Delousing Chambers – German Plan to Save the Lives of Jews and Gentiles

Victims of the Typhus Epidemic in a Mass Grave in Bergen-Belsen - Photographed by the British Army

Photo above was taken by the British Military at the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen. It shows the victims of the typhus epidemic which occurred at the end of World War II. Unfortunately, this photo, as well as countless others are commonly shown in the Holocaust documentaries either without commentary or without clarifying how all these people died. Instead, such photos are shown during emotional speeches about how millions of Jews had been gassed to death as part of the Final Solution so the viewer gets an impression that these must be the many victims of the Nazis.

Of course, such rhetoric would not fool medical professionals who would know by looking at the picture that if these people had been gassed, they would not be so visibly emaciated, cause why bother gassing someone who’s already one foot in a grave. Actually, you don’t have to be a medical professional to realize that, just a average but sane and intelligent human. A medical professional would know that they would not have died of starvation because if that were the case, their joints and stomachs would appear swollen. A medical professional would know at first glance that these emaciated people had died of typhus.

It is rather convenient that not one photograph of mass graves or heaps of corpses was taken in camps “liberated” by the Soviets. All existing photographs are from Western camps, such as Dachau, Bergen-Belsen or Buchenwald. Because western investigators were allowed entry to camps liberated by Western allies, historians agree that no mass murder took place in Western camps. The only camps that are still associated with the alleged mass gassings are Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno and Majdanek – camps “liberated” by the Reds who allowed no investigators, journalists, medical professionals or other experts to examine them, razed four of them to the ground and reconstructed the buildings in the remaining two to fit their agenda.

Steven F. Pinter who served as a lawyer for the US War Department in Germany and Austria for 6 years after World War II made the following statement (published in Catholic magazine Our Sunday Visitor on June 12, 1959):

I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a US Department Attorney, and can state that there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory. Nor was there a gas chamber at any of the other concentration camps in Germany.

Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich admitted to Die Zeit on August 19, 1960:

…there were no extermination camps on German soil.

Dr. Charles Larson, a highly regarded US pathologist who was appointed by the Judge Advocate General’s Department to investigate the conditions and the cause of deaths in the camps concluded after overseeing thousands of autopsies that:

Not one case of death by poison gas was found.

For obvious reasons, evidence provided by Steven Pinter and Dr. Charles Larson was deliberately ignored by the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court.

German Plan to Save the Lives of Jews and Gentiles

One of the Four Delousing Chambers as It Can Be Seen Today in Dachau
One of the Four Delousing Chambers as It Can Be Seen Today in Dachau

The chief cause of death in German labor camps, as found by Dr. Charles Larson was Typhus – a deadly disease spread by the lice. Because Typhus was a widespread problem and a serious health threat during WWII, Germans engineers and chemists were commissioned to develop the means to counter the Typhus epidemic. And even though the international Jewry declared war on Germany and documented their plans to wipe the German race out of the existence, the priorities of Germans were on the exactly opposite end of the spectrum – to minimize life losses and to invest into preservation of life whether it was the life of a German, a Slav or a Jew.

With that in mind and with orders from the higher ups to match, German engineers and chemists rolled up their sleeves and devised the system that could effectively counter the threat to the lives of Jews and Gentiles alike. As a result, delousing gas chambers were built in concentration camps and were equipped with machinery specifically designed by German engineers to heat the Zyklon B pellets up, to maximise the distribution of poisonous fumes throughout the chamber, to retain the pellets for recycling and to ventilate the rooms following each cycle so further items in need of delousing could be processed without needless delay.

This plan by the Germans to save lives is well documented and undisputed, although never mentioned as such by the Zionist propaganda materials the purpose of which is to make it look as though the exact opposite was true – as though the Germans had a plan to exterminate the Jews.

Entrance to the Delousing Chamber in Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Entrance to the Delousing Chamber in Auschwitz Concentration Camp

French professor and historian Robert Faurisson said in a letter published by Le Monde:

Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a plan, an invoice, or a photograph. During the hundreds of “war crimes” trials, nothing could be produced. There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I state my reputation and career.

Delousing Chambers

The purpose of the delousing chambers was to save lives. There is no doubt many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people, including Jews owe their lives to the German technology and aptitude to build these delousing chambers and efficiently use the Zyklon-B pellets in them.

Does it really make sense to anyone reasonably sane that the same technologically apt Germans who used a highly developed technology to kill lice in order to save countless human lives, would have simultaneously tried to use inapt methods of carrying out the greatest mass murder in history on the same very people whose lives they went out of their way to save?

But more importantly, how come the Germans developed well-designed gas chambers with heating and circulation to save millions of people from typhus, while at the same time they’d use absurdly designed chambers without heating or circulation to kill millions of people? Why would they have been using an advanced technology to save the very people the Holocaust storytellers allege they were simultaneously trying to kill using ludicrously primitive variation of the same technology?

These are the questions I want you to ask when thinking about the Holocaust. And while you’re at it, ask yourself why it is that I encourage you to verify each and every statement I make with your own research, while the Holocaust storytellers threaten with imprisonment and indeed imprison those who’d dare do their own research to verify their claims.


As always, I consider it important to remind everyone that the purpose of the Holohoax series is not to state that they say this and I say that – they are wrong, I am right. The purpose is to engage your critical thinking so you can draw conclusions for yourself. Never arbitrarily accept other people’s version of the “truth”. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone’s. Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. That’s how you’ll find the truth.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Delousing Chambers – German Plan to Save the Lives of Jews and Gentiles”

  1. Mike, can you please tell me what that person is leaning against the wall in the body dump pic? It looks like bigfoot with it’s hairy arms and legs. Just strange to see all those emaciated naked dead jews laying in the pit and then a very large hairy dead person in there with them.

    1. I suppose you were asking me, even though you called me Mike 😉

      I was not around when the photo was taken so I couldn’t tell you. It is however the same photo as you could find on US Holocaust Museum Memorial website or Jewish Virtual Library so I’d assume it’s authentic. Jewish sources however intentionally leave out that little fact that these are the victims of the Typhus epidemic, not people murdered by the Nazis.

      1. Well, I know you weren’t around when the photo was taken. LOL! Nor was I. That would make us both pretty ancient. Just wondered if it was a victim, bigfoot or nazi worker. Thanks a bunch. All the best to you!

    2. Mark, Can you clarify what exactly happened in the Delousing chamber? I understand they heated these pellets and circulated the air to kill the lice, but did they also kill the people they put inside as well? Im confused…

      1. Delousing chambers were the means to prevent the spread of Typhus by killing it’s carriers – the lice. Various articles that the prisoners and staff came into contact with went through the process of delousing, especially clothing and hand tools. Eastern front was badly plagued by the Typhus epidemic. Targeting its source was an attempt to break the epidemic. The delousing chambers were not used to kill people. Likewise, they were not the means to treat typhus. Infected people had pretty shitty chance of making it, therefore trying to avoid getting them infected was the goal, hence the engineers devised the system to effective kill the lice.

  2. The vast majority of countries engaged in war throughout history killed combatants and enslaved the unarmed civilians and world war 2 was no different.

    Work camps are a great way to subdue enemy threat and boost production, you are in effect using your enemy to help defeat your enemies and therefore POW’s are a very useful asset to have in war.

    The reason why Germany wanted to treat the typhus epidemic among the POW’s was because dead workers are useless. If your POW’s die the production system still as to go on because the war still goes on, you would have to start using your own soldiers as work camp workers and this takes strength away from your fighting force and saps morale.

    You can always ship more POW’s into the camps but without first containing the epidemic these workers will also quickly die and so would any soldiers sent in as well. There is also the possibility of the epidemic spreading to your camp guards and soldiers who when they go back to the front lines diseased will spread it to the rest of your army.

    Therefore the treatment and containment of disease is paramount and so is the quick burial of dead bodies and structures would have been created to house and treat these people such as delousing chambers.

    The conclusion, showing mass graves of extremely malnourished people and pictures of purpose built structures does not back up claims of mass gassings, without independent autopsy reports and/or pictures of dead bodies with signs of poisoning I cannot conclude the mass gassings to be true.

    The opposite is also a fact, without independent autopsy reports and/or any new information to review we cannot prove that the mass gassings didn’t happen, it will be our voice against the voice of written history and the voice of a large majority of the western worlds population and we definitely have not got power in numbers and therefore sadly our truth will be subdued.

    The main key to establishing the truth is the discussion and the deliberation of facts and information and when it comes to the Holocaust this process is disrupted, the fact that discussion is banned on this matter should by all rights cause alarm bells to start ringing in peoples minds however sadly this is not the case, I fear the future belongs to the blind.

    1. “The opposite is also a fact, without independent autopsy reports and/or any new information to review we cannot prove that the mass gassings didn?t happen, it will be our voice against the voice of written history and the voice of a large majority of the western worlds population and we definitely have not got power in numbers and therefore sadly our truth will be subdued.”


      the text reads:

      “Dr. Charles Larson, a highly regarded US pathologist who was appointed by the Judge Advocate General?s Department to investigate the conditions and the cause of deaths in the camps concluded after overseeing thousands of AUTOPSIES that:

      Not one case of death by poison gas was found.”

      1. My problem, had you bothered to read my text is that a singular report can be dismissed whereas many reports can not.

        I have personally read many accounts of historical events where one person had gone against the tide and it is dismissed as an aberration, the majority population will go along with this conclusion.

        We need more than one person to go against the establishment to give people cause to re-evaluate their taught world.

        I may not be liked because of my opinions but I live in the real world and in the real world it takes more than one person to evoke change.

  3. tapspinal68, The person you mentioned in the pit… by enlarging the photo, I’m not positive, but it looks like the man? is wearing bearskin articles of clothing…perhaps for warmth? I didn’t really notice until you mentioned it. Strange.

  4. Ok, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m not 100% idiot either, so, the chamber above was used to aid them in the killing of lice?? Lice was realllllly bad i take it?? Did the people that are stacked up dead, die from being in the delousing chamber or just from the typhus that the lice caused?

    Sarcastic answers are always welcomed of course, but I’m highly curious about this stuff so real answers are more appreciated.

  5. I think it was a matter of efficiency and control. Typhus kills indiscriminately and it would ravage the workforce. It makes since that the Germans would want to control its spread using the most efficient means possible.

    But with gas, the Germans could be more selective in their victims. And if they just wanted to kill as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible, it makes since that they would use the crudest means possible, at certain acceptable minimum standards. They tried carbon monoxide, but it failed to meet those standards, and replaced it with Zyklon B.

    There is a very good book by Miklos Nyiszli entitled, “Auschwitz” that describes, first-hand, the gas chambers and crematoria, and the function of the Sonderkommando. They made a movie about it, “Grey Zone.”

    There are way too many collaborating stories from survivors to completely dismiss them all. You should read that stuff, too.

    Everybody has an agenda and I think usually the truth lies some where in the middle.

  6. As always, this is some interesting information and footage. I never heard about the typhus spreading during World War II when learning it in school.

    I have one question for you, Mark. I remember they were talking about ambulances from different countries and especially Sweden, that exchanged jews for other jews from their own countries to rescue them. Rescue them from what is what I would like to know. From the typhus or the so called final solution? I would love to know more about that this.

    Waiting for more of this series of content 🙂

    Have a nice evening.

    1. Dr. Josef Mengele was interested in research on twins because he believed that it could help prove the genetic inferiority of Jews. The book that I mentioned in my other post was written by his assistant. Mengele apparently kept pretty detailed notes, and there is some film footage.

  7. these are the belzec liewitnesses.

    1. Schluch, who mentions no engine type.
    2. Gerstein, who states that Globocnik told him diesel
    3. Pfannenstiel who states no engine type
    4. Reder, who mentions bringing gasoline to the room; “kanistry benzyny”.
    5. Czerniak, gasoline engine 200 PS or more
    6 Fuchs, did not mention engine but installed the gas chamber piping.

    the official myth states: “In 1942, systematic mass killing in stationary gas chambers (with carbon monoxide gas generated by diesel engines) began at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, all in Poland.” – the ushmm

    in conclusion, we can prove that “gassings” didn’t happen because none of the people who apparently carried out the “gassings” saw or operated a diesel engine at belzec or any other camp.


    1. good point – wasnt estonia maden “judenfrei” by the method of mobile deathcamps?
      Babi Jar and the Buna factory at auschwitz would also be an interesting topic.

      good series – made me register!

  8. This question is for mark.

    You seem open minded. What im about to ask is legit, i want to know.

    I’ve begun to doubt the holocaust. A lot of that is because of what I’ve seen and learned about this planet with my own to goddamn eyes. A good portion of it is due to what I’ve read here.

    Your language is convincing. I never argue anything i say, i tell people to research it and tell me im wrong. That’s how I am confident at the very least you mean everything you say and know yourself to be right.

    I know you started doing these lessons after your poll on your fifth anniversiary. I am always glad to learn anything new, and while i cannot bring myself to be a fan of the nazis, I’ve begun to see all of history in a new light.

    I ask one thing…please do an in depth post on how the fuck one people grabbed our planet. This is a question, not a challenge.

  9. The nazi’s were no more ruthless than the Soviets, Americans, and other conquering powers, all of them committed atrocities. In the forests of Poland the Ruskies killed 6,000-9000 Polish officers by shooting them in the back of the head, then in kind blamed that on the Germans, since very few are alive from that period today, who knows how many more killings were done by the “liberators” then blamed on “the bad guy”. The only reason we don’t hear any mention of these things today, or even back then, is because all information regarding killings was fed to use by the allies. Not an independent source, in fact when unbiased investigators tried to uncover the truth of the massacre in the Polish forest, and it was discovered that the Russians were involved, they were expelled from the country.. Coincidence? I think not, even after the defeat of Germany during the Nuremberg trials, many Generals, Soldiers and regular citizens from many countries questioned the validity of the trials calling them a shame as much of the charges being brought against the defendants as well as the German people thanks to the allies de-nazification program, were in fact also committed by the same people supposedly “judging” them..

  10. First off, its a well known fact that by attempting to re-write history, denying certain events never occured, or ignoring essential facts, Holocaust deniers promote negationizm. Even Eisenhower early on predicted such actions would come as a result of Germany’s attempts, upon death camp liberation, to destroy whatever evidence could later implicate them in war crimes. Why else would he have invited national media to cover such events? So when it comes to deciding whether or not the aforementioned gas chambers ever existed for the purpose of genocide, whom are you to believe? The citings of a few so called libertarian figures such as those like David Irving, or perhaps someone like Deborah Lipstadt who published a well known book titled “Denying the Holocaust”? Anyone care to read?

  11. From an article courtesy of the B.B.C. “Deniers try to bolster their argument about the typhus by pointing to documents which show that at this point in time the planned monthly incineration rate of Auschwitz had been boosted to 120,000 bodies. Deniers claim that this was because of the typhus epidemic. However, the camps projected population was 150,000. For the deniers explanation to make sense, in one month an epidemic would have to kill four-fifths of Auschwitz’s population and the Germans would have to re-populate the camp with 120,000 people. This claim exceeded the absolute worst case epidemiological scenario”.

    1. And the Holocaust liars continue to tell their stories about 20,000 gassed to death at Auschwitz each day, day after day for years on end. Awfully embarrassing as is everyone who sheepishly justifies their lies and quotes from networks established to purport said lies.

  12. When someone is bent on finding the truth, they look at more than 10 sources just as a start. Then they would find opposing research to compare it to what they already found. This is how appropriate research is done on a university level.

  13. So it was god who showed no mercy to the Jews. Not the Germans. Today’s media is nothing but propaganda for the Zionist ran countries. To get support from the citizens in their criminal acts against any country that defies them. What a fucking world we live in

  14. So Nazis actually tried to save Jews? They are breaking my heart! I always thought that Hitler should win a Nobel price for peace (if he would be alive of course) and i suppose Auschwitz and other camps were actually holiday camps!

    1. Hey, kid ? get the fuck out of here. Now. Come back when you have some hair on your chest, batty boy. You clearly don’t understand 1) why WW? took place, 2) who were fighting against whom, and 3) what the terms ?labour camp? and ?concentration camp? mean and what were their meanings during the war time. And now, twink: fuck off of here.

  15. I don’t believe one damn word of if . Saying “don’t take my word for it…verify for your self”, is the same as saying check with other holocaust deniers until you believe everything that we tell you to believe. The fact is, he can site anyone saying anything, but that does not make any of it true. After all of the gore, brutality, torture and evil we have seen here, are we to believe that the poor Germans were just poor magnanimous victims. On the other hand, everything from Vietnam to 9/11 to the Syrian rebels demonstrates over and over again what filthy liars our government (and most likely every other government) are. The only remaining alternative is to be skeptical of at least 75% of what everyone says and go with the preponderance of evidence for the rest, and what I have read here does not cut it.

  16. I should note, that here in Holland, It is illegal to deny the holocaust. Many free thinking men, were arrested and were put into jail, because they only said that the holocaust was on a smaller scale then the average. Mark, did you also know in Belgium the Jews are allowed to carry firearms?(uzi’s,pistols) and the ordinary citizen isn’t even allowed to carry a butter knife in public. They killed allot of mainly Muslims, because they felt “endangered”, and the zionist politicians back them up.

  17. I find it hard to believe that anyone could think a cyanide-based pesticide is a perfectly safe method for ridding people of lice. Even doctors would know what cyanide does to the human body, so why claim that German doctors chose to repeatedly use the method to supposedly “save” many Jewish men, women AND children; unless they didn’t care about them? And there must have been something going on, because otherwise; what did our grandfathers fight WWII for? I fail to understand the logic in this situation…

    1. They fought for the same your brothers and friends are fighting for in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. It is the same people have fought and died for in major wars since at least 2AC – for Jewish interests. There is ample evidence that Jews irked both sides against each other and financed them both in order to keep the division alive and both sides weakened so they could take over. This has been going on for centuries. All tools that fought and died for Jews are tools.

      There is also no doubt that cyanide was effective against lice. If it was not for German scientists development of Zyklon B, the death toll among the Jews and other people would have been much higher. Typhus was the #1 cause of death in labor camps. Germans fought it to keep people alive intensely.

  18. So, I direct this to you Mark. I have seen the footage of the test of Zyklon B, by the Krauts, on a cat in a glass cage. The cat went ape shit before it died. I can only imagine the horror those people went through when hit with this gas in an enclosed chamber. I would also ask why footage of the Nazis daubing ” Juden” on jewish business in germany was not once mentioned in your post. Nor was it mentioned that thousands of them were marked with the star of david & loaded onto cattle trains & shipped of to the camps. Please tell me why, in your opinion, the germans did this. I would ask, what is the point of moving hundeds of thousands of jews into concentration camps if the ultimate goal is not to exterminate them. I can not envision that they were in those camps to help the war effort. At what point can you tell me why the germans created the ghetto of warsaw, to starve out thousands of jews. The rounding up of jews in their temples & then burning them to death? I have seen the footage. I am not a jew, nor am I a christian, i am a human being who has no time for mans inhumanity to man, but i feel you have gone over the edge in laying it all on the zionists. Hitler may have been influenced by his generals, & may have been a jew hater himself, but the fact remains that HE ordered the annhialation of many people. Whether or not 7 million died, is immateral, & contrary to reports that you have stated, zyklon b is a cyanide gas, not meant to de- louse, but meant to kill. I remain an afficianado of your site, & await a reply …

  19. since you clowns make fun of the holocaust im guessing most of you are yanks, so ill be laughing when North korea nukes LA or San fran and I will be laughing at the tens of thousands of Yankees walking around with their skin peeled off and walking around holding their intestines and telling you all, this is all Hollywood CIA propaganda.

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