Pregnant Woman Hanging from a Tree

Pregnant Woman Hanging from a Tree

As you can see from the date imprint, these pictures are from February 2011, but I got no further info whatsoever. I’m also not 100% sure she’s pregnant – she just looks to be but some women simply have a gut that looks like that. She doesn’t appear to have been beaten prior to hanging which leads me to believe that this was a suicide, rather than an execution by hanging. I wonder if it was the fact that she was pregnant that drove her to taking her own life.

This also appears to have taken place in some kind of jungle setting and the woman as well as most of the people who found her appear to be members of a jungle tribe. Where they are from I do not know. Doesn’t anybody have any more info?

Gallery of pictures of pregnant woman who committed suicide by hanging herself to death from a tree in the jungle is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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28 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Hanging from a Tree”

  1. She is totally pregnant–and it looks like she let the hormones get the best of her (everyone around her is conservatively dressed)it looks like she made a noose out of a Scarf or top that she was wearing…I don’t know how she made a noose like that high up–but when there is a will there is a way!!! RIP

    1. “she let the hormones get the best of her”, I can agree with my first pregnancy I was really really really really depressed I wanted to kill myself then after the baby was born I wanted to kill her. No idea how considering I have some psychological disorder since childhood but I got through without meds or therapy, It was a horrible pregnancy with complications I just suffered day in and day out. My kid is almost two now yaii, I even got knocked up the a second time but without the weird hormonal and emotional changes back and forth….. weird.

  2. I feel bad for they baby I don’t mind suicide as long as they don’t harm anyone else if 1 person wants to take his/her life It’s her own right and decision but sometimes they are selfish and they take their sons/daughters or whoever relative is there that’s messed up you can’t even arrest them for murder cause they die too

  3. There use to be a time this might surprise me but it doesn’t really anymore. Stuff like this, a pregnant woman hanging would occurr in the U.S. in the South near the beginning of the 20th Century. Look up the name Mary Turner. Unlike this woman, she didn’t have a choice and in fact her story is MUCH worse.

  4. This looks like it might be in somewhere in the Melanesia area, maybe New Guinea.

    As to whether she really IS pregnant, my guess is that she is, since she’s not an American. But you just never know these days. When I ride our local mass transit, BART, I never know whether I should give up my seat to some of these women with a big gut. So many of them are just fat pigs, and I’ll be darned to put myself out for some slob.

  5. She may have been raped and didn’t want to live with the shame. How sad, I hope her death provided her with the peace she sought. If she were just fat her belly would be lower and not as tight, I think its very likely she’s pregnant.
    As for the southern US, it isn’t much better even now. When my friend moved there she was appalled that the people of color would address her as ‘Miss’ instead of just by her first name. It made her real sad. Race relations aren’t good there still. I keep hoping our nation, especially ours south, would grow up and move on from this attitude.

  6. Sorry guys but I beg to differ. I think that gravity just pull her stuff downward. And I don’t think she did this job herself, the tree is way to high to do this job yourself.

  7. I don’t see why this couldn’t have been a suicide. Someone has tied the noose to the tree. It could’ve been herself just as well as anyone else. Whoever did this, was either a good climber , or maybe a ladder was used to stand on. We can’t see what’s lying on the ground.

    Some women have big guts but I think this one was pregnant.

    Nice stiff arms and clamped fists there.

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