At Home Drainage of Cyst from Guy’s Chest

At Home Drainage of Cyst from Guy's Chest

At Home Drainage of Cyst from Guys Chest

I give the guy props for the nerves of steel, and his friends for not shying away from operating on him at home when he needed them to, but for obvious reasons, this type of do it yourself at home surgery could result in many complications. I however don’t want to be the one to judge because I know what kind of times we live in and I realize that if going to see a doctor to get the cyst removed surgically by a professional was an option, he would have taken it. The guy also gets prop for awesome facial hair.

And even though I did say that I wasn’t going to be the one to judge, I will point out that they could have at least used sterile latex gloves and laid the guy on an elevated table – away from creepy crawlers inside the carpet and investigative pets. I do hope that they at least sterilized the razors with alcohol and fire before cutting into the guy.

Not much further info about the video, other than the guy had a cyst on his chest – probably not the first one – and got it drained at home by friends. There’s a lot of male nipple footage in the video. I’m not a big fan of male nipple footages.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “At Home Drainage of Cyst from Guy’s Chest”

  1. I couldn’t watch the entire video from start to finish. I skipped from clip-to-clip. The people in it are the types I avoid like the plague when I’m out and about. That’s the same reason I can’t watch Jerry Springer. Anyway…

    I have lanced a couple cysts on my scrotum that formed after I cut it while shaving. I like to be as smooth down there as the day my Mama crapped me out. So I shave. It’s not rocket science. Not the shaving. The lancing… Ya just gotta get in there with something evilly sharp, and pointed of course, with a little bit of suicidal True Grit, and put to death the thing that may scare your date away from playing your skin flute.

    In the end, it was like my ballsack was having a nose bleed that included white string cheese. I even put the string of white stuff up to my nose, and smelled it. It didn’t smell good…

    1. @FD- Go get a Brazilian wax! You want smooth, you’ll get smoother than smooth and they even go your booty hole- just in case you have a need for a hairless one. Lol. Shaving doesn’t really leave one smooth. I found the hair to grow back fast anyhow. Wax and you’ll wish you never shaved once! Only downfall is that you won’t have smelly cheese to stick up your nose…. 😉

    2. @Future Days,

      I never had you figured for a smooth balls man or a smell tester for the foul and depraved.

      You certainly have balls for being able to use sharp instruments on your bag of marbles.

      When your bag of nuts was bleeding did you fear for your life?, were you scared that your airbag could no longer protect its passengers?, did you weep tears of what was and will never be again?

      I look after my cr?me eggs with the greatest of care and even though they may be a bit rough after years of slamming against other objects I would rather a bit of hair than take a bladed instrument to my pride and joy.

      I give you respect for your fearlessness and your smooth balls, well played.

          1. @Juicy – Lol. I will be going to W/C 14 even if I have to walk there! Do you mean message on here., or personal? Sorry Juicy… , I’m a bit of a Techtardim afraid . Like I said yesterday , we in the dark ages here !

  2. Nice playboy undies dude had on! Lol. Also hydrogen peroxide isn’t the way to go! It actually eats the good skin around the wound. Saw that on Dr. Oz. Maybe they should’ve just irrigated with a dash of soap and a fire house?!

    1. I would avoid getting advice from TV. There is just no way a diagnose made in a hurry to one patient work in general for everyone.

      As for peroxide, its toxic and it iritates the wound that is why all doctors advise against using it for open wounds.

      1. I wouldn’t do my own surgeries either. As for Dr.Oz, I don’t necessarily care what he says but when I saw the experiment with the peroxide, I saw what it did to the healthy skin and then had to get rid of the idea that pouring peroxide on cuts is the way to go since I’ve been told that from the time I was young. I’ll leave the medical stuff up to doctors. I don’t feel qualified to remove things like this anyhow…

  3. Long time Listener, first time caller…. Lol…. Or is it. Long time looker and first time poster? She cut the fool out of him…. She was going to get his love out of his heart one way or an

    1. I’ve had two c-sections, and dr and nurses talk about what that did on the weekend, what their going to do the next weekend, what music they like etc. All this while your being cut open like a piece of meat!

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