Emaciated Person with Bloated Belly Beaten to Death in Africa

Emaciated Person with Bloated Belly Beaten to Death in Africa

According to the story that I got, the photos show a woman who was stripped naked and beaten to death, after allegedly confessing to stealing an unborn baby from another woman’s womb, and transferring it into her own body.

While I don’t doubt that there are enough superstitious people in Africa, who would accuse anyone who develops a medical condition that deforms their body a witch, I’m having hell of a hard time with the pregnancy snatcher story above.

Despite alleged eye witnesses insisting that the victim was a woman, the chest looks very manly to me, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a woman. The photos are just not conclusive enough to know for sure.

The incident reportedly happened in n Ozoro, Delta state, Nigeria. So what say you guys – pregnancy snatcher or what?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Emaciated Person with Bloated Belly Beaten to Death in Africa”

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    1. Good God, YES THEY DID!!! That does not look like a woman AT ALL!!!!! GROSS as fuck! Why do “women” think it’s cute to look like dudes? DISGUSTING. Prolly some queen faggot transsexual which desperately wants to be seen as a woman. That shit is so damn disturbing.

    2. They did “it” a favor, the civilized side of me knows, that that poor emaciated thing probably has a severe mental/emotional illness.
      While the dark side of me says take it out of the fucking gene pool before it spreads it’s disgusting seed!!! Yucky

  1. Looks like one of those starving Africans on the adverts wanting u to send them a few £££ and they will solve everything. They get bloated when starving. Couldn’t believe what I was reading in the description,beyond comprehension. Fucked up either way. Probably stealing bread not babies by the looks.

  2. No blood and no marks on the body? They don’t look dead. It is a half starved full term pregnant female I believe. This pic needs to be shown to all the Ameriboons crying about their situation in the land of plenty.

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  3. Not sure about the baby snatcher theory, but I’m damned sure that’s one odd looking snatch.
    I’m yet to come up with a word that could describe these people adequately. They are beyond the realms of any reasoning.

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  4. this technique of killing is called nanadi style .where a persons mouth is wide open by a little stick inside her mouth and a group of people starts pissing in that or pouring water .this is a very old technique .it takes several hours to kill the person by pissing in her mouth .its really gore.i like it .and i think that’s a trans .

      1. The thing where the stomach looks fat is caused by swelling from starvation?

        Funny thing that I didn´t mind that being the cause of something you see getting shown in TV numberous times of how horrible things are until now, thank you.

  5. Ridiculously impossible. Looks like Kwashiorkor – a significant protein deficiency which has the characteristic bloated belly and emaciated appearance.

    I’m not even gonna go all into anatomy detail BUT: I know there has been baby snatchers by cutting the pregnant woman and removing the baby close to full term, but never have I ever heard, until now, a woman supposedly did this AND transferred it inside of her! A woman cannot push (I’m only generalizing here) a baby – which has the placenta and umbilical cord attached – with a head the size of a grapefruit at least with arms and legs as well, into her vagina, through her cervix, then into her uterus which is not sized to accommodate a baby that hasn’t been growing there… what the hell? Then there’s blood compatability or incompatibility.

    I took this way too literally. And so did the people who beat her to death. They could have felt her belly for fetal movement. If she is pregnant (not by transferring lol) you would see the movements being that full term.

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    1. it is indeed possible to shove an unborn baby up a vagina. they are not very big at all. if you don’t think it is possible, you are either not a woman or you haven’t tried hard enough. you need to get out more.

  6. — Most likely, just a dead body.. of ‘natural reason’. Surely infection or simply starvation… organ failure. Doesnt look like any ‘beating’ happened… no injuries that would fit that.

  7. THIS, my friends….coming from a country that claims whitey stole their riches, their technology, their future. For a race that claims they were the cradle of civilization, flew the pyramids into place, and invented everything from peanut butter to the traffic light….videos, like this, sure don’t help their claims.

  8. 100% girl, as I saw pic I thought title was emancipative man with bloated belly beat and was like he looks pregnant not bloated until I re-read it was titled person!
    Its a girls chest just a flatchested super skinny one and she’s pregnant . she has a va jay jay not a penis!
    I don’t see any cuts on belly to go with stealing unborn baby and putting in her belly story. She can’t put the baby up cuz u have to be in labor to open up down there or she would of killed it trying.
    Also if this was true why did they brutally kill her and not cut baby out first? Just my thoughts!

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