Below Knee Amputation Video

Below Knee Amputation Video

This is a 24 minutes long video of a surgical amputation. There is a narration throughout the video which explains the entire procedure. The patient underwent several reconstructive surgeries to his left foot after a crushing trauma 4 years prior but kept experiencing pain and dysfunction and has requested amputation. The surgeons cut his lower leg off below the knee. Everything is explained in the video:

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40 thoughts on “Below Knee Amputation Video

    • agreed completely i seem to have became slightly more interested to the medical videos now something quite fascinating about the body and the surgeons are truly fucking brilliant, wish i had half there skill

    • At the start of the video he explains that the patient’s foot was crushed and after many operations and chronic pain, he wanted it amputated

  1. I’m really good with my hands and I think I could pull this off if given the opportunity. Anybody have the need to remove their lower leg just hit me up and I’ll do a quick refresh before we begin. Don’t everyone start lookin me up at one time now…

  2. I think I’d rather live in pain than have my leg cut off. Even after an amputation you still have what’s called phantom limb pain which is just as bad. What a waste of money trying to reconstruct it when in the end he chose to just cut it off.

    • I had to have half my pelvis cut out, (along with my left leg,) because of bone infection a year and a half ago. The pain relief was immediate and so pronounced that I was up and back in my wheelchair, (I’m paralyzed from the chest down, but still have sensation,) in four days. I do still feel like my leg is there, and it ends up in weird places at times, (for example, like it’s bent behind me at the hip so my foot would be behind my shoulder,) and yes, it hurts, but nothing compared to how bad it hurt prior to the surgery, (with rare exceptions.) My brother had part of his left hand blown off in the first Gulf War, (we’re both Marines,) and he still feels his missing finger all these years later, but rarely painfully. The weird part for me is feeling like my leg is sticking straight down when I’m sitting in the wheelchair so my foot would be buried into the floor a couple of feet. I’m past trying not to bang my ghost leg into things though when it feels like it’s sticking straight out. :-)

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