Eye Socket Full of Maggots

Eye Socket Full of Maggots

Eye Socket Full of Maggots

Continuing with the spirit of “one gore classic a day“, here’s a video of an old woman with eye socket full of maggots. Her face looks so necrotized and bloodied, you’d think she was dead, but she moves her mouth on a few occasions throughout the video, as if to say something, making it clear that she’s very much alive.

Her eye has rotted away and maggots were presumably applied to have them eat away dead flesh. Though that puts in question the removal of maggots with tweezers – there certainly seems to be a great deal of necrotizing flesh to be removed still, so why remove maggots?

Many thanks to theword and countless others for the video. It’s one of the many I never got a chance to post while they were new but I suppose it’s never too late to share good old gore classics for those who are new to the scene and may not have seen it. One gore classic a day cannot hurt, can it?

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        1. yea, that sounds like slovic/ukrine/russia area. maybe its really a labratory and they use people for ??? gore, & science. I cant believe shes’ being helped/ unless she was found in this way AND she now is getting some help at all !

  1. kill me please if i get like that as i don’t have the balls to do it myself. how do people let themselves in this condition? couldn’t somebody help the old lady when they saw what was happening? between reading articles, posting comments and responding to comments i’m on this sick site most of the day. it’s so much fun and a real community of sick, twisted fucks.

          1. 12 ga to the top of your head, down through your sinuses, into your mouth, and out through the lower jaw.
            Just to be diffrent.
            Everyone shoots from the bottom, up.

      1. coke overdose. yea, i remember those days. it felt real good at first and then your heart starts racing like a runaway train that won’t stop and feels like its going to explode in your chest.

        1. Id pick a heroin O.D. although their not as peaceful as one would think, yeah you get high as fuck but it scares the shit out of you, your breathing becomes labored to the max, you have to fight to stay awake which hard as fuck not just give in and nod off your eye lids get heavy and its a struggle to keep them open just a lil bit, you can’t walk or move your arms, it basically feels like what it is…your life slowly slipping away while your high as fuck. Maybe if I was suicidal I wouldn’t panic and just let the O.D. take its coarse

          1. Ive overdosed on Heroin 3 times… paramedics woke me up 2 of those times with that fucking shot that puts you into instant withdrawal. I was PIST. But yeah when you start to overdose… first you lose your hearing and motor skills. I would usually fall to the floor. Then you hear this loud ass beeping in your ears. Then everything starts going black from the outside inwards. Thats when you realize you’ve done too much and probably just killed yourself. Once I was able to hold my high and keep myself from going under. I got all the OD symptoms except i was able to hold the blackness from closing all the way. I could only see out of a tiny little hole and everything looked far away. My body tried puking instantly to get rid of w/e i had just put in myself but once you push that plunger and that shit starts running threw you veins… there is nothing you can do about it. Anyways though… i have some videos of me shooting up heroin. can see my face but you can see me shoot it. its funny.

  2. Never seen this video. Poor old lady. Looks pretty beat up. I think I’d rather be dead than go through that, especially at that age.

  3. I read the description and I thought she was gonna be dead from the look of her. I’ve gone to help at a fatal crash when I was passing by and did CPR on a dead person until the medics came and I saw the mans mouth move multiple times even though I couldn’t find a pulse. I guess it was from gasses escaping. THIS woman was definitely alive. Really wish I knew more of her story.

  4. At first I was like, “Okay, she is dead, No need to suffer,”
    But then she moaned and the maggots moved a little more. Then I was like….DAFUQ!,,,,<3

    1. My money would be on neglect. Seniors are the most vulnerable victims of abuse. The typical constellation of conditions (slowed metabolism, inability to produce as much anti-bodies as exhausted telomeres cease to manufacture more cells, poor circulation, etc), when combined with malnutrition, lack of medical treatment, abuse, and neglect manifest with more severity than more robust bodies.

      A scratch can lead to an abscess which can turn into septicemia/bacteremia, which can travel and assault other areas of the body, etc. many seniors are disabled by injury, illness, or malnourishment, and may not be able to move enough to tend their afflictions. A negligent caretaker can spell devastating progression of a problem.

      Sadly, in many parts of the world, there is no voice or recourse for the abused, enabling further cruelty by “the system”.

  5. I’ve always wondered when use maggots for treatment, do they count how many they put on you so they know how many there is to take out? Just the picture is incredibly disturbing, I haven’t watched the video yet, but to think she is alive and has maggots crawling in her eye socket? Ow!

  6. I think they removed the maggots to keep up a good environment for them. They probably want to make sure none get too old and start their metamorphosis

  7. Daaamnnn, now she can skull fuck freely..hahaha these classic Gore everyday is great , thanks man .. I’m kinda new to this site so I’m glad your grossing me out constantly.

      1. ha ha ‘stinkeye’ is when you touch something dirty (like your ass-hole) and then rub/touch your eye! It can get infected! THAT is why you shouldn’t sit on someones pillow!

  8. had to turn the volume down, girlfriend thought i was watching porn.

    anyway, so they take the maggots out, and then later they realize: the best treatment for this kind of necrosis is… maggots! yey!

  9. I wonder if she might be on the upside of her treatment because the whole side of her head looks like it was bad and now it’s healing and she’s also missing an ear!!!!!! Gross!

    1. Hey, how’s your frend that got smacked in the head a few months ago?
      I thought you were a dude….that happens alot before the advent of photographs of our choosing.

    1. the first good belt to the back of the head might dislodge a fair few! just make sure no-one is standing in front of her!

      1. Water doesn’t work well to flush out maggots. In the veterinary world we use club soda or seltzer water. Granted, I don’t have experience using maggots therapeutically. When I see them in my patients, they are invariably a sign of neglect.

  10. damn now my eye feels funny.
    how did she let it get to this??
    and imagine if they turned into flies whilst in her eye

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