Cesarean Section Video

Cesarean Section Video

Cesarean Section Video

The gore of childbirth topic is not complete without a Cesarean Section Video. If you thought watching a baby being born the natural way was gory, wait until you see what it looks like where Cesarean Section (C Section) is performed. Surgeons sure rip that woman’s insides apart.

While I’m not a childbirth expert, I believe that the reason why most Cesarean Sections are performed is because unborn child is in unnatural position inside woman’s birth which could make birth-giving the natural way difficult or impossible. Maybe there are women who opt for Cesarean Section because they are too chicken to give birth the natural way so they go under the scalpel.

By watching that Cesarean Section Video I have concluded that surgeons are spineless machines. They are completely and entirely resilient to awkward feelings watching someone getting cut could evoke. They deliver these incisions without a blink. Obviously, that’s their job and the life of the patients depends on their ability to do so, you just don’t normally see that – as a non surgeon.

No wonder cesarean section scars are so huge. The incisions go really deep and the incision area gets spread wide open to allow for big enough passage so the baby can be pulled out. This must severely affect woman’s ability to give birth to future children the natural way. I can’t even imagine another Cesarean Section after one has already been done. Must be brutal.

Anyway, the Cesarean Section Video is below. This is supposed to be the time when parents cheer for their baby was born. I don’t think I could cheer much if my wife went through this type of procedure. What’s your stance on cesarean section vs natural birth?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Cesarean Section Video”

  1. Although that is one reason for a C-section, all three of mine were born that way and it was due to the cervix not dilating (opening) to allow the baby to pass thru into the birth canal. I was in there for 2 of them and it’s nowhere near like this, at least not with mine. Hardly any blood was seen by the way they did it.

  2. I agree, this isn’t a good C-Section job. I’m no doctor, but they are just kinda hacking at the poor woman. My mother had to have one with me because I was breeched (sideways), but that was back in the ’80s when they literally cut women in half from below the breast all the way past the womb (vertically). However, they now make smaller incisions so many women can wear bikinis without anyone even knowing they had had one. But the description was correct: if a woman has one C-Section, she must have one with all subsequent children.

  3. awww hell, another birth?

    Man, Mark… You gonna give these women so much ammo to use against us guys, we’ll NEVER hear the end of it now.
    “look at us poor women, what we have to go through, bla bla bla…”

    Yeah… but you women have NEVER been kicked in the balls either. hehehehehehe 🙂

  4. I had a c-section in the 80’s and the surgeon did a beautiful job with a bikini incision and no external stitches; the scar is hardly visible. The actual procedure was a bit messy as the baby had had a bowel motion before birth so there was a lot of green yuch oozing out everywhere. Nice.

  5. awww HELllll Whitechapel… I mean… DAMN!
    Like the video wasn’t sick enough… now you have to describe how your baby took a crap inside your belly?

    Maybe the human race SHOULD go extinct. AAAARRRRHHHAHHAGGGHGGHHHHH

  6. My stance on C section vs natural birth?

    First of all:
    As much as possible, “Nobody else touches my wife!!!”. For that, I’d let things go the way they’re supposed to…

    I never liked girls very much. They’re only good for fucking; they’re never close to a man as a person. I’d never stay with one of them for the rest of my life. For this one, therefore: Should I get married in the future, then I Love my wife already. Grabbing a scalpel purposely to cut my wife MEANS WAR!!!

    Though there might be some unavoidable circumstances. I can’t risk my wife dying just because I want her to give a natural birth to our child however. My solution to this is never to get married to someone who can’t give birth. “Nobody touches my wife!!!”


  7. obviously the baby’s life was endangered, he was already passing merconium. all C-Secs are quick going in, ususually about five minutes. in an extreme emergency, they will do a vertical incision and have the baby out in two minutes. it takes a long time however to stitch back up, as you noticed, there are multiple layers envolved. it takes months for a woman’s body to totally recover from a C-Sec.

    it is possible to have a VBAC, vaginal birth after Cesearean. first the complication(s) that caused the orginal C-Sec must not be present. second, the scars must all be horizontal bikini cuts. third, the mother must give birth in a hospital so she can be closely monitored for the rare, but not unheard of, rupture of the scar/uterus.

    so many women have gone on to have more children after both C-Secs and Vaginal births, that it must not be all that bad and/or it is worth it. i have four children by vaginal birth. my DDIL gave birth to two children C-Sec.

    my 12 year old sister watched me labor with my first, and at 18 she watched me give birth to my third, as frightened as it left her, she still went on to have four children of her own. i was with a young friend when she gave birth to her first, i’d like to be a doula someday.

  8. The biggest pain a homo sapiens can experience is related to kidneys. When ureter gets plugged up by a kidney stone, the urine doesn’t have free passage to flow into bladder but its accumulation presses on the walls of ureter which expand and press on the most sensitive nerves in human body. This pain is the most excruciating a person can experience. Compared to this pain, child delivery seems like a walk down blossoming garden.

    The length of ureter in women is only 2cm whereas in men it?s 30cm. If a woman develops kidney stones and they get stuck in ureter, the pain involved is only similar to birth giving, hence hardly any. Because there is only a small section that presses on sensitive nerves and it?s far away from the most sensitive ones. In men ? let me just say that no woman would ever possibly, not even remotely, not even in her dream, not… I can?t even compare ? no woman can know what real pain means. This unfortunate trait is left for the men to suffer. Woman could never endure it, they just yap their big mouth about birth giving which really is not much.

  9. LOL! the pain involved in kidney stones is not from blocked urine. sorry, been there done that. the pain is from the stone being larger than the ureter it is passing through. thus the colicky type of pain induced by the stones passing as it stops and starts. stones are irregularly shaped and thusly do not block the urine from passing around it. otherwise we would not all be given little hats and strainers on our toilets to catch said stones.

    also the pain is in it’s passing from kidneys to bladder, not from bladder to the ureathrea, which is a larger circumfrance and does not generally cause pain at all.

    get a grip. men will never suffer pain equal to childbirth, they could not or the human race would have ended long ago.

    but you did make me chuckle, thank you.

  10. Bwaahaahaaaha hehehehe
    I knew it was coming sooner or later.

    As soon as Mark Posted these “Birth” vids, I knew sooner or later there would be a debate about who can handle the most pain, men or women.

    I LUV YOU GUYS… ! 🙂

    Truth is, the human being, whether man or woman, has an EMENSE ability to endure horrendous pain… “AT THE MOMENT OF INCIDENT.”

    You look at military men who have had HORRENDOUS wounds and kept on fighting, sometimes stating they didn’t realize they were wounded at the time.

    Same for women in childbirth or in times of emergency when protecting their children.

    At the time of the incident, the brain will release enforphins and other “drugs” into your system that blocks the transmission of “pain signals.” You will have adrenaline flowing and “AT THE MOMENT OF INCIDENT which will help you keep going past normal limits.”

    Human beings are amazingly adaptable to such things and truly Men AND Women are equally able to endure a wide assortment of injury and pain.

  11. I could understand a C-section if it was an emergency but I would never choose to go through something like that. I have 3 kids and had them all naturally. I would never let a doctor cut me open and hope to God that they don’t screw up. But there are circumstances where it is necessary.

  12. Mark, where do you get your facts? C sections do not often impair a woman’s ability to give birth. This one is probably done in a high stress/emergency setting or whatever, its not typical of most c sections.

    The big scars left by c sections done in the past (vertical cuts down the abdomen) are rarely done today. And the “bikini line” scars often fade well.

  13. This was obviously an older video, or from a different country than mine. Nowadays laser scalpels are used to cauterize small vessels, and better suction equipment. Also, there is almost always a clear bag-like thing to catch any stray liquid. I have witnessed 3 c-sections in the past 3 years, and have never seen a dr yank a baby out by the feet then hold it upside down.

  14. I had to have a vertical c-section back in ’94 and I had to have it done that way instead of the normal bikini cut is because was considered an urgent (not just an emergency) c-section according to the doc. I found out the next day when the anesthesiologist came in to see me that the doc doing the cutting had me cut open before he had me completely under. Thank god I didn’t feel him cutting into me. I came down to either having a 6 inch vertical scar that begins at my belly button or giving birth to a full-term dead baby. But yeah, I was told that I would never be able to give birth vaginally because of the way I was cut. Needless to say my 15 year old is the first and last of my kids. I was never ever going to go thru that pain again. I remember quite well the pain I had after surgery!!!

  15. Hey…Giving birth?…It fuking sux…done it twice…first time with drugs…it lasted 36 hours, I had to be given a glucose IV cuz I was on the verge of passing out after pushing for 2 hours…I shit, I puked, they sliced my cunthole (called an “episiotemy”)…I have an issue with anaesthetic, so when they started slicing, I could feel it – totally – and they had to give my cunt 2 extra shots…it was a miracle for sure…2nd time Douchebag Daddy had better things to do than get me to the hospital – labour lasted 8 hours, 7 and a 1/4 of them by myself, keeled over various household objects, screaming out to Jeebus to help me for the love of all that might be holy…I was finally driven to the hospital in a fuking snowstorm, in a fukin Jeep…I got there and everyone went into emergency mode…I had no drugs…there was no time…I was a “Rimmer”…9 1/2 cm dialated, (it only goes to 10)…I remember asking the nurse – repeatedly! “Are you SURE I can’t have drugs?!”…She just fuking ignored me as I started to have a panic attack…There must be a God, because this child rocketed out my vah-jay-jay…The doctor told me to STOP pushing or we’d be picking the baby up off the floor!? HEY! YOU FUKING DYKE BITCH WHO HAS OBVIOUSLY NEVER BIRTHED A CHILD BEFORE!…FUCK! YOU! I DO WHAT MY VAH-JAY-JAY TELLS ME TO!…So anyways, it was such a beautiful moment, as I screamed at my child for the first time to “GET OUT! GET OUT!”…I’m not sure if the nurses were rookies, but they had absolute looks of terror on their faces as they both simultaneously took a step back…Lo and behold, just when I was sure I was about to rip right in half, out came my bloody child…Born February 29th, at 4:20 pm…After experiencing both an epidural birth and a natural one…Hell yah! Sign me up for slicin – all I have to do is lie there? Fukin A!! I don’t give a shit what it looks like, I’ve got a drape! Just get the fukin thing outta me!!….And as a sidenote, what was actually worse than the excruciating 8 hours of labour hell? Was the way they repeatedly ram down on ur uterus to get the placenta and all the clotty blood shit out 😉 I just thought I’d share that with all you fukin weirdos…Bitches, use a condom…

  16. God. Reminds me of when I had this done four months ago. Hurt like hell when the drugs wore off. Couldn’t walk or piss for hours. My little girl was a stubborn one. I lost a lot of my blood during that sort of procedure. God damn. I still have the scar from it. But my little girl is worth every staple.

  17. Both of mine were natural, I refused the drugs. I think I may have had an easier time because I was a jockette, so my abdominal muscles were in good shape. My son was born with his arm by his head, he should have been a c section but he was too far down the birth canal. He tore me from the cervix all the way down. Needless to say I had my tubes tied after that. I was sore for a while, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as a c section would have been. How do I know this? Because I had an exploratory hysterectomy years later. They took my intestines out and put them on a tray while they poked around in my belly. Then they took my uterus out, left my ovaries per my request, then sewed/stapled me back together. I couldn’t stand up straight for a year, but I refused pain meds 3 days after to surgery because I didn’t like the morphine fog.

  18. My husband is tough and not squeemish at all but when he looked during my c-section I was afraid he was going to pass out. Recovery was tough but my scar is nothing to brag about, you can hardly see it at all. I would rather have a baby cut out of my stomach than have my hoo-hah all mangled up anyway. Any form of child birth is disgusting.

  19. I dunno why, but that was the first, and only video I have ever seen on this website that has made me dizzy and sick. I have been a member on this site for a long time, and a viewer for longer, I have seen nearly everything there is to see. And for some reason, THIS was the video that almost made me lose my lunch (well it would have if I had eaten anything). Thinking that my poor mum had this done with me, while she was fully awake, made my stomach turn. I couldn’t even watch the whole video. I need to lay down now…

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