Ginsu Knife Attack Victim (gory photos)

Ginsu Knife Attack Victim (gory photos)

These pictures were sent in by a dedicated Best Gore reader and I’m being told that the woman was a victim of a Ginsu Knife Attack. Since there are no further details, this may or may not be true. What is apparent form the photos, however is the fact that the woman is still alive. She was brutalized, had her belly and left leg skinned, but no vital organs damaged beyond repair. The photos looks extremely brutal, but they are not from the morgue, they are from the hospital. The doctors are actually fixing her.

Ginsu Knife Attack doesn’t add up for me. Why would the attacker skin her leg and belly? Of all things that could be done to her with a Ginsu Knife, why exactly do that? Also – since she wasn’t dead, the pain of having her leg ripped open would force her to kick it which would make it virtually impossible to deliver straight cut across the leg. But what do I know, I’ve never skinned anyone. I’m just thinking aloud. I tend to think this was a traffic accident of sorts. Perhaps she was riding a bicycle and got hit. Kinetic energy of the hit could have thrown her against a sharp edged object, perhaps a fence or something which would cut through skin of her lower body. These are all just speculations, though. Give me your theories. Brainstorming together can bring us closer to figuring out what exactly happened to this woman.

Gallery of gory photos of what could be a Ginsu Knife attack (or could be not) is below. Make sure you have strong enough stomach before you click:

Thanks Willow for pictures

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Ginsu Knife Attack Victim (gory photos)”

  1. Oh, dude…that sucks…
    Damn. If this in fact was done by a knife, someone really had a grudge against her. They were looking to cause some damage.
    Ah, hell though, that’s gonna be hard to recuperate from.

  2. No way it would be a sever case of road rash. the wound is way too clean, you would see smaller parts of the flesh ripped. I guess you could say it was a high speed crash, but even then the cuts would not be clean. This could be true if these were the after pictures of her being in the hospital, if some ones skin is severely damaged by road rash and has gravel in, doctors have the option to put the patient under surgery to remove the damaged skin to prevent any further infection. I agree that there is no way you could possibly do this to some women without her kicking or struggling of some sort, she would of kicked wiggled or what ever.. the knife would go way too deep to just merely “skin” some one. She would have to have defensive wounds, which seemingly there are no pictures of her hands so Im guessing there isnt any defensive wounds on them. I dont believe that this women would of been conscious. I also agree on your speculation of why the person would focus on her legs and belly, if the person had a vendetta against them you would imagine a more significant part of the body be skinned, such as the face; or a more vulgar manner such as skinning her breasts and vagina (which I guess is some what done…)

  3. This indeed might could’ve been a sex-crime!
    A crime of passion.
    A thimble-dick guy…with a bunch of rage, and just below average mental-capacity….
    You know…
    Well, got beside himself…never before being able to make that dirty-bitch bleed nor cry during…sodomy!

  4. Crazy to still be alive after that! I’m not sure if I’d want to be. I really don’t know how that happened but if it was an accident I’m sure the cutting lines would be a lot more abstract. If so,done did this to her then that’s just ruined her life forever maybe that was the intention. Sick man

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