Flash Burn – Photo of Eyes That Have Seen a Nuclear Blast

Flash Burn - Photo of Eyes That Have Seen a Nuclear Blast

These eyes have seen a nuclear blast and it’s been the last thing they’ve seen. After the image of that bright flash of light, there has been nothing. The girl lived in Hiroshima when filthy war criminals that slowly fry in hell now threw an atomic bomb on the civilians there. The photo was taken in 1963 so the girl lived with her corneas burned for at least 18 years. The author of the photo is Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm.

In seven-tenths of a millisecond after the explosion, up to the distance of 60 miles, light from a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb is 30 times brighter than the Sun. Light this strong would cause instant, severe burns to the retinas. At a distance of up to 6 miles, the heat wave would cause melting of the eyeballs and 3rd degree burns.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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126 thoughts on “Flash Burn – Photo of Eyes That Have Seen a Nuclear Blast”

      1. I think you are all underestimating the horror of WWII created by the Japanese! Ever seen pics of captured POW in Jap camps? The Japanese were more cruel them Himmler himself. If the allied didn’t bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki the war would created even more victims, including lots of civilians. The Japanese were not planning to surrender, even when they were almost defeaten. So yes, the 1st nuclear attack was a good way to end a war that claimed over 50 million live’s !

        1. I think they should have tried to limit civilian casualties more. I’m sure they weren’t happy about that. Yes, the Japanese caused many civilian deaths with Pearl Harbor, but I’ve seen the way Asians drive and I think that was an accident.

          1. True, very very true. U.S. Is a bully, if a country refuses to do what they want the U.S. Will make something up to overpower them with their military and take what they want by force and pin it on the other guy.

  1. I think the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was necessary. The japanese were morons who worshiped a stupid emperor who proclaimed himself to be a “god” and did horrific stuff to the chinese people. The only mistake made by the US was not executing Emperor Hirohito after the war was over.

    1. Japanese are morons? do you know the post war recovery in Japan is considered an economic miracle? Asians/Japanese lead the world in the manufacture of electronics, motor vehicles, cameras and a bunch of other shit. what dafuk does Brazil contribute besides gore, flip flops, and butchered Dasilvas? you best COME CORRECT when you talk bullshit Mr DaSilva.

          1. When did I said Brazil produces something besides corpses and trannys? I agree, Brazil is a terrible country, but that doesn’t change the fact Japan was a fascist, authoritarian monarchy.

    2. Morons? Ok what HLAM saids. The Japanese were on the verge of surrender before the first bombs and the second bomb was just pure revenge. The Japanese attack on PH was a military installation, the two atomic bombs were on Civilian cities.

      The US decided to keep the empeor to keep a more unified japan.
      DaSilvaBrazil you’re a fucking dumbass fucking troll with no sense of history or geopolitical strategy. Fuck off.

        1. The reason why we didnt kill emperor Hirohito after the Japanese surrenderd is because 1 there was no reason to kill him afterall he just surrenderd to us and killing him would’ve been a stupid thing to do after all we just nuke two of their cities so we need to show some mercy…second of all we needed Hirohito alive and killing him would’ve sparked rebellions that would’ve dragged on the war for who knows how long we needed the ‘”God Emperor” to make those that wanted to continue fighting lay down their arms and they would only listen to him, and also let’s not forget America and the soviets were fighting over who would control what and its no diffrent with Japan the soviets thought to divide Japan up like they did with Germany but America would not have it and we needed the emperor because of this we needed Japan to stay a unified country to keep the soviets out…to say that the Japanese needed to be bombed in order to surrender I won’t argue with, not because I agree with it but because it happend, but to say that we should’ve killed Hirohito I don’t agree with because killing him would’ve made things harder on both America and Japan, America learned the hard way after defeating Germany and they didn’t want the same thing that happend there to happen in japan and so to compare keeping Hitler in power to keeping Hirohito in power shows your lack of knowledge when it comes to warfare because by your logic every war is the same, should be fought the same, should be won the same, and should be dealt with the same and everyone knows thats just not…keeping Hirohito in power was something that was needed, killing him wasn’t…and today its clear to everyone Japan and America that keeping Hirohito was the best thing for both countrys.

          1. You have no historical knowledge.The Soviets didn’t wanted to “split” Japan, they weren’t even at war with the japanese. The russians had a neutrality pact with Japan, this pact was only broke in 1945, after the fall of Nazi Germany, because the US government requested Stalin to attack Manchuria.

          2. They weren’t even at war? Then what call all the previous border conflicts that led up to the soviet Japanese war of 1945? The soviets and the Japanese were at eachother throats before America even went to war with Japan the soviets wanted to take as much of Japan as they could to think that they didn’t want that shows just how naive you really are lol..pull your head out Brazil your talking about things you don’t even know about I think that’s established already stick to what you know…flip flops and being Da Silva.

        2. @Brazilian_NOTDASILVA……”….WW2 Jap attacked innocent civilians in China…”

          Those “innocent civilians” including jews living in China in that era selling opium poisoning the China people, killed not only by the Jap, but also by the Chinese themselves, for selling out China military & national secrets to the foreign powers such as UK, USA, France etc…..

          WW2 jews got slaughtered not for no reasons, and these poisonous plagues were also almost exterminated by many other European countries and USSR, besides Hitler. And today, you see why revengeful jews in USA taking revenge to hit Europe and Russia financially, and also by the use of refugees etc…..Sometime certain plague need to be cleansed thoroughly.

          Everything happened for a reason.

    3. A couple of wacky doctors torture some chinese POWs and that’s a fucking excuse to drop nukes on two towns full with nothing but children, women and elders who had nothing to do with any of that sick shit? Dude you must be the dumbest piece of inbred shit ever. You don’t know a single fucking thing about Japan or it’s imperial rule, you just bite into US “democracy and freedom” propaganda like the brainless ape you are.

      The japanese tested on the chinese in order to develop biological weapons, by early 1945 they already had dominated the technique necessary to cause massive epidemics that could kill millions of civilians and on top of that they had the capacity to deploy the contamination agents straight into mainland USA using their I-400 submarine aircraft carriers. They could kill half of america citizens just as easy as that. You know what they decided to do? They decided not to use it BECAUSE IT WAS FUCKING IMMORAL! Just like the USA they had the capacity to cause massive civillian causualties and they refused to do it out honor alone.

        1. The reason why the Japanese used chemical weapons during the 2nd Sino-Japanese war is because 1 Japan was there fighting to aquire territory and everything that came with it getting rid of entire Chinese villages didn’t mean anything to Japan and we all know the easiest way to rid your self of an entire village is chemical weapons so they didn’t mind using them especially since China was so over populated, and 2 the Japanese saw the Chinese as sub human that needed to be done away with if they were to truly conquer that land, for the Japanese using chemical weapons against the Chinese was no big deal they didn’t care they just saw it as a way to quickly conquer a land and its people and also they didn’t have to worry about China using chemical weapons against them. Now why didnt they use chemical weapons against the Americans? Simple..because they weren’t invading America if they would’ve chose to invade America then chances are that they would’ve most likely used chemical weapons on America, but they weren’t invading America they were fighting Americans in the pacific and there was no way Japan was gunna use chemical weapons on the pacific islands that they were fighting to keep, another reason why they didn’t use chemical weapons against the American is because America and Japan were two of the few countrys that did not sign against the use of chemical weapons which meant that if Japan used chemical weapons against America then America would have no problem turning around and doing the same and let’s face it Japan had trouble reaching the American pacific mainland where use of its chemical weapons would work best, so unless they developed a solid delivery system to unleash their chems then it would’ve just been a waste of time just like the “ballon bombs” they were trying to send our way. Why the Japanese didn’t use chems against America really had nothing to do with morality it had more to do with common sense than anything else.

          And just so you know Brazil the Japanese did have large stock piles of chemical weapons that they could of used at any time against the Americans but they chose not to because it didnt make any sense for them to but its obvious you don’t understand why some things are done in war and why some aren’t…even after they’ve already been done and explained thru the pages of history.

    4. agreed. World War 2 was all kinds of hell. I love reading these holier-than-thou assholes saying that the Americans are assholes because of the H-Bomb while ignoring all of the atrocities that the Japanese, Germans, and hell even the Russians did on a full scale level. World War 2 was a war where EVERY side could target civilians, military, and industrial targets. But all you assholes out there bitching about only Americans being douchebags – fuck off!

      1. Seriously. This reminds me of when I was on set in Vancouver and some douchebags went on a rant. All I could say then and all I will say now is Europe isn’t speaking German and the capital of Asia isn’t Tokyo. You’re welcome world.

        Back 2 Back World War Champion

        1. dont get such a big head j3fk,by the way you talk its obvious you believe that the US won both world wars…..you believe your countries own propaganda drilled into your head from birth,germany was on the verge of collapse in WW1 and could not have lasted much longer,spanish influenza nearly killed more than the fighting did,whole companies of germans were looking for someone to surrender to,ie the famed Sgt York…her airforce was nearly screwed and most of her best pilots were dead before the US even arrived,do you not realize that in both wars there were more countries fighting “the pact of steel” than your own??..in WWll it was russia that broke the back of the german army………DO NOT take what i say as an attack in any way on your country,or its armed forces,its people or values or indeed its courage…trust me i for one,am forever grateful your nation saw fit to fight in the pacific and defeat the japanese threat down here,but deflate the ego and pride a bit son

          1. Agreed odgoso…the Russians had been fighting the Germans way before the U.S. even got involved and know a lot if Americans think that we went in and WW2 single handly but thats just not so and although we did play a large role in Europe it still wasn’t as big as the role that the Russians and Brits played I think where we really shined was in the pacific but most American like to focus I’m Europe more for some reason.

          2. yes,and the losses taken by US forces in the pacific were truly horrendous,the fighting was beyond brutal,if i were an american i would be proud of the endless courage displayed by these guys,the battles fought live on in history,and in the names of US vessels like USS Tarawa and the USS Iwo Jima,and the commanders like Chester Nimitz,we are free down here because of that.

    5. Hate to brake it to you, but we had absolutely no damn reason to bomb Japan. Hirohito had surrender a little more than the week before. But, as always with the US government, they needed a huge diversion to look like heroes while they slimily covered up atrocities in Europe, and had good reason to inter and terrorize Japanese immigrants. On the East Coast, my gramma felt undue intimidation sometimes for being 100% German.

  2. It looks pretty epic, actually. Although I feel sorry for the persons who witnessed it and lost their sight, if there would ever be a medical surgery which could perform this to my eyes without losing sight, I’d definitely do it 😀

  3. thank you for posting this. the massive amounts of evidence that the nuclear option isn’t appropriate (in my very, very humble opinion. I think I feel more than I know, so I can’t say that it was not a needed option. Not that I think it was, just… I don’t know enough to make that opinion firm) and I wish photos like this would be put into text books when people learn about Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fat Man & Little Boy. It’s so important to remember that even if the war “ended”, the consequences of the bombs didn’t, and likely never will… I mean, the genetic abnormalities it caused get passed down for how long? Anyway, sorry. Just appreciate seeing the effects of the nuclear option in a more realistic light, and not the light of the military-industrial complex’s spin.

  4. Filthy war criminals? Come on now, really? So what do you think would have happened had the United States not done what they did? Allow Hitler to continue his mass genocide? Allow Japan to attack America again, and who knows who else? ( keep in mind America wasn’t even in WW2 at the begining..) I don’t doubt for a second that if Japan or Germany around then had Nukes, that they would have used them. America did what had to be done. Now, do I think ALL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE including this little girl deserved that? No, but Japan wanted to play hardball, so America played back. It ended the war, did it not? I’m not saying that nuclear weapons should be sought after every time a war happens( it’s really the WORST and LAST option I would want) but in certain situations, it can be a necessary Evil.

    If anything information I said has been incorrect, please let me know, I do not like being ignorant and I feel as if what I’ve said above may not be entirely appropriate. Also for the record, I know my country ( America if you hadn’t guessd..) has war criminals, thanks to Best Gore my eyes have been opening up to the bull shit, And if I had any say in what we do with those people, I’d lock them up and let them rot. I don’t care if your from my nation or not, you will be treated like the piece of shit you are. In our world today, we lack what I call, “true justice”…if only something could happen to the whole world that could make us all see how foolish we are…An eye for eye an eye is going to make our whole world blind.

    1. You are incorrect on the mass genocide that NEVER happened. This is the LIE of all LIES . Not going into great detail here but I have been to Auschwitz and spent countless hours reading and researching the “Holocaust”. NEVER happened like we are expected to believe just because they say so. Nothing fits once you do some research with an open mind. Thats the only way you can grasp the utter bullshit that is taught as “historical fact” is to unlearn what you had learned and start over. THEN you will see the truth!! It matters not what country your from. ALL Governments lie and kill for a hidden agenda. The most powerful weapon there is? It is not some bomb but simple KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION!! WW2 like most other wars was all about MONEY! Look into it and get the real facts. You will be shocked.

      1. How can you be sure those “real” facts aren’t just a fabrication of someone else’s skeptical mind. All the medical research done on corpses, the burial sites of mass graves, all the suffering people were forced to endure was very real indeed. So, with so many answers up your sleeve, please enlighten me on what you think would have occurred had the events that took place then, not taken place. No offense, but I feel like you’re thinking too far outside the box. Obviously governments across the globe are corrupt, there is no question about that. And wars are generally about making money, because they cost a lot of money as well. If the truth was so easy to find, we all would know. But it’s not, so to be honest who are we to say what actually occurred and what didn’t? However I do know that the USA did indeed drop two nukes on Japan. That is a fact that no one can deny. Also, thank you for saying something because in the instance that I am totally incorrect, I would really like to fix it. ( I won’t be offended by you disagreeing with me, it’s refreshing to know another persons thoughts)

    1. I was taking finals, presenting weird papers, getting drunk and later, freezing to death in NY. Funny fact: my BRAZILIAN classmate got somewhat scared about the amount of beggars, and strange guys offering “sugar” and marijuana to anyone walking around times square, dude, In 33 years living in Banana Republic I never got offered drugs in the street, in NY I was offered 3 times dope walking 6 blocks at night around the 7th avenue, do I look like a fucking junkie or what?….in any case, looks like america fuck yea definitely lost the war on drugs

      1. Hell yeah we lost the war on drugs so many billions of dollars wasted for nothing instead of spending on rehabs they spend on prisons aka college for criminals…you go in a harmless pothead you come out a dangerous gangster knowing every trick in the book on how to lie, cheat, and steal.

    1. Pale Rider that is a question i would like answered as well. I’m thinking no because the eye lids would protect the cornea. But are the eye lids enough to protect the eye when exposed to such intense light? Anyone got the info to satisfy the hungry mind?

      1. when the britts did nuclear tests in the pacific circa 1957-58,they sent aussie,kiwi,fijian and some of there own servicemen…ie;navy personnel to “monitor” the tests,it was basically an experiment to study military “preparedness”,some men were told to face away,some were issued welding goggles,and others were told to close their eyes and place their hands over their faces,one guy said with his eyes closed etc he saw the bones in his hands,some others did not fare so well,nobody went like the poor girl depicted…….but many lost certain amounts of vision,then they sailed through the area,these tests were carried out at different distances and attitudes (angles),i dont know if the court cases bought against the crown have been finalised yet

        1. Yeah…I would Imagine a very thin flap of skin like an eyelid would not be enough to fully protect the eyes from such bright light..as it is if you were to go outside on a very bright day and look up at the sun with your eyes close you would still be able see and feel the brightness of the sun…now imagine doing that with something thats 40 times brighter than the sun Im sure it would be unbearable.

  5. I see some guys still looking for “fair play” in a war, you better look for a pink elephant, you have more chance. When you start a fight or war, aint noone have to play with your rules or your “ethics”.

  6. Something about the effects of radiation just fascinate me. It is unlike any other sort of trauma on earth. It causes amazing damage to the body on so many levels.

    Not to mention that the effects of an atomic explosion to the earth itself is just so intruiging. I have always loved researching the effects of high doses of radiation and atomic explosions and have found a few pictures here and there, but not one quite like this.

  7. That poor girl. Americans are better???? Let’s not forget how the white/euopean Americans slaughtered, butchered and enslaved the Native Americans. Next these same Americans slaughtered, butchered and enslaved African Negroes. The most dangerous animal on this planet is man. Always has been and always will be. Stupid humans.

  8. Don’t forget that the Japanese made sex slaves of women. They fucked around with civilians just cuz they could just look up the fucking attrocities Japanese soldiers did to psychologically fuck with anyone such as throwing fucking babies in the air for sport and slashing at them with their swords… Oh my did y’all forget they fucking DID horrible things to everyone around them?

    To top it all off if you know or talk to any of the newer generations of Japanese people you’ll see that Japan as a whole white washed thief people and glossed over the whole ww2 thing and made it seem like they had a bomb dropped on them for NO reason at all. The newer generations are like “wtf is ww2?” talk to them they either all ignore ww2 or literally know nothing about it, it’s been conviently earased for them in newer generations.

    I mean yeah all countries have propaganda but basically making a whole war along with war crimes and torture of many different Asian countries just disappear is just as fucked up committing the crime, you can’t just sweep a god damned elephant under the rug and pretend it was never there. They never intended to surrender it’s dishonorable, that’s why they dropped the bomb, better that than go extinct. Don’t forget though that the Koreans had just as much a hand in the attrocities too since the Japanese basically commanded them, but now they’re their own 2 countries and can shift that shyt onto Japan.

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