Giant Zit Under Skin Video – Nasty Pus Squeezed Out

Giant Zit Under Skin Video - Nasty Pus Squeezed Out

I wholeheartedly agree with notion that squeezing tooth paste on the brush will never be the same after you’ve watched this Giant Zit video. There are giant zits and then there are nasty reservoirs of so much pus that it makes you wonder how it could all collect under the skin. This video shows a person with a giant zit under skin somewhere on the side of the belly. The person is squeezing pus out of the zit and it’s coming out in a thick roll of doom. Nasty gross shit.

Giant Zit under skin video is presented in order to offer more variety of videos on Best Gore. The gross factor is high enough to make your gut turn around. Unless you actually have crackers and cheese whiz handy.

I’m not a doctor, but it’s quite likely this condition would not be classified as zit anymore. I’m sure there must be some more serious name for it. Perhaps a cyst or a boil or a staph infection??? It kind of makes you wander how that person didn’t get blood poisoning after having so much goo under their skin.

This video definitely doesn’t fail to make your meal taste somewhat awkward.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Giant Zit Under Skin Video – Nasty Pus Squeezed Out”

  1. staph infection no doubt.
    really bad case to.
    if i was who has that, i would seriously consider drowning my body in domestos or something else, chemical burns over that shit anyday lmao

  2. Um, that’s a staph, bad…needs an op right away, and the person squeezing….is gonna pass it onto themselves from under their nails….
    Or they could go one further and eat a spoonful!!!

    1. From what she was saying in the video she had seen a doc who had drained it in the first place. I’ve seen similar things to this, not NEARLY as bad but she probably didn’t let it drain the rest of the way on it’s own and is on antibiotics. Probably why it wasn’t hurting her too for that matter.

  3. yes that is STAPH. My daughter had staph last year and the doctor made me watch it and soak it until it drained itself(we have no insurance). It was just as bad as that and is the worst experience I’ve ever had pertaining my child. I seriously hope this person is/was on antibiotics.

    1. Pretty sure she was on antibiotics for that. She said a doc drained it and it wasn’t hurting her. More than likely she didn’t let it finish draining and it built back up but came out when she did this due to the antibiotics in her system.

  4. shit…is that pus or shit coming from her colon? it really makes me sick especially the part when she squeezed it and the pus just gushed out..damn

  5. I had something kinda like that once.It was a big boil that burst on its own,but the stuff that came over was a lot runnier.It did it for like 3 or 4 days,I know have a scar behind my ear where it was.When people ask me what the scar is from I tell the it was a bottle rocket that came up and got me.

  6. Exactly…gloves would have been good. Geez. And maybe washing the hands first. Did you see how dirty those hands and fingernails were? Gross! Unsanitary conditions all the way around. I hope this person lives.

  7. I think that is a severely infected are from a catheter. If that is a boil, it has gotten so infected that it looks like the white blood cells have bombarded that area. It looks like it has spread to the area just under the open sore… Please I hope that it has been treated by now–by a prfessional!

  8. if you listen to the comments, they say it had just been drained by a doctor. still doesn’t make up for the fact that the persons hands were filthy and that bandage should have been changed like weeks ago.

    1. Now that there is spot on! Just what I was thinking. My boyfriend had something similar (and CONSIDERABLY smaller) on his face, it was an abscess. Doc drained it and I helped let it finish draining after he would do his required soaking for the day. Didn’t have gloves but sure as hell had hand sanitizer and a lot of soap for me to use both before and after.

  9. That woman’s nails look absolutely filthy like that bandage covering her volcano of never ending pus! I will never eat cream cheese again. But on a side note I laughed so hard at the description of this video that I actually started wheezing! I love it.

  10. wow sick ass trailor trash people like this make me so sick… i mean seriously dont deny it they are look at the nails but not just that their hand maybe? im a firefighter and seen some sick shit but fuck me this is insane its like a never ending zit or whatever the fuck it is… my suggestion take a good shower hahaha

  11. Ahh, one of my favorites on this site! It’s abviously an abscess (an infection resulting in fluid or puss-filled areas under the skin) after a laproscopic surgery (a surgery meant to be minimally invasive, you know, where they make a small hole in the abdominal area, puff you full of air, slip a camera in there and some long surgical tools anf go to town). Awesome! I wish I had been there to sqeez that bitch. I love popping other people’s pimples. Hey Mark, wanna come over and let me do your back? 😉 (kidding.)

  12. This is NOT a ZIT, nor it is due to medication. It’s what happenes when you get a black widow spider bite. It’s in the second stages. Apparently there are many videos of people who have been bitten by spiders on Youtube.

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