Leg Impaled by Tree Branch

Leg Impaled by Tree Branch

Leg Impaled by Tree Branch

Argentinean motorcyclist failed to negotiate a curve, ran into a thicket by the road and impaled his leg in the process. Bloody tree branches always have to poke their sharp ends out in the most unsuitable of place. It doesn’t look like the wood broke his bone, only messed his muscle tissue up. He’ll be fine and will have an epic scar. The video is below:

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40 thoughts on “Leg Impaled by Tree Branch”

  1. Looks like he got dildoed in the leg by one of the Lord Of the Rings walking trees.
    Pretty lucky guy, that it didn’t go through his chest, but, nonetheless…..fucking ouch.

    1. That’s good!! When my daughter was about 4, we went to the craft store and bought all kinds of shit to make her a costume of a parrot. Then the ex (wife at the time) dressed as a deck wench. I have a prosthesis so, I took the foot off and got a longer piece of pipe from my prosthetist and put a crutch rubber on the end. Then I dressed as a pirate. You shold have seen the looks we got…LOL. I couldn’t walk all that far with it like that cause it hurt like hell but, it was fun while it lasted :)

  2. You know that this will happen. I know of someone who was in a auto accident and had a can of Budweiser between his legs as he was driving and the can went into his crotch area. That was a hell of a mess. He had to have it removed and a few this reconstructed.

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