Children Come Home and Find Their Parents Overdosed on Heroin

Children Come Home and Find Their Parents Overdosed on Heroin

I don’t have much backinfo, but it looks like this happened in the USA. The video alleges to show parents OD’s on heroin after being found upon their kids’ return home.

Nothing like having your kid see you passed out on the floor and call out to you, but you don’t respond cause you just fried your brain with drugs. I’m sure those kids will grow up being upstanding citizens, with parents like these.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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137 thoughts on “Children Come Home and Find Their Parents Overdosed on Heroin”

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    1. I have done Heroin in my younger days, but i never, ever snorted enough to do this to me. I always only did tiny lines until i knew that if i did anymore i would either puke, or nod out like these 2 irresponsible fucktards who still have School aged kids. When i tried out drugs like this, i had no kids, just this Big Kid, lol. πŸ˜‰

      1. Don’t be a pussy meteorite and experiment in a responsable manner.
        I’ve never shoot up either but I ain’t scared to try it in small doses.
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        Fuck all that shit and lets keep it real… don’t be afraid to indulge in drugs.
        That is if you know you can hang of course if not don’t even get near drugs and give US responsible and recreational drug users a bad name.

          1. heroin addicts aren’t generally seen by most people
            because it’s easier to rob houses when the inhabitants
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  2. That’s appalling, poor girl having to see her parents like that, makes you wonder what her upbringing was like. Teenager or not, someone else clearly needs to be this young lady’s guardian, a family member or something. She deserved better than she got.

    1. Those fucking children’s behavior it’s totally unacceptable.
      I’m not defending their parents I’m just not judging them as in criticising them for rheir poor actions…
      Thats some major disrespectful shit the way they’re talking to them, the little brat kicking dad on the floor deserves to have her phone taken away for a whole month at the very least.
      For not saying she deserves a whooping. Cause in my books she does.
      How dare them record their parents in such poor state.
      What so that they can humiliate them later on by showing the whole world how junkies their parents are…
      A common sense normal kid has parents like that and would do anything to keep the public from seeing their parents.
      Kinda like not being ashamed of them but not being proud either.

          1. 70s was great time to be a kid! technology seemed to be in its infancy. still remember first microwave oven , was size of deep freezer and first thing we cooked in it was bacon! and getting a TV with a remote! and cable came out was ON tv and it didn’t broadcast till 8pm and first cordless phone and tv was indeed good back then. I liked 70s very much, bit young but I remember!

  3. Poor kids probably worship the ground their fucked up parents walk on, while keeping their parent’s dirty habit under their hats.
    A heavy burden for youngsters to bare, and, sadly, one which will scar them for the rest of their lives.
    And folk wonder why the state steps in in such situations.
    In my opinion, in these scenarios, if the grandparents are fit and willing, they should be the ones to take over the care of such children, rather than the state taking them away from all that’s familiar to them.

    1. crack was all the rage. one solid friend of mine fell to it, saw him walking down the road on Christmas Eve one year. was real sad I wanted to give him a ride really bad but I knew I couldn’t, who knew what state he was in although he’d always laugh and say he wanted to move to “boulder” Colorado lol

    2. Haydolf Hitler: You are one very smart person.
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  4. If I had a daughter and she walked home with a nigger I would over dose too.

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  5. Those poor kids finding there Parents like this cannot be good for the ol Self Esteem, me thinks. In a couple of years junior is going to be supplying both his Parents with top quality China White. Payback is a bitch, as then they will be able to rip-off their parents just like they robbed their Childhood. πŸ™

  6. In UK (England) to be exact. They would be branded dirty fucking snack heads. They would be tortured and terrorised. I would love to keep them for a couple of months on cold turkey, and slowly kill them in the most painful ways. Just like Law Abiding Citizen.
    When I see them in the street asking/begging for money, I spit in their faces and knock the dirty cunts out cold, as do my brothers. No need for these scum.

  7. I think this vid is at least a few years old. And considering the articulate boyfriend that the daughter brings home, and that they film and kick (her) the parents, I’d say they are already “outstanding” citizens.

  8. Hmm, the one filming sounds like a bit too much like a nigger for him to be one of their “kids”… I suspect miscegenation in that family, resulted in the parent’s failure of educating their own children, let alone themselves… Such disgustingly disastrous disfunctionality should be terminated with the execution of the entire family, so that they wont spread their degeneration outside of their own miserable existence… If only we lived in that working world, where that could simply happen… 😐

    1. @Der Kopfsammler If everyone had rifles, chances are you would be in someones rifle sights for one transgression or another. Don’t follow the right “God” , too tall, too short, not “white” enough, not truly of white race because of brown eyes (There are whole THREADS on stormfront saying that Brown eyes are not an original eye color of white people, this is a throw back from race mixing from middle east and Asia and THUS, looking into brown eyes is like staring into someones asshole)
      You get the gist…

      1. Yeah, if you count in believing the Orwellian version of everything “Supermacist” wich doesnt match with the reality. There are standards that people can follow, and rules serves as guidelines, not to be followed strictly. Stormfront is being confirmed as controlled opposition, they do not represent the views of actual national socialists, they enforce the Orwellian “neo-nazi” image instead. /pol/ is the new “good source”.

        We are aware that race wise, even if we cannot fix the past mistakes of yesterday’s parents, we can prevent today’s and tomorrow’s parents from doing the wrong thing. The values of the traditional nuclear family must be preserved to ensure the growth of a healthy society. Order and peace will mostly come naturally if that can be achieved alone. We tend just to make people aware that they are being indoctrinated to accept the destruction of traditional values and morals, but then again, it is easier to fool a person than to convince them they’ve been fooled. But we will try…

    1. @Gabriel Addiction affects ALL races bub, it’s human nature NOT a genetic predisposition.

      Snow demons sound pretty bad ass tho,I mean we ALL worship Yakub ya know? He’s our creator…tho it sucks that we “snow demons” won’t be riding the Mother Plane…

  9. They aren’t OD’ing per se, j ust really REALLY high, tho if left alone they could have gone out. I volunteer at a NYC needle exchange and we have seen a HUGE influx of dope spiked with acetyl fentanyl (think of it as what K2 is to Weed, acetyl fentanyl is to plain ol Fentanyl) an analog which rouge shops in China keep swticthing one tiny molecule to keep it on step ahead of the “Law’
    This shit is super fucking cheep to order and it anywhere between 10-40x stronger than “street level” dope.
    What sucks is that now that everyone and their Grandma got strung out on Oxy’s thanks to paid doctor/shill Alan fucking Spanos and Purdue Pharma claimed that in ’96 oxy was safe, non-habit forming and that cancer patients didn’t need to be the ONLY patients to get this “wonder drug” and that ANYBODY with muscle achs and sore backs should be on this too! youtube “OcyContin POster children 15 years later” for this short mini doc about it…anyway they cut off the supply which Purdue Pharma tried to stop as they were making hand over fist from Florida’s pain clinics which are now pretty much shut down, which had folks addicted to this shit and it’s no wonder that we are now facing one of the BIGGEST opiate epidemics America has ever seen.

    I had a friend die in my apt a few weeks ago because of this shit, tho we didn’t know she was using as our rule is no drugs in our house as we are both (my GF of 7 years and myself) recovering heroin addicts (4 years clean this month) and she shot up while everyone was asleep and her boyfriend rushed into our room for help….
    Narcane/naloxone which is what counters OD’s and I have a stock pile of it, I pass it out to the street kids here, does not seem to work against this new pharma nightmare unless you have a truckload of it (one or two doses will counter an OD, we hit our friend 4 fucking times while giving her CPR and waiting for the EMT’s to arrive)
    I am seeing suburb Moms, whole families addicted to this shit now because of the Oxy craze.
    I am the type of person who always blamed the user when someone goes south and still do, but I truly believe that Big Pharma has a hand in this to some degree from the free for all on the late 90’s…

    I don’t know what my point was….

    as you were….

  10. Drugs….to Those who want to taste its more fun in Drugs and it’s more fun to have a bad mentality attitude and bahaviors.but the most fun of Drugs you life become most worst and missrable,.its more fun to get in Jail and bi killed…and its more fun to be homless and become crazy..

    1. My thoughts exactly, my dad used to take street valium and although i didnt like the fact he was taking them, i wouldn’t try and wake him. Its like waking up a sleeping dog you just dont do it.

  11. Liberal vermin absolutely love this Heroin is in large part a white epidemic. When ever you mention the out of control dysfunction in Black America, They LOVE to bring up heroin addiction among whites….

  12. god i use drugs like those for years more than 15 and rehab many times but when you have familly and specially kids this is something you have to stop doing it no matter what! my familly (mother father sister x wife) found me many times in a situation like this and i feel really sorry for this but when you have kids its a totally different story! its the only case(at least for me) worthing quit doing drugs like this! i understand they didnt make it in purpose but this isnt excuse! at least they must use them in a different place than their home! i feel sorry for them

  13. They should have called 911 so those losers would get Narcan shot and be sober while they sat in jail detoxing. Poor girl having to see her parents like this. Instead kicking dad in ads should kicked him hard in the balls bunch of times to make sure he can’t have any more kids they can neglect

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