Cancer Patient Graham Chapman of Monty Python Gives His Last Interview

Cancer Patient Graham Chapman of Monty Python Gives His Last Interview

Cancer Patient Graham Chapman of Monty Python Gives His Last Interview

This video may not have any gore in it, but it comes to show how vulnerable we as humans are. One day you’re on top of the world, the next you go to get your tooth fixed and it leads to a discovery of a tumor which leads to a discovery of more tumors and all of a sudden you start to realize how no matter who you are, cancer can get the best of you. And so you go from a film set to a hospital room, from playing roles, to learning how to walk with crutches.

The video shows an interview with British actor Graham Chapman of the Monty Python fame. He was full of optimism, but it ended up being the last interview he gave before cancer killed him. He died on October 4, 1989 when he was just 48 years old. The creepy thing is that it was tonsil cancer that got him… Tonsils? WTF?

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38 thoughts on “Cancer Patient Graham Chapman of Monty Python Gives His Last Interview”

  1. I had to Google Graham Chapman to be certain that it was who thought it was because he had changed so much physically. Actually didn’t know that he died so young and the reason for it. Good clip by the way even if it wasn’t gory. You learn something every day.

  2. My son has leukaemia and has had for 2.5 years, in August he discovered he had cancer in his tonsils!
    His tonsils had turned in to tumours.
    A very rare form called Langerhans Cell Sarcoma.
    He’s fighting two different forms of cancer now and he’s 13!
    You’re right, life is shit then you die.

  3. I’m 49 and between various circumstances and scenarios death has been trying to get me a long time now. Sadly he HAS taken many friends and relatives which leaves my wondering Wtf I’m still doing here. Oh well, must soldier on and keep a stiff upper cock.

  4. @hung like a mouse, I too have lost friends and many relatives…among them my first child. I still believe life is a gift, and I’m grateful for having known and loved each one of them. You spoke words of wisdom, “must soldier on”…but I’m a female, so the last part doesn’t apply.

    1. The female equivalent actually rhymes better, phonetically… “stiff upper clit” 😉

      In all seriousness, deep, sincere condolences to you about your child. That, I think, is the worst thing to bear; a loving parent to lose an innocent child. In today’s world, your strength and grace in coping with that is a rare occurrence. It’s inspiring to witness.

  5. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. A medical doctor, world-famous actor and super rich, its easy to retain a good feeling about yourself with that history. When you’re a broke loser, with no achievements only regrets, outlook is different, plus you have no friends.Living like that is much worse than dying like Chapman did.

  6. People ask, what is the cure for cancer? everyone dosnt know but it is so simple that you wouldnt believe it. governments or authoritys higher have covered this fact up but the truth behind it is a teaspoon a week of baking soda and hot water gradually cleanses the system of cancer cells.

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