Circumcised Testicles

Circumcised Testicles

Circumcised Testicles

WTF is going on in this picture? Seriously, WTF? Is this some form of infection that eats the ballsack away or did the man circumcise the skin off his testes on purpose? There are many documented cases of males losing their penis and/or testicles after circumcision gone bad, but this is a bit extreme. Either way, those ball are such size they easily make up for lack of penis mass in this individual.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Circumcised Testicles”

    1. I dont think its a “micro” penis thing!!!
      IMO the penis was looking for a place to protect himself after such a trauma!!!
      I went as far inside as he could go!
      Guess what;I’d do the same thing…

      Micro-ish penis…but,
      macro-ish testicles!!!

  1. I’m a surgical tech & have seen more penis’s in my life than I can count, I’ve also have partiscipated in more than 1000 surgeries. I can say that he is definitely not circumcised. I can’t think of any reason why a surgeon would remove the skin from the testicles, as it is the most important aid against infection. I’d guess that he’d stumbled upon some sort of infection or disease & sought out help that lead to this, no solution to his problem. Whatever the reasons his skin was not removed by a licensed surgeon that’s for sure!

  2. Dudes, come on. That’s a girl with some sort of fake male genitals attached. Shit.

  3. There are thousands of body modifications out there. Go to the Body Modification e-Zine and look into their “extreme” section.

    Guys split their penis in two, all the way from the glands to the root, using a kitchen knife, and lots of gentian violet to avoid infection. They even have videos of guys doing it, with no other anesthetic than their wish to be different and perhaps some vodka.

    Among the many genital EBM (extreme body mods), there is nullification (removal of the penis, scrotum and testicles, leaving a smooth nothing between the legs; there is a female equivalent that requires actually sewing of the labia, but is never as smooth).

    There is penectomy (removal of the penis, leaving all else intact), orchidectomy (removal of both testicles, leaving everything else the same), eunuch (removal of testis and scrotum), nullification (removal of penis, scrotum, testis), and scrotomy (scrotum removal, also scrotum reduction).

    This is a pic of the latter procedure.

  4. Oh fuck. As a guy…that hurts to just look at. But what the fuck is with his cock? I mean..I’ve seen small dicks but that’s Mini Micro Asian dick. And it looks like he’s black. Aren’t black guys supposed to be hung?

  5. First thing I thought of was my BIL’s cancer treatment. He had two types of cancer (bile duct and liver), and for some insane reason, the treatment burned/peeled his balls.

    Needless to say, the treatment was stopped immediately.

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