Victims of Narco Violence in Guerrero, Mexico

Victims of Narco Violence in Guerrero, Mexico

Victims of Narco Violence in Guerrero, Mexico

These two men got messed up while enjoying a bit of an outdoor siesta on a public bench, but they both appear to be alive and medics are assisting them so they may actually pull through. I have virtually no additional information on what happened, but I’m being told it was a Narco related attack.

Were they random bystanders caught in a cross fire? I really do not know. But given how efficient and effective narco sicarios are, I don’t tend to think they were the targets. I mean – if they were the targets, they would most certainly be dead. If anybody knows more about this video, please let me know so I can update the post. Video is from Guerrero, Mexico.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. That would simply propogate the problem with Mexico.

            If Mexico’s valuable non-criminal Human capital simply had the ambition to “getting the fuck out of Mexico”. Mexico would simply drop further into anarchy.

            Making more people flee.

            Plus. Where would they go? America?

            I think the yanks wouldn’t accept a Hundred million Mexicans trying to get into the country.

            The best thing to do. Is work to make it work.

            If citizens were to simply emigrate whenever their is a problem in their home country. We would be further down the fucking swanny than we already are.

          2. Seeing all the videos of Mexican killings, if I were on the run from America I wouldn’t run my ass to Mexico, I’d go live in a forest somewhere and eat deer and build a tree house 😀

          3. Ya know, if america just made drugs legal, it just might stop the war, then america would kickass, until we started selling to the rest of the world, its not like anybody could stop us, we’d be the pimps of the world, I’m running for president.

          4. I agree with you Glenn.

            You run for US President. I will run for UK Prime Minister.

            A true ‘Special Relationship’ will be the order of the day then.

          5. I think at this point, there isn’t any “work” that could be done for mexico. it’s a shithole that’s only going deeper. the last thing i want is for them to come to the states, but if i were in that country, you bet your ass i would bounce the fuck out of there. Saying to work to make it work is easier said than done. I would suggest the same thing if over half the shit on BestGore wasn’t from there. And besides, mexicans have pretty much already fled to the states, seeing how half of the fuckin country is mexican.

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen a Mexican paramedic, those guys must usually get paid for just sitting around playing cards and drinking dos equs. Probably took them a few minutes to register they had a live one.

  2. So many people die in Mexico on a regular basis that maybe they can help me achieve a dream: To have a real skeleton in my living room, so I can talk to it when I’m bored. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. They all want to come to the U.S., anyway. Why not when they’re dead, so they can be my bone-headed late night Tv companion? Also, I know that it would be Hecho en Mexico like half of the other crap in my living room. Other uses could include me dangling it from my balcony like a marionette to scare my down stairs neighbors. The dreams I’ll never see…

      1. It would definitely work during a summer camp when all the girls are huddled up in the dorm at night telling each other ghost stories. A straw puppet lit by a torch , or a scarecrow, works too. But a skeleton is much better. Hysteria guaranteed.

    1. @FD
      You could always order a body from India for ‘medical purposes’ – cheap and an endless supply.
      I won’t tell you how much a male appendage goes for as you would be disheartened (under $10.).
      The things you learn working for your local College/University.

      1. I would only dress it up like that after I committed my crimes. So, when the authorities are looking for me around my building, they’d see the amigo chillin’ at the bottom of the steps, and question him, instead of knocking on my door.

    2. @FD, I saw one for sale in the local Sunday times, (West. Aust. only Sunday newspaper) in the Antiques and Collectables section: one ex-medical, complete, authentic human skeleton $3000

    3. Future Days that’s so cool i’ve thought about that long long ago i don’t care of the race though when you are dead skeletons all look the same, i do have a halloween skeleton that i got from wal mart like a decade ago it’s dusty but looks real, it’s the size of a kid sometimes i imagined him being my friend and talking to me lol like that skull from planescape torment so awesome!

  3. Talk about having a rude awakening. Guy was probably having some sweet dreams about elotes and ice cream before a bullet struck him in the face. Guess there’s no such thing as the great outdoors in Mexico as long as there are cartels ruling the streets.

  4. I guess the odds that we look up on the internet like the odds of being murdered by a serial killer or some shit like that (usually pretty low) doesn’t apply to Mexico

    In Mejico….i would say it’s 50/50 some might argue even higher

  5. If noted, the paramedic was checking for a pulse from man on bench, and considering the fact that there is a ton of blood on the ground behind the bench, I don’t think this guy is alive at all. Looks pretty gone to me. Sad we live in such a violent world. Oh well, life goes on.

  6. With all the murders in mexico the birth rate is still 4 times higher than the death rate. Do you know what that means? Every time a mexicanese person is chopped up, their body parts regenerate into a complete and separate person. I can’t remember what mickey did to get rid of all those brooms…

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