Hand Infection from Splinter

Hand Infection from Splinter

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by J. Dahmer. The photos are of his friend’s hand after it got infected from splinter wedged under the skin. Splinters are such a pain in the neck. They’re so small they’re unworthy of anyone’s time but they poke right into the nerve, hiding under the skin so you can’t see them and each time you think it somehow got out, the poking resumes. And to make matters worse, even though small, splinters can cause severe infections capable of incapacitating a grown man if left untreated. I’ll let J. Dahmer explain what went down with his friend’s infected hand himself:

This is a picture of my friend’s hand after surgery from an infected splinter. He thought he got all of the splinter out, but didn’t, and it got infected pretty bad. He finally made an appointment with his doctor and as soon as the doctor saw the extent of the infection, he sent him straight to the emergency room to under the surgery right away.

Thanks a lot for the pics, J. Dahmer. I hope your friend’s hand has healed up and he’s able to masturbate again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @Od, come on dude, don’t you know, that’s what vermin do, they drip nasty, infectious, diseases and that is what our resident mouse does! BTW, mouse, ya havn’t been talkin’ much lately, I hope everythings good with ya.

          2. @lunatic i talk shit on this site every day and my cock is already dripping pus without the benefit of swelling. just ask @bidity titty. well she’s seen it in my dreams anyway. i have sex fantasies about her ever since she posted her picture and i saved it to my hard drive.

    1. This happened to a friend of mine she thought she got it out and a week later her hand was huge, I got a needle and magnifying glass and pulled out an 18mm splinter out of her hand, I wasn’t a member then of BG or I would of filmed it , I’ll know for the future

          1. To me it’s her face, not the body. She has this look on her face like she is either gonna throw up or that she has a pickle stuck up her arse and she is uncomfortable.. Lol

  1. One time I had a thorn from a tree prick me in the index fingers knuckle it really wasn’t anything to cry about….till later that night my hand became really swollen and I was in pain for about 3 days straight after that its was pretty sore for about a two weeks the whole time I couldn’t move or bend my index finger let alone make a fist, it was strange cause it was just a small prick in the knuckle…hehe, but it hurt like a mother, somebody told me it had to do with me either being allergic or the tree thorns being poisonous, maybe the splinter was from a similar tree

      1. I Let nature take its course…how would it sound if I showed up to a clinic and told them I got a thorn in my hand and now it hurts is probably be laughed out of there but then again look at what a splinter did to this guys hand

    1. I have a lot of preparing to do so I can’t post as often. Today I bought a GoPro today. Will have a couple days to learn how to use it and test drive it to make sure it works properly before I disappear. I’m leaving it to charge up overnight.

      Today I looked at a more detailed map of the area I chose to go to and it looks like I will have a bit of a river problem. I spent a lot of time looking for the most suitable spot that would fit the many criteria I had in mind and after checking and rechecking I settled with this one. But as of today, it looks like there will be at least this one big river obstacle on the way.

      It seems that I will have to either face extra 40km on foot through uncharted forest, or take on that river with all the gear on me. I don’t know what forest floor will look like because snow has just started to melt so I may have an additional problem but I don’t want to wait any more cause there are no guarantees that weather will be dry in the next few weeks. Plus if I go right now, I should be able to take advantage of having lots of delicious birch sap to quench my thirst with ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Today I also did some research on smartphones but I’m not entirely convinced I want to take that route. I travelled half way across the world and I learned that Canada has the most rip off prices on mobile services. No other country in the world is this ridiculously expensive. And to add to it, there are no “data only plans” for smartphones from what I’ve learned so far. All plans with reasonable monthly data transfers are expensive cause they also come with 300 minutes and unlimited texts included.

      The largest mobile network in western Canada doesn’t the spot where I want to go within its covered range, but there is a range road about 30km away with signal on it. Meh, lots to do still before I disappear. At this point I don’t yet know if I’ll be able to access internet from my recluse.

      1. My HTC is with sprint and it been great its never failed me ive taken it on a couple road trips already thru out TX hill country which is notorious for getting bad signal and no coverage and never had a problem I had T-mobile before and it was no where near as good as sprint all in all I’m rely happy with my HTC and my network also you should look into getting an “Otter Box” phone case they’re pretty hardcore they go for about $50 but its worth it. Makes your phone water proof, shock proof and scratch proof comes with a touch screen cover and phone hostler with clip, where your going it sounds like you need one

      2. Like SK mentioned, if you get a smartphone also get an otter box.

        And hope you have better luck than last time. It’d be cool if you make it a few weeks without having to go back. But just make sure you keep that gopro with you at all times especially if you run into bears haha.

        1. Otter box – that’s new to me. What is it?

          Last time it was very cold and snow was so deep, I could not get to the source of food. In Canada you can only trap if you own a trapline but you can fish with a fishing licence in many places, though certain restrictions (usually as to the size, but also volume apply – plus it’s illegal to fish almost everywhere in Canada between mid March and end of April).

          I was aiming for a small lake last time around, but was unable to get to it, or any other body of water in the woods. Snow was waist deep making normal movement impossible.

          I was aware that it won’t be possible for me to stay long last time around, I just really wanted to take a break from the fleshy viruses. And it did recharge me like you wouldn’t believe. I’d totally recommend everyone to do it.

          Here in the cold wild north, if you intend to stay the winter out in the wild, you need to start preparing early in spring. If you are prepared, you stand good chance, but if you are not, if you just walk into the woods like I did, you’re not gonna last. And I knew that.

          The thing is – I don’t know what I’ll walk upon this time around. It could still be bad which would force me into withdrawal back into civilization until warmed weather comes. I just don’t know, but I’m gonna take the risk.

          At this point, what concerns me the most is the river I have in my way. It’s still very cold and I have no shelter waiting for me. Hence getting drenched in icy water is a very dangerous business. I have clothes to protect me from snow, but you can’t sufficiently protect yourself from fast moving, deep water. If it was summer with scorching hot weather outside, that wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but with freezing temperatures, strong winds and unknown depth of snow (which also translates into an incredible difficulty starting a fire) that river is a major concern.

          Oh, and BTW, last time around I didn’t see any bears. Not even tracks which would certainly show up in the snow if there were bears around. I think they were not out of hibernation yet. Not sure if they will be now. All I saw last time around were little squirrels. There is one animal in Canadian wilderness that’s more dangerous than Grizzlies – Moose. Anyone who’s ever seen moose bull in the wild would know what monster of an animal they are and if these things charge you, you’d wish it was a bear who’s after you instead. I know it doesn’t sound plausible, but when you see a moose bull charge, you’ll know what I mean.

          1. Best of British luck to you Sir!

            The sort of isolation you talk of, is relatively difficult to find in the British Isles. Its there alright, in the Scottish Hebrides, and Connemara in Ireland… Although we well never experience a bull moose charge!

          2. “Otter Box” the best phone case for smartphones, check them out online they go for about $50 but it worth it. It’s probably the best phone case money can buy, it keeps your phone as new as the day you bought it, if you have a touch screen an Otter Box phone case is a must like I said before it makes your phone water, shock, and scratch proof…it basically makes your phone as indestructible as a BG eyeball

          3. I hear mooses can sometimes be just as dangerous as bears if not more. My uncle yes the one from “Corpus Christi” went on a fishing trip to Alaska a couple years back and the pictures of bears and mooses he took tripped me out its hard to get an appreciation of how big these animals really are especially the mooses he snapped a pic of one crossing the road from inside the SUV they were riding in and that thing was massive, from the picture I could tell it was way bigger than any deer cattle or horse I’ve ever seen, I would never want to run into one of those giants ever…everyone already knows how I feel about horses, I’m sure a big moose can make a small clydesdale look like a pony.

          1. @sk fuck moose (stupid that the plural is the same as the singular I know) I was walking to a girls house from the bar this winter, wasted mind you, and I was looking at my phone then I heard a snorting house noise and I look up and I’m like four feet away from a moose.luckily it was a baby and so I froze then ran for my life. It was as tall as me but had no horns our paddles or whatever they’re called. Point of the story moose are scary as fuck

    1. Site will stay on line for at least a few months so yes, it will be possible to leave comments. Unfortunately, if gnomes chew them up, they will stay chewed up until I get a chance to spank the gnomes to have them spit it back.

      In mid May I’m meeting with a trapper form the Yukon so I’ll be back among fleshy viruses for a few days and I think random withdrawals like that will occur every now and again.

      Maybe I won’t stay very long at all. I just don’t know at this point. If anyone has any ideas what we could do to the site to make it more fun while I’m away, let me know.

      1. Mark, this is a fairly important question that pertains to the regular commenter’s.

        HOW can we PREVENT our comments (as best as possible) from entering “awaiting moderation” prison.

        I’ve noticed that cuss words do it most the time, but I have had short posts (yha yha, I am capable of writing one-line non-novel posts once in awhile) with no cussing, and LOOOONG posts with “hell” or whatever, and it popped right up onto the site……

        Any insight?
        When having a Best Gore Conversation with somebody, it REALLY REALLY sucks to have a reply just sitting there, in this case, for days it sounds like.

        How would you suggest we handle the issue?

        1. Don,

          there is no solid way to always get around it. If there was one, all the people looking to abuse the commenting (and trust me, every day there are floods of them – you just don’t get to see it, I deal with it in the background), would abuse it.

          Without gnomes, the commenting would not be what it is now. I know none of you can see that, but trust me if I tell you, it’s bad.

          It’s based on heuristic analysis of sentence structures. Length of the comment has absolutely nothing to do with it. Sometimes you might use a combination of words frequently used by spammers and it puts you in a moderation cue.

          One other thing to keep in mind – especially if the comment is not held for moderation, but doesn’t appear at all – that’s probably because the comment was posted right after caching script generated the static version of the dynamic page. It may not appear until new page is generated.

          But yeah, profanities frequently make the gnomes upset. I’ll try to work out some less strict application there. Length for sure is not a factor, though.

          1. Cool. I figured there was more of a variable than just simple language use, but I did fail to imagine the scope/magnitude of HOW FUCKING MANY comments must be flooding the site these days.

            Say no more say no more. Keep the gates up and strong, and keep the gnomes on steady patrol

          2. HEY mark you should put a chatango chat or xat chat any kind of free chat you want! maybe there’s a way to put a chat just for members only, it will be fun when you’re away in your adventures there’s this chat engine i like from the blackswordman’s forums anything like that would be great there’s no need for cams as long as we can communicate ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That inparticular bitch has a retarded looking look on her face, HUGE areolas (which sometimes look good, but other times are just kinda nasty) she looks like she couldn’t hold a camera still to save her life.
      As far as her frame goes, yah sure she looks kinda skinny, but this is EXACTLY WHY the Fleshy Virus’s numbers or on a rampage.


      1. “Fur biscuit”. Not that I ever doubted you before, but having known truck drivers in the past, I definitely believe you’re a truck driver after seeing you use that one! What is it with truckers being so perverted, anyway?

      1. You: :like she has a pickle stuck up her arse….” *sigh* it was an implication on my part of improper hygiene of the naked pick of the day girl… cucumber in, pickle out… but now I jus t wanna smoke some pot and forget about it.

  2. It’s surprising how much damage something so little and petty could do to an appendage. Maybe he waited until his finger was fucked enough so he could take before and after pics to satisfy us sick fucks here on BG.

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