people.

    To say Mandela served the jews etc is only highlighting your own prejudice and racism amongst the complete lack of understanding you have.

    The ANC has turned bad over the years and they now only seek to line their pockets with tax payers’ money.
    What you don’t see (or what your inherent racism prevents you from seeing) is how Mandela completely changed the way South Africans see each other and enabled us to start working together despite the past atrocities.

    Yes of course a few still cling to their bitterness and thus act out. But who are they? Intolerant, racist persons hell-bent on not changing their ways. After all, when you are taught to hate from birth – it becomes hard to change.

    The fact is that South Africans now live together more so than we did during the racist government. Oh and also – a LOT of black folks here HATE the ANC and what they have done (or in fact, what they haven’t done) over the years since Mandela.

    You simply don’t know what you are talking about, and you continue to spread messages of hate as if that is gonna solve a god damn thing.

    Black people here are in fact WORSE OFF than they were previously and that has got to do with the GREEDY government – NOT Mandela. Our current president has cost us so much money that major governmental change is inevitable.

    Mandela took action because after years of progressing in law and finally starting SA’s first black law firm – a new government assumed power and decided that black people were now sub-human and thus had no rights. So he stood up and fought against it.
    Yes he represented black people because they were the ones who were targeted.
    However his loyalty was to ALL people of this country – black or white or brown or whatever way you seek to separate the human race.

    No one is perfect. And people will act out when pushed into a corner and poked.
    Fact is, Mandela stood up for us all – not just black people.

    In fact, over my lifetime I only know of one single event where a white friend of mine was killed by “brown” people. But even then, when the situation is examined we learn the reason was certainly not because of skin color or race but because of this terrible system of material goods.

    The problems here are simply bigger than racism or any other trivial infantile reason that you claim.

    Quit spreading hate. Get over yourself. And grow up.

      1. It actually sounds like he knows what he’s talking about considering the fact that he lives there.

        Most of you don’t.

        White people being slaughtered in huge numbers is laughable.

        Propoganda. for. ?

          1. actually.kidding aside.

            no body and no peoples of any country have ever been or ever will be privy to the deep goings ons of its government.
            fast forwarding to 2014, the internet, youtube and twittter have effected this just slightly, as now the common pweople shall be the driving force of reportage….
            the same driving force that toppled egypts government and the same driving force that will one day, fingers crossed, be the conduit to government transparency.
            not that it could exist this transparency, but the public will be the first to rat them out to the world…
            live in peace people. really..in this world its all you should ever strive to hold out and hold on to

    1. As a fellow South African, you took the words right out of my mouth. How can some people be so ignorant?

      And this whole hate on Mandela? Seriously? Get your facts right before you go posting stuff.

      All this hate on black people? Why?

      I am white, and the fact that I am willing to stand up and say that all this hate on the black population of our country is not right has something to say.

      1. bullshit, if you were white you’d be already dead, or at best hiding somewhere, praying blacks don’t find you. Facts cannot be hidden forever. One can go to Google Street View of Johanesburg or any other larger city to see that there are no whites left there anymore. The luckier ones fled before it was too late. Others were massacred. Or are you gonna tell me Google announced which neighborhoods they were in on which days so exclusively black actors gathered round as posers?

    2. People that know the truth about South African racism know that the Apartheid system was built also in part to keep blacks from killing other types of blacks.

      The victim is a somalian man:

      Mandela, who was the leader of the Spear of the Nation [MK], the terrorist wing of the African National Congress, was propped up by the Jews in their campaign to destroy the once great White nation of South Africa. Mandela, his wife and the Jew Joe Slovo led a campaign of brutality across the nation, crushing Whites and murdering many fellow blacks in the process.
      Mandela and his Jew friends openly advocated the genocide of the White South African population. Here, one can witness them singing a song about how they would like to ‘kill all the Boers.’

      The blood of the 75,000 Whites murdered by feral black savages since the end of apartheid is on the hand of Mandela and his Jew masters.
      The fact that the media and educational system have the nerve to celebrate this monster as a hero demonstrates most clearly that we are living in a demented false reality where wrong is right and fiction is truth.

      The Jew narrative surrounding this savage subhuman – the one that is told to school children about the kindly black rights-fighter with the Chinese-looking eyes – leads one to believe he was imprisoned for political reasons. In fact, the terror lord was armed by the Soviets and was in possession of a massive stockpile of munitions and explosives when he was arrested.
      On January 31, 1985, the then president of South Africa, P. W. Botha, offered him release if he was willing to categorically reject violence as a means of reaching his goals, and he refused the deal, preferring to stay in prison than renounce violence

      In 1990, when the Jew-controlled traitor F. W. de Klerk freed Mandela from the cage where he should have died, Jewish money sent him on a new terrorist campaign to take down White South Africa through the use of international pressure to collapse the apartheid system, which was the only thing keeping Whites safe from the dastardly black hordes. When they finally succeeded in bringing down the system, all of hell was brought down on White and black South Africans alike as the nation was thrown into the chaos of black rule. Americans can understand what this looks like by glancing at the situation in Detroit.
      White farms were stolen by the black hordes and the White population reduced to living in shanty towns, bordering on starvation as their daughters were forced into prostitution.

      What Now?
      It is likely that now that their evil master is finally dead forever, the blacks will intensify their attempts to utterly genocide the White population of South Africa. White Afrikaners are already mostly living in poverty and desolation as a result of the black looting of the nation, and with the blacks controlling the government, they have no defense against the savages.
      It is hoped that the Whites can be helped in escaping South Africa. But the governments of the West have already made it clear that even in remarkable circumstances, they do not want to have the White population of South Africa enter our borders, as only subhuman blacks and Muslims are welcome to take advantage of the Jew-devised open-borders policy.
      We will certainly be keeping a close eye on this situation. We here are the Daily Stormer beseech you to remember the people of South Africa in your prayers, as they are now facing the time of their greatest peril.

      1. Fredrick Lee Davis Captured

        Jose Angel Cabral Up To $10,000 Reward

        Raul Ambrosio Jimenez, Jr Up To $10,000 Reward

        Larry Up To $10,000 Reward Anthony Up To $10,000

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        Josue M. Up To $7,500 Reward Ernesto Alonso Up To $7,500 Reward

    3. You admit that things have got worse since Apartheid ended but refuse to consider the possibility that that state of affairs calls into question the wisdom of the policy itself. Both the Europeans and non-Europeans were materially better off under Apartheid. But you are willing to accept this loss of material well-being in exchange for some immaterial feel-good voodoo.

      You also attribute the failings of the new negro-dominated state to corruption but refuse to consider that this corruption is itself, in part, an inevitable consequence of an ethnically fractured society, because of the inbuilt human tendency to empathise differentially with members of their own kin group compared to others, meaning that they lack the sense of a stake in the society as a whole. Likewise, you refuse to consider the possibility that the failings of the new state relate in any way to the inherent qualities of negroes.

  12. your’re so stupid. Please tell us your sources. Release some documents which confirm your misrepresentation. No edit pictures! How did you got the list of names? You told us, that Mendela killed all the people? It’s not all roses.

          1. @DIVISON
            teeny triangle of delicate cork screw curls:-) all waiting to get raked by that patch around your dong
            #Scholar runs a hot bath for DIVISON’s arrival
            #Scholar shaves her legs with her teeth

  13. As a white male from the Netherlands, it hurts to see white Afrikaners die from the monkey Africans…most Afrikaners have a dutch heritage, the language is similar…what hurts most is that the west doesn’t do shit!!!
    Wake up white brothers and sisters…I’m not a racist, i just love my tribe…

    Vrij zuid afrika voor de Afrikaners…

  14. Comment from an anti-racist libertarian:


    Mandela started life as a peaceful protestor but soon turned to violence and was imprisoned thus. Despite being in jail, he was still able to sign off on the 1983 Church Street bombing, killing 19 people.

    The UN reckons that 21,000 people were killed during the apartheid regime, some 518 deaths being the direct responsibility of the loathsome security forces. The ANC killed many, many more via the charming practice of the infamous ‘necklace’ Indeed, seeing the BBC this morning giving so much time to the odious Jacob Zuma had me reaching for the anti-emetics.

    His record in government was unimpressive. The lights go out regularly in South Africa these days and the country is the child rape capital of the world, outclassing even Pakistan. Don’t believe me, ask Oprah Winfrey. It is an uber-violent society with crappy, crumbling infrastructure and endemic corruption which leads to collapsed shopping Malls when corrupt contractors are appointed by corrupt officials.

    Are poor urban South Africans any better off? Sure they get to vote, but all they have done is replaced a white political elite with a black one.

    1. All whites need to leave South Africa, there is no way they are going to enjoy living with 90% niggers, no way in hell. They should all go to Canada or Australia, maybe they would like Australia better because of the weather. Once they leave, all the blacks will be left to run the place, which will quickly turn into a third world shit hole. They will wish whites had not left. Give them what they want.

  15. Evacuate all Afrikaners and send all liberals to South Africa.

    Hehe, those niggers trying in vain to write english above kindergarten-level are funny.
    I agree, let them stay on and make fools of themselves.

    The name Africa is derived from the greek Αφρική –Aphrike, which means “the land without cold”. The niggers don’t even have their own name to designate that continent.

    White people have inhabited both Egypt and Libya going back thousands upon thousands of years, leaving monumental architecture, art, languages and science to manifest their prehistoric presence on that continent.
    Tutankhamen, for instance, and Queen Nefertete, have both recently been determined to belong to the caucasian racial group by genetic DNA analysis. See here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzMCJk1tog8 )for documentation.

    Later, during classical antiquity, the white romans build magnificent temples and organized complex urban infrastructure in North Africa.

    And finally, from the early age of enlightenment going forward, the dutch and french boers have settled and civilized South Africa. Roughly since the mid 1600′s.
    Later the british, portuguese and many other white nationalities joined them in a naïve and often hopeless, failed attempt to civilize the ape-humanoid hybrids, indigenous to their respective areas of colonization.

    So the case for a historically justified black Africa is rather dubious, actually.

    Whites, on the contrary, are responsible for cultural achievement in Africa, millennia after millennia, of such significance, scale, permanence and splendor, that it can easily be argued that Africa traditionally belongs to the Aryan.

  16. soooo, white people living in South Africa, where indigenous black reside are getting brutally murdered because they don’t belong?! Why don’t they just move the fuck out if they are so scared of getting killed themselves?! Saves all the trouble and misery for having to bury one of your family members, doesn’t make ANY sense why they are so many white people in AFRICA of all places that happens to be one of the most violent places on earth.

      1. As soon as the JOOO is dealt with the world will be able to heal herself. PERIOD! Another historically proven fact is the races will need to be placed back in their homelands & miscegenation & the mongrelization of the 5 primary races MUST STOP! I know that most will disagree but history doesn’t lie & only continues to repeat itself.

  17. Yeah I remember from some years ago a documentary on Roman imperium on TLC when a black historian bitch was actually telling childrean “that Cleopatra was an African woman” and It was one of the reasons that Julius Cesar had fell for her. Hahaha LOL!! BTW, can you believe the nonsense they teaching children in states?

  18. Yeah we were talking about Mandela in my Psych class today, and I added to the conversation that I was kind of glad he was dead. My teacher was black, she really wanted to know why i didn’t like Mandela. South Africa went to shit

  19. I tought I’d share the video from David Dukes on FB, See what happens. Well, as I expected I angered the herd. Had to play sheep myself to calm them down.

    Seems like seeing something like that makes them go all crazy

  20. Copied and pasted this to a popular social media site, less than ten minutes and I had drama. Still I refuse to take it down. Amazed how sheeple swallow all that’s spoon fed to them, unless it contravenes the masses “thoughts”. I’m an idiot, no thought goes into the herd mentality….

  21. go ahead and call me a zionist too cuz it wont bother me, i know anytime ignorant people cant have an intelligent debate they just start w/ name calling because cowards cant use words of meaning only words of hate and inflamatory speech. im a member of a white movement group so i know where my loyalties are and dont need your approval. im just not gonna let you make the rest of us look ignorant like we all make up facts to back a point. and btw there is a reason david duke was excommunicated from most white power groups. hes a liar and a hate monger

  22. This guy has an obsession with Jews. Even when there’s an opportunity to be an ignorant racist towards Africans, he still decides to take ignorant jabs at the Jews. The owner of this site seems like a very hateful person who hates the wrong people.

    1. Umm, no! People who run this website are sane, aware and well informed which is why they do not fall for propaganda, brainwash and indoctrination. Instead they see the real problem and point it out, regardless of how well the real problem creates an ilusion of something else being the problem.

      We have you Jews figured out. You can trick us no more.

      1. Apartheid, Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
        Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
        They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

  23. You’ve racially torn Nelson Mandela apart. Africa is for Africans no matter what. Those whites invaded Africa illegally and wanted to grab our land in the name of civilization. All I wish is to see a modern South Africa free from white cockroaches.

    We’ve learned a lesson from Australia where all the land was grabbed and have the massive indigenous Aborigines killed.

    Mark Marek: Ask your self these questions….
    where are the Indians in North America?
    where are the Aborigines in Australia?

    Had it not been Nelson Mandela for fighting white oppression in South Africa, the same thing could have happened to us.

    1. The natives would enjoy an average standard of living if they did not insist on a parasitic culture. No one is entitled to consume the fruit of other people’s labor without contributing. Being here first doesn’t count for anything.

    2. Whites were the real native Americans. We whites were here thousands of years before asians came. Look up the kennewick man and soutreans
      Spirit cave mummies, Florida bog mummies, Maritime archaic (red paint people), all Caucasoid, and thousands of years pre-dating the Vikings
      Of course there’s also genetics, European and American Haplogroup X split around 30,000 years ago.. Haplogroup X is not found in east Asians

      1. Lmao your retarded oh wait your just a texan nevermind.First off how do you “founded” a place in which people have been living for ages..second is that you dumb fuckers did not even know how to plant and grow crops(cavemen motherfuckers)and third is that just because your great granddaddy wrote your “his-story” does not mean its true.Especially not with all the raping,small poxing, pillaging, etc.That your satan spawned race has done to these native americans..woops i meant the original americans or Americans.And just so you know the originals did not initiate the attack it was the devils and small the pox blankets along with their greed for this rich land the originals owned and devils had stolen like everything else they’ve managed to get their satanic mittens on. You see you and your “race” are nothing but satanic masters of mass slaughter. In order to live you kill.In order to build you destroy.In order to gain you steal.You are nothing more than a walking-talking plague! A living-breathing disease.This has been proven and is being proved each day. Like the little satanic blood sucking leeches you are you will continue to Suck the life out of the Earth and its People which is why the world believes it should be cleansed of this evil disease.And this is why your “race” believes it should be other way around ;).
        How Ironic…XD!!!

    3. Smith, oh yeah blacky? All you need to do is go back to a freaca! And fuck off white bitches, and there in your africa you can feel as a wild pig on the step!! (if you not black but russian as I think you are don’t even rep to this)

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