Disturbing Bowel Evisceration Photo

Disturbing Bowel Evisceration Photo

I don’t know what I find more disturbing – the eviscerated bowel or the shape of this woman’s belly. This can’t be pregnancy belly, can it? The shape is really odd, unless it’s a unique case of an ectopic pregnancy during which the fetus develops outside of the womb. Or could it be a tumor growing inside the woman’s midsection? I’ve seen some awfully large tumors grow on people, it wouldn’t surprise me if something of that size developed inside a woman. And induced bowel evisceration while it’s at it. If it’s deforming the body, it might as well go all in and squeeze its entrails out like a toothpaste.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Disturbing Bowel Evisceration Photo”

    1. She got fucked by an elephant trunk that blew snot up in her. Just kidding.

      Actually, the government was testing a new way to kill us with Quaker Oats’, stomach expanding oatmeal that causes blockage and forces it’s way out of your belly button.

    1. Are you sure that this is a case from Oman?

      With the Woman being Black I find it quite doubtful.

      But thanks for the article. I would have came to the conclusion that it is a Hernia of some sorts.

      I doubt she is pregnant. But I guess their is no way to find out from this one photo.

      I would hedge my bets on a total Herniation of her digestive system. Intestines… Everything.

      1. Yep – 100% sure. I gave the link to the report with before pics (which is the pic Mark gave us) and then after the hernia was repaired.

        Highlights of the report :

        Spontaneous Rupture of Umbilical Hernia in Pregnancy: A Case Report


        A 28 year old woman presented with a spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia in her seventh month of pregnancy. She had four previous unsupervised normal deliveries. There was no history of trauma or application of herbal medicine on the hernia. The hernia sac ruptured at the inferior surface where it was attached to the ulcerated and damaged overlying skin. There was a gangrenous eviscerated small bowel. The patient was resuscitated and the gangrenous small bowel was resected and end to end anastomosis done. The hernia sac was excised and the 12 cm defect repaired. Six weeks later, she had spontaneous vaginal delivery of a live baby. We advocate that large umbilical hernias should be routinely repaired when seen in women of child bearing age.


      1. @tehvixen- I doubt that this woman was pregnant, but the extent of this hernia looks as if she is pregnant.

        Which is why I went with a herniated pregnancy lol!

        I knew someone who looked 7 months pregnant and it turns out they were not pregnant at all, it was just a hernia.

        1. Hey @ trooper! Between wandering over dry land and through and back and forth to
          earth and studying this fallen race…….i came to the conclusion that i can not survive
          or retain my tenuous sanity without my BG family.(plus my meds are renewed).

          So many new opinions.The good–The bad–The indifferent.**sigh**

          So who is the steaming great left footer with the “fab abs” on the previous post???

          1. Well it is good to have you back Boss.

            As for the previous post.

            I didn’t comment on that. Didn’t really view it much.

            Gore like that just doesn’t really interest me.

        1. @gorehwhorez

          I am totally with you on that one. The vile protuberance from her belly is some kind of medical disaster and isn’t her fault, but the tits!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god! There is no excuse in the world for walking around with a rack like that, it’s an unholy fucking disgrace.

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  1. At first glance i thought that was a big ol tit with puss coming out of it but now its even more disturbing knowing its her insides spilling out of her belly, and seeing those shrivled raisins in the corner there. Gross.

  2. Alright. I think I am going to archive some regular blood, innards, and beheading’s to level myself back out after seeing that^ just wow, I can’t … somebody help me… I cannot even comprehend what the fuck I am looking at…

    oh-muh-gawd at them tittays….


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  3. This is a large protruding hernia. Unless it states she is pregnant as well then that large lump is basically her intestines trying to come out of her body. This happens when the fascia becomes weak in a specific area.

    1. I just realized that is her belly, I thought it was her left titty. Now that I see both her tits, I change my mind, I don’t want to suck on her tits.
      I want to make love to them ever so gently to the nostalgic music of Debussy during the blue hour of the morning, With the gust of the northern winds pushing against my pubic area, Finally ejaculating and falling back in a slow dive motion quickly falling into deep sleep.

  4. 1. She’s got that growth (not a tumour; not a baby; probably some disease or parasite) which has been in her tummy for some time. That is what caused the shape.

    2. It is not a hernia either, a hernia is a loop of intestine that comes out of the cavity somewhere (belly button, scrotum, etc). That looks nothing like intestine.

    3. That growth is in the process of being removed, with some fraction already protruding. I do not think it is the person in the Oman ‘Spontaneous Rupture” story. (There are blacks in Oman.)

    4. ‘Eviscerated’ means removal of the organs or intestines or part thereof, beyond the stomach wall. (Fascia is the thin, tough skin than ensheathes every muscle group.)

    1. You are wrong on point 2.

      A Hernia is any type of organ or internal tissues that rupture the layers of muscle inbetween the Dermis (Skin) and the cavities where said organs originate.

      Hernias can occur anywhere on the body. Usually as a result of putting an area under a lot of pressure.

      You are right. It doesn’t look like an intestine. But it does look like muscle tissue that has been forced through the dermis… Most likely pushed through by the Digestive system.

      Another reason why I don’t believe that this is from Oman… Is because Oman is a wealthy, well developed nation.

      People (usually) in nations with good healthcare won’t/ can’t brush this kind of injury under the table.

      My guess is that it is a 3rd World African nation.

        1. @Ego- Only if she is bisexual towards women and wouldn’t mind a hermaphrodite up in that. (if you have the features of a woman)

          If you have the features of a man, well in that case.. Only if she will allow a hermaphrodite up in that.

  5. Arrrgghh!! Wtf! I’m scarred for life because of this site. If anything has desensitized me from human brutality, it’s this right here. Give me a beheading any day as opposed to this nasty business. Yuck! :\

  6. i found some humor in this, tell me if you see it as well.
    Look at her stomach and the round wounds near the evisceration, and then take a look at the evisceration itself, you’ll see it looks like 2 eyes and a mouth that’s puking lol.

    1. Yep. Sad thing is, every time I look at a naked lady chick from the front I always see the tits as big googly eyes, belly button as a nose, and poonay nay as a mouth. It always makes me giggle a little bit inside, especially when the booby eyes are bouncing hither and thither

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