Death by Drug Overdose

Death by Drug Overdose

Of all the ways to die, death by drug overdose is one of the lamest. Giving in to your addiction entirely until it claims your life shows you as a weak minded living tissue of zero worth.

Furthermore – there are so many ways to do drugs, if you so incline, but shoving a needle in your vain sure seems like the shittiest. Superficial pleasures can be administered in so many different ways, so why pierce ones vein?

It comes as no surprise that death by drug overdose pictures are indirectly connected to the narco wars pictures. Hundreds of tortured, mutilated and beheaded people who died a horrific death in the hands of the drug lord’s henchmen are the result of the demand for drugs by the likes of those in the pictures below. The circle of death is complete.

Gallery of pictures of drug junkies who died of drug overdose is below:

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10 thoughts on “Death by Drug Overdose

  1. Yeah, I was an addict at one point. Opium is a helluva drug. That being said, I (obviously) wasn’t as stupid as these guys here and got some help. MHO is that if you are on drugs and you die before you reach rock bottom, oh well. You prove dear old Charles Darwin right and show that survival of the fittest is a rule in this world. Personally, I say if they don’t want help, give em all the drugs they want and a spot outside of the morgue to do em in. That way there’s no need to look for a cause of death, and less work for the cops, M.E. and morticians to do. And yes, I realize I’m probably now going to get crucified on here for saying this.
    Oh, one other thing. You wanna stop people from doing drugs? Stop telling them the same old line of “You’ll end up in one of 3 places: Jail, rehab or the graveyard” and show em these pictures. Especially kids. Had I seen these types of photos before chasing the dragon, I sure as HELL wouldn’t have done it.
    Okay, I’ve said my bit. Let the verbal flagellation begin.

    • you have NO FUCKING CLUE what a loser you are for saying that. I spent 20 yrs on the wrong side of the needle and have seen people of all social levels fall down to a place you will never know. MOST of them started out with a legit medical condition and got a script for lortabs,3 yrs later they are on the streets. I know it all to well because I blew over a million in less than 10 yrs. 330k+ in 2009 alone! Your brain gets reprogrammed and you CAN’T just undo it. Educate yourself a little more because only loser here is you.

  2. Hey, no problem! Thank you, and yup, they really do look like a buncha pathetic losers…And that’s why I’m glad Darwin was right XD Viva la teoría de la evolución (theory of evolution) y supervivencia del más apto (survival of the fittest)!

  3. Exactly! I think that would be a good way to go. Who said death had to be serious? Why not have a Party instead??? The only problem I see there is that a slow decline to rock bottom habit wouldn’t be much fun. But at least it thins out the feeble-minded population a bit.

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