Baby with Big Penis Starved and Dehydrated to Death

Baby with Big Penis Starved and Dehydrated to Death

Don’t you just hate it when a baby has a bigger penis than you? This little boy would be every woman’s dream when grown up, but unfortunately he was starved and dehydrated to death and will never live to use his well endowed member.

No additional info came with an image hence I don’t know whether this kid was born to an impoverished family that was unable to provide him with fundamental needs or whether shitty parents simply neglected the kid and let him starve and dehydrate to death as they were looking after their own needs. Sad either way and I don’t even like kids.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Baby with Big Penis Starved and Dehydrated to Death”

  1. what’s so impressive about his penis? it’s normal for a kid I guess. Also, judging by his face, he must be one of those third world babies who are sealed in cans and abandoned to death in the woods. Happens a lot, sadly…

  2. He coulda been the next mandingo. Or maybe his peepee look huge bc he’s shriveled up. But srsly this is a odd thing to look at. I always wondered what starved babiez looked like. I hear about parents starving their kids in the news all the time. Curiosity satisfied, but I’m left erked a bit :/

  3. Rest in peace, little man. How very sad. As for the starvation/dehydration, that’s what tits are for, aside from turning men on. All this blessed little angel needed was some nursing. At least he isn’t hungry or thirsty in heaven.

  4. Oh, finally found this post! This would probably be the first ever picture I have seen on Best Gore. It was shown by a much older friend. She was 18 and I was 13 at the time. Man, time flies by so fast. Gave me nightmares then. Didn’t access the site again till six years later. And well, here I am! Lol.

    BG discovery story aside, a kid’s death never was easy to look at. It’s jist sad, I guess. Considering that such a young being didn t get to enjoy life for at least a decade. But, Death doesn’t discriminate.

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