Young Thai Girl Impaled on a Fence

Why Can't I Even Stumble Across a Scene Like This, FML!

Why Can't I Even Stumble Across a Scene Like This, FML!

While this photo set misses pointers and poses for family albums (weird), it has hot Thai flab of meat impaled on a fence and that makes up for everything. She looks so inviting, you would just want to approach her from behind and slide those bottoms down her tight ass. I’m sure there would be a surprise stake there somewhere, spoiling all the expectations, but the heck with it… this is just too inviting to pass up on.

These pics easily earn themselves a solid prime as the sexiest impalement photos ever captured on camera. They have it all – missing flip flops, resulting foot fetish and a complimentary HIV. Excuse me while I… Damn!

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77 thoughts on “Young Thai Girl Impaled on a Fence”

          1. i was tryna give the benefit of a doubt thinking she was thrown on there by someone. but yours works too.

  1. Yo, that bitch is pretty hot, I’d like to impale her. If ya look closely at pic #2, you can see one of the spikes wedged against her twat, and another one poking out of her ass!!! Damn, now I got a boner!!!

        1. GRAVITY! how else?

          Or, maybe if you lay down on a fence plant long enough, it will grow up with you on top of it.

          ORRRRR……..nevermind. just me being my avitar.

    1. She probably snuck out, went and partied hard got shit faced tried to sneek back in started climbing the fence slipped and…SHIT! FUCK! THE PAIN!…damn it…so tierd getting sleepy…must close eyes x(

  2. i would remove her from the fence with my superior strength and proceed to go to town on her. she’d be grateful as are all the wenches i choose to impregnate with my godly demon seed.

          1. Look him up , you will get it when you his photo . BTW 10 outa 10 for the fleeting thumbnail

  3. Bitch; how you fail so hard?

    Seriously, what the fuck, did she fall from a tree or just totally own herself jumping a fence?

    Either way: Fence = 1
    Thai bitch = 0

  4. That’s how they keep you still while painting your toenails in Thailand. They just opened a Thai pedicure shop near us. I already booked an appointment for my old lady.

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