Man in Diving Suit Impaled Through Neck and Shoulder

Man in Diving Suit Impaled Through Neck and Shoulder

Man in Diving Suit Impaled Through Neck and Shoulder

The video from inside a hospital shows a man in a diving suite impaled with what could be a shaft of a harpoon. I’m assuming the guy was underwater fishing and the harpoon gun went off, shooting the arrow through him.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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        1. The more I look at the angle of that arrow the more impossible it looks, therefore there is only possible conclusion…he was hit by two separate arrows. This means there had to be a second shooter (aka J.F.K.).

          1. So this is the the infamous magic bullet, i mean arrow?…I am expecting a new Zapruder 35mm film coming up soon, we need to see what really happened. Ask not what an harpoon arrow can do for you, ask what can you do with an harpoon arrow inside you.

          2. Ha, ha, ha, @brokeback only you could come out with something so funny, and deep, brother, lol. Fuck,,, you must have been the quick, and funny kid at home, and the class clown at school, bro!

      1. tbh it looks like he was shot in the shoulder and it came out of hes neck. you can also see the line on the end sticking out of hes shoulder, giving it more room to get that bent curve aswell.

      2. It actually went into his shoulder then out of his neck. You can tell by the ring around the spear at the bottom with the retrieval line hanging off it. The end coming out of the neck is threaded. The threaded end let’s a person remove the spear tip to remove it from the fish. I’m thinking he was shot by his dive buddy accidentally. I spear fished a lot when I was in Cuba. Never even heard of an accident like this.

          1. It’s true: let me prove it to you.

            You know how science does experiments to prove stuff? Follow this…

            A boy trains a fly to come to him when called. He says to his Dad, “I think his ears are in his legs”. Dad says “Don’t be daft.” So the boy calls the fly to him and then pulls a leg off, lets it fly away again and then calls it back and pulls another leg off until there are no more legs left. The boy puts the fly across the room and calls it to come and the fly stays put. “See?”, the boy says, “Now he’s fucking deaf; he won’t come any more”.

        1. Wow, now that is cool, @stonedrocks as you do not hear about this with a crossbow, too often my man! This is truly one for the books, brother! 🙂 I killed a 10 point Buck with my crossbow, and the bow snapped a rib, went completely through it, and entered the ground, and buried itself. I never found my arrow, lol 🙁 Prick cost me 15 bucks. But in all fairness this Buck,s head is on my wall, and i had good meat for quite some time, so i really cannot complain!

          1. I cannot claim to be half as manly, but I did take home a roadkill Roe Dear and had about 16kgs of meat off it. Very tasty indeed. I hope I get another chance again.

  1. & i doubt he shot himself?.. More like one of his moron idiot ex? Friends shot him, being over zealous in shooting some fish just cruising around the ocean. & all of a sudden Mr Fish see’s these 2 or 3 idiots swimming around & then watches this Cockhead get shot & Mr Fish swims of laughing to himself.

    1. @crackshot, I agree with you, there is no way he shot himself with the harpoon because of it being in the neck and the fact that it went through the neck then out of the shoulder. I think one of his mates thought he was a fish or just misfired. He will keep the harpoon but not his ‘friend’.

  2. Ridiculous. Black people are simply unaccustomed to dealing with modern writing implements like pencils. This isn’t rocket science.

  3. I think that’s the way every Ruskie goes fishing .
    He had whale of a time fishing his own fucking self .
    That deeply embedded arrow must hurt excruciatingly terrible .
    He won’t take to the deep sea for a long time to come even if does he’s gonna be twice shy and paranoid about harpooning anything .
    So that makes every fish smile !

    1. This Ruskie loved getting shot back by the same shark .
      the arrow should have gone through the middle of his testes separating both and coming out of the anal cavity like a missile……..and that would have been a scene to behold !
      Any way for now its a “BIG NO NO” for him to venture out in to the shallow or deep waters of the sea.

  4. i shot the biggest fish and as i was pullin my line connected to me spear and that fish jumped in a boat and sped away. I couldnt catch him, ya dont believe me? it was a large mexican fish me think? it was brown and i was in gulf of mexico. catch of the month believe it or not? on a serious note that dude was lucky that spear didnt hit an organ or artery. other than that its ironic.

    1. That big fish you are referring to could be Mexican hogfish/Live sharksucker !
      Good for ya mate that you weren’t dragged along cause they really are massive and one can seriously get hurt if he/she isn’t careful.

    1. “A fish walks into a bar…”

      That was before he was legless…

      But he was known for drinking like a fish; he ordered a mocktail, they refused to serve him, he was gutted and then they served him. Before long, his head was swimming and he was battered.

  5. There is self harming and there’s self harming, this is the latter.
    Videod, 15 minutes of fame.. check
    I’m hard as fuck, show off to his pals.. check
    Clumsy twat, thick as pig shite … check
    Or, he was just innocently unfortunate, with bells on.

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