Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video

Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video

Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video

An anorectal abscess is an abscess near an anus. It’s typically caused by accumulation of bacteria (including E. coli which is found in human feces) and if left untreated, can result in anal fistula in which the cavity connects with rectal canal. Video below shows the process of surgical drainage of an anorectal abscess.

Not much happens in the first 4 minutes of the video. It’s just an extreme close up of a greased up ass crack with foreign language (Vietnamese?) speaking doctor pointing around the ass hole with his fingers.

Everything starts getting pretty interesting at around 3:52 when doctor applies what at first looks like an oddly shaped syringe, but turns out to burn skin open on contact. Smoke rises and pus starts flowing out.

Scissors shaped surgical instrument is then inserted into the incision on the ass to spread the cut open so more tissue can be burnt with that syringe shaped scalpel/burner.

Doctor then finger fucks the pus filled hole like it’s his mistress’ vagina. He kind of seems to enjoy finger fucking that shit cause he tries with several of his fingers. It only gets better from this point on.

In order to squeeze more pus out of the boil, the doctor then sticks his finger right up patient’s butthole to apply pressure on the boil from the inside. It’s like watching DP porn, plus all the greasy pus.

Once double penetration is finished, the doc pumps the abscess cavity with fluid from a big syringe. It bubbled as it pours out. More finger fucking follows, which is in turn followed with more fluid injecting and further finger fucking and so on.

If up to this point you were fine watching the video, it’s quite possible that watching the doc stuff the wound with gauze could eventually do it.

Many thanks to vexatious for this gem of a video:

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116 thoughts on “Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video”

    1. They were laughing about plugging the butthole. While he is doing this proceedure, he is teaching his assistant as he is doing the drainage. At the end, he tells him to tell this guy to replace the bandage everyday. As he is putting the bandage on, they are joking about him plugging up his butthole. That’s why you see him jokimngly putt the bandage over the hole. he also tells him not to stand when he takes a piss for a while.

  1. There was a lot giggling going on there and then the doc moved the gauze over to the anus and did some sort of quick stroke jiggly manipulation. I’m sure it’s ok cause he is a doctor. I have to admit I kinda was giggling somewhat myself.

    1. They were joking , telling the doc not to plug the butthole. It sounds like from the 2 woman talking and another man there, they weren’t in a hospital. What they said and there demeaner tells me they are causually making dinner as they are doing this dranage. I thought I heard one of the woman said ” the keys are in the living room” as someone ask for them.

        1. haha @Gem, my friend had a hemmy on her anus (hemorrhoids are on the actual ring) hers was as big as an apple (she used to get constipated (major hemmy cause) from opiate abuse) anyway an adventurous Dr. ‘snipped’ it for her, but it caused too much bleeding! I remember her in the bathtub that afternoon, the water looked like pure blood!

        2. I saw something like this on tv. They didn’t show anything but the guy recapped his story cause he almost died from it. Getting massively infected and parasites and what not. But it was caused by an ingrown hair

        1. Can’t disagree more. It is certainly east asian, the home- movie style of the film would suggest an area of relatively low technology. That would rule out Taiwan, S.Korea and Japan. Leaving the PRC, N.Korea and the Indo-Chinese states.

          My guess is the same as Mark’s, Vietnam.

          1. They are Vietnamese. Your also right that they are not in a hospital. From what and how the the 2 woman talked and acted, it sounds like they are in a home.

    1. We see at the beginning that it’s messy, i guess it opened a little bit and starts to put pus everywhere, that’s why it looked messy. And i agree, the way he was pushing the finger full of blood and pus inside his hole was interesting medically speaking 😀 But the way his fingers slides easily… My god, a finger would never slide so easily in my butt !

          1. By the looks of your profile pic… The girls will be sad to learn that matey. 😀

            I’m not gay. But people always seem to think I am.

            Not an ideal situation I might add.

    1. Regarding these eastern european brats, Tulio usually prefers the dark-haired tatar-looking chicks, but this blonde looks is quite appealing to Tulio’s DEMON SEED, even if she’s shaved.
      I bet BAKED beated off to her like 3 times tonight

    1. Doctors like fingering assholes, they’ll make shit up to finger you. Once I had a really good concussion and the asshole wanted to finger me to see if I was bleeding internally, I told him to shove it up his own ass and fuck off, he said “if I have to I’ll tie you down”, I’ve been homophobic since. Don’t hit your head, ever.

      1. I have to agree. I was in the room when my ex gave birth to my child. And after it was said and done the doctor woman said something none of us caught it, then boom! My ex was like WOAH! She just stuck her finger in my ass! Appearentely she had some kind of pill she had to give her. But I had a good laugh about the doctor getting frisky with her after we had returned home. Ah yes. Back before she hated me. *shakes head*

  2. Who can access this abscess…
    I ass ume that somebody asked for his permission to upload the video.
    If I was that guy and I knew they were going to spread this, I would’ve shaved.

      1. Yeah @b-man, with all the white shit on his a-hole, he woulda blew bubbles! Which reminds me of a joke. What you do is, ask someone if they remember blowin’ bubbles when they were a kid. When they say yes, you say, Well I seen him the other day and he said to say hello!
        And I liked your play on words in your reply!

        1. Ya know @luna, I didn’t even realized my play on words until you mentioned it. Took me awhile to get what you were talking about. Then *facepalm* I misspelled Whole. Oh well, glad you got a kick out of it anyway.
          Sorry to say this but I didn’t get your joke, guess my mind is a little slow today.

    1. …dude, that’s close to the dumbest thing you’ve said ever.
      and you say ALOT of dumb shit just to up your comment count.
      So, grats i guess on raising the bar..?
      >____< (not even trying to be a bitch, it just kind of happens like that :s)

      1. Actually @gem, I say alot of dumb shit, cause that’s what dummys do. As far as the comment count, I couldn’t care less, if it wasn’t there I would comment no more or no less than I do now.

  3. The first cut is made by a laser cutter. The pus starts to pour out. It looked like the cyst sac came out, but the doc puts his finger in to loosen any more dead tissue and to feel for any more lumps. Looks like they cleaned it out with hydrgen peroxide. That is why it got all foamy. The lasering part near the end was to cauterize the blood vessels to stop bleeding. The gauze packing was soaked with betadine and then packed into the hole. That reduces bacterial infection, dries up and soaks up any extra pus and blood. 🙂

  4. The worst part was the cauteriser.
    it’s one thing to cut through skin, but to burn through it like that? fuck, the steam/smoke. can you imagine how bad that whole situation stank?!
    1. burning flesh
    2. necrotic puss (corpse. smells like fucking corpse.)
    3. Nigger anus, right live.
    4. Peroxide (cause this whole smell situation really needed vinegar on top of that.
    5. Latex gloves.


    1. My Dad always recommended a person attend the scene of a lethal house fire (as an emergency services responder). The smell of human roast is, interesting, the shit clings to your clothes and nostrils terribly. Plus, in the exact spot where a person was immolated, there is a huge stain of human grease.

      Another little tip, which Police use (going into stinky households), and am sure medical staff use as well. Is that they soak the collars on their uniforms in cologne/ perfume. Or dab a bit of Vicks vapor rub under their nose, on the secret.

    2. Vinegar and peroxide are two different things. Peroxide really doesn’t have an odor. However, mixing vinegar and hydrogen peroxide will result in creating strong oxidizing agent known as peracetic acid which can be used as a disinfectant. As long as the concentration isn’t too high, it’s safe to use in the household. The more you know…

  5. I know someone that had this happen to them. When they were at school they grew an abcess on thier arse, he was too emabarassed to tell his mum so he rode his bike to the hospital (standing up the whole way). They did an operation on him and woke up with his arse in a sling. he went back to school on crutches and told everyone he’s been stabbed up, unfortunaly his mum let it slip he’d a giant boil on his arse.

  6. Since this is a YouTube video I want to tell you about another YT video (otherwise I wouldn’t give YT a plug).
    Punch in “HUGE CYST EXTRACTION” (sorry, that title is all in caps).
    Not a lot of gore, and it’s on his back not his butthole… but I guarantee it has enough cream cheese to feed all of Philadelphia.

  7. That finger fucking did absolutely dick to help sweep the pus out of there, fucking doctor must have gotten his degee from a “Being a Doctor for Dummies” book, but he sure seemed to enjoy vibrating his finger inside the patient’s asshole. With these types of abbsesses, the best way to drain them is to apply firm direct pressure around the affected area…not finger fuck the shit out of the drainage hole.

  8. As a pre-med student, I think I’ve finally found the procedure that hits my gross button. There aren’t many, but there’s something about pus, pustules and any variation thereof that really churns my stomach. Doctors are human to, I guess. :-\

  9. I’ve had four of these fuckers. All of them in the same place. They hurt like fuck, you can’t walk or sit in a straight position and the only relief is from having a cold bath. Then after surgery, changing the gauze is a pain, as the internal one needs to be changed twice a day, a process that hurts a lot. Not to mention having a pee and some of it sprinkling there. Ring of fucking fire.

    They left me with a fistula now, which was treated with a seton. According to the Dr, it will stop the formation of more abscess, and it has.

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