Blisters Caused by Cryotherapy – Liquid Nitrogen Wart Removal

Easily the Biggest Blisters I Have Ever Seen

Cryotherapy is a century old treatment method based on application of extremely low temperatures to destroy diseased cells. I plan on undertaking cryogenic chamber therapy next time I take a trip to Slovakia, but that’s just one form of cryotherapy. Another one is topical application of Liquid Nitrogen which has been known to effectively remove warts.

Liquid Nitrogen used in Cryotherapy has a temperature of –196 Degrees Celsius, which is about -320.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cold as all hell and while it works with warts, it obviously also causes frostbite blisters – I just don’t know how common such blistering is. Now the video of frostbites we had posted on Best Gore recently makes sense.

Photos in this gallery were originally posted on Reddit. The man underwent Cryo Wart Removal and this is how his hands blistered upon return home. Eight days after Cryotherapy, the blisters continued to grow. That’s got to spoil your day right there:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Blisters Caused by Cryotherapy – Liquid Nitrogen Wart Removal”

  1. Damn, I had this done on my right arm, the blister only got to three cm’s though.
    Imagine the extra liquid in those.
    One guy on Youtube, popped his and drank the liquid in a shot…..pleeeeease do that!!

  2. The Dr should only apply the liquid nitrogen for a short time, one of my kids had this done for a couple of warts on his fingers but nothing like this happened,just a tiny blister under the wart. It is very painful though, enough to make a tough 10yr old nearly cry! The wart disappeared when the blister healed.

    1. That’s what I was thinking should’ve happened! I’ve had this done a few times and I had no blisters at all. In one of the treatments, the doctor froze the wart, then scraped it with a scalpel to increase the rate at which the wart disappeared. I had to go back for 2 sessions like that, but it got rid of a stubborn plantar’s wart on my foot with no blistering.

      The other time was a one-and-done treatment with no scraping. Once again, no blistering and the wart dropped off several days later.

      Me thinks they held the freeze way, way too long on this poor person. I’ve seen frostbite blisters like that… from pictures of Everest expeditions. :S

  3. Mark I just read the intro to this story properly, and it says you plan on having cryogenic chamber therapy next time you’re in Slovakia! Now I’m assuming it’s NOT for wart removal (any GP can do this) please don’t tell us you have something bad?

  4. I used to have a wart on my right hand Pinky and I was afraid of something like this happening if I used liquid wart remover. so one day I actually griped it really hard from the side of some tweezers and then I clinched my hand into a fist and started twisting it until it came out with the roots. It hurt really bad but it isnt until now that I realize I should have taken a picture to share. (oh yea there was blood but it was coming slowly)

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