Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery Video

Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery Video

Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery Video

It is much easier to comprehend the male to female sex reassignment surgery than the female to male one. I mean, going snip-snip on a Johnson and forming a hole in the pelvis has got to be easier than creating a functioning penis where there is none.

They’ve got a name for every ridiculousness a human mind can conjure, so smart people who call themselves psychologists (yeah, those who get paid to come up with the dumbest shit that a sane person would not ration out) invented a GID, aka Gender Identity Disorder. Apparently girls who decide it’s cooler to be boys and vice versa can go to a psychologist to whine and the psychologist would just say that they suffered from Gender Identity Disorder and because they were “born in the wrong body”, it causes them deep emotional distress.

Some victims of GID want to take their ordeal a step further and start the hormonal treatment to reshape their body to resemble the opposite sex and become more compatible with their “mental gender”. The more adventurous ones undergo a sex reassignment surgery.

There are rare cases in which sex reassignment surgery is well warranted. It usually has to do with anatomical problems wherein newborns (can happen to both boys and girls) are born with ambiguous genitalia – a birth defect that affects the appearance and function of their genitalia. As a result, a new born girl could have a clitoris the size of a penis, or a boy not have a penis at all. In these cases, sex reassignment surgery is well warranted and sometimes performed in early childhood.

When it comes to Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery, which is a subject of the video below, the whole procedure usually starts with the removal of breasts and reshaping of chest to resemble that of a male. It can be then followed with the removal of the ovaries, uterus and other internal female organs. Doctors are allegedly still far from replicating the form and function of the penis in female-to-male-sex-change patients, although a placement of a prosthetic phallus and testicles is possible. The patient’s urethra can be connected to the penile prosthesis, so the new “he” can urinate from it.

The Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery Video below is from Brazil. I do not speak Brazilian Portuguese, but I like the overuse of words Vagin and Clitoris which almost sound as if uttered by Borat.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I wonder when this was filmed; there was no electrosurgical pencil (bovie) used in the segment. It was surprisingly avascular, considering the area, no stick ties or regular ties for bleeding vessels.

      1. I found this vid rather fascinating. The next time i grab and bang my husbamd from behind im going to thrust hard and tell him im banging him with my dick that’s inside me lmao.

        On second thoughts…. I enjoy living.

  2. What were those two things they used to simulate the testicles? I never imagined the penis would be composed of what’s already in the person, although I’m not sure his partner will be satisfied with its size. Three inches the most!

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