Heroin Addict Overdoses and Develops Rhabdomyolysis in His Leg

Heroin Addict Overdoses and Develops Rhabdomyolysis in His Leg

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you exclusively by Best Gore member nicoletrohs, whose friend overdosed on heroin and developed a condition call “rhabdomyolysis”, say that three times fast. In her own words:

Heres two pictures of my friends leg as you can see, he overdosed on heroin a few months ago and because he was laying on his right side for over 12 hours something called rhabdomyolysis happened, muscle break down.

When they found him he was a few minutes away from having to have his leg amputated, once he was in the hospital they had to cut into his leg and let it leak out. The rhabdomyolysis caused his kidneys to shut down, hes fine now, still recovering, but i thought it would be really cool for the people on best gore to see this, i have his permission to send it to you and it is exclusive hope you put it up for people to see, love your site! Thanks so much

Thanks for sharing this, nicoletrohs. Hope your friend can get off the junk.

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    1. Hoping your friend is getting better. I also had this happen to me except I wasn’t od’ing. I had gotten so weak that I stood up and legs were like jelly. I was lucky to be found before my organs started failing.

      1. This is one of the drugs that I haven’t done & with these pics it’ll definitely stay that way but I’m the type of person that needs to fuck up like 3-5 times before I get it right. I’m sure there are others like this also but I was able to get off methadone so it is possible. There is hope!

          1. @TRB Thank you…it wasn’t that hard actually. I thought it was going to be but it really wasn’t. Just felt like I had a small cold for about 2 wks. I got down to 5ml for one month & then just stopped. Im on antidepressants though (Welbutrin) & I think that helped out a little. Let your friend know that…if I can do it anyone can. πŸ˜‰

        1. Hey guys, I’m a newbie here, I’ve been a reader of BG for a while now I never made an account b/c I guess I didn’t have much to say.. Until tonight
          As one Ex Methadone user to another, I commend you for getting off that junk. I was on it for 13 years and finished my taper 3 months ago, haven’t felt this good since before I was using heroin/opium.
          It was hell getting off this shit. So when I hear of someone getting off methadone, I need to stop and give credit where it’s due.

          1. Welcome @Nazanin! Great first reply, a positive comment to a fellow BG member for her/his ability to overcome difficulties is always a wonderful thing for me to see πŸ˜†

          2. Welcome @Nazanin & thank you for your kind words. I was on it for 3yrs so bravo to you for stopping after 13yrs. Congrats! And yes I feel better then ever as well! πŸ˜‰

          3. @Nazanin nice to be able to smell, taste and see life properly again isnt it?
            you must have noticed how everything looks more detailed and colourful again eh?

            good luck to you -any anyone else in this situation.

            keep in mind those bad times mate – never forget how bad it got – those are the memories that will keep you on the wagon when that itch gets real bad….. and it will – (if it hasnt yet)

            again, good luck to you

      2. @Obli – mad respect! And I believe there are many users of illegal drugs who have various mental health issues who either don’t know what’s wrong with them, have been misdiagnosed or can’t afford all the costs associated (at least in countries like the US) with doctor appts and meds that may help with their mental health. My father was a raging alcoholic who was able to quit with the help of antidepressants for example. Some meds are pushed on unsuspecting citizens too much and people can’t get the help they need in other situations. A serious problem with legal and illegal drugs and both can be addictive…

        1. Not to mention a 17 yr old that’s goes to the dentist to get their wisdom teeth pulled out and gets a script written for them for shitload of pain pills. The doc cuts them off and now they need to take heroin just the feel “normal”. This is a reality.

          1. That is just really bad medicine. Why in the fuck would a doctor do that. I have never heard of someone turning to heroin after getting hooked from pain, but I guess each country is different.

            I love my drugs, gotta say. Ive done every drug there is available really. But I think this stuff really comes down to genes because despite my love of drugs, I have never been dependent on one of them, not even nicotine and I smoke often. Many of my friends have not been so lucky.

            It been this way for a long time as I’m in my early thirties now and still no addictions. I’ve do heroin up to twice a week, pot, methamphetamine, cocaine, pharamcetical opioids, ketamine, and never had an inkling that I was hooked.

    1. First thing I thought when I saw the photo above- American soldiers guarding poppy fields in the Middle East. I thought of the claims of the CIA being involved with drug trafficking. Drug traffickers need victims or they cannot profit on their crimes.

      I’d wager a vast amount of addicts started using drugs to mask pain which they haven’t developed coping mechanisms in order to better deal with, which would be true for many people living in a culture ruled by corporations; corporations which establish mechanisms that work to keep people enslaved rather than empowered, dumbed down rather than awake. I think of how death culture is being promoted by the establishment in very insidious ways (especially in regard to minors), it’s no wonder to me that humans struggle with addiction. Never mind that it’s socially acceptable to be an addict as long as a Doctor prescribes you pHARMecuticals (corporations) Anything pleasurable that eases pain, although only temporary and false, would be easy to get hooked into.

      I don’t fault the addicts, nowhere near as much as I fault the wealthy elite who know exactly what they are doing in terms of keeping people sufficiently enslaved or dead if not profitable. Corporations are running the show. The military industrial complex is basically a mass of various corporations. The prison industrial complex and all of its counterparts such as the non profit industrial complex which has set itself up alongside law enforcement agencies, why should they think of us as ‘customers’ when they can just go ahead and call us prisoners and be done with it?

      ……and the SLAVES often get into pissing contests over who is more enslaved, while the slave masters sit back laughing and drinking mimosas.

  1. At least the guy woke up, lived to fight another day as they say.
    That’s a new one to me, I’ve heard if the dvt’s and a few other nasty side effects that can arise from injecting, which are all pretty darn scary.
    Crazy wound that.
    I too hope the fella beats the demon.

    1. i know of it happening to an alcoholic woman i knew – but never a heroin addict.

      same story, she conked-out on the living room floor and was lying there for hours, sizzled all the skin off of her arm (gas fire) and ended up with rhabdomyolysis due to the way she was lay with her weight squashing one leg.


  2. It is strange isn’t it, I knew a guy who got so drunk he collapsed where he was but because his knees were bent for hours, restricting his blood circulation, he came close to having his legs amputated.

    Then of course there are coma patients and other ill people who remain stationary for too long and as a result develop bed sores.

    Oddly enough I have never heard about people confined to wheelchairs developing these issues, maybe it’s because the gluteus maximus protects against blood tissue damage due to its size and shape and evolutional necessity.

    It seems though that the natural biological order for us modern human beings is action rather than inaction, however too much action results in heart attack and death therefore intermittent periods of action and inaction seems to be the best way to create biological equilibrium, BE of course being the best way to reduce cellular damage thus increasing the natural lifespan.

          1. Ok thanks @Ewe.
            I have heard the word once or twice on The Bill or Silent Witness or something like that, but I always pictured a swamp in my mind!
            So are there lots of moors in the UK or is there just the one near you?

          1. About 20 minute drive @karmen, Saddleworth Moor, which covers a fair size area, most of which is in GM area but does cross over into W Yorks.

            Pair of sick fucks them two were !

  3. Saw some skanky looking bird in town a while back, I thought she was wearing white tights with red polka dots, as she got nearer I could see she was actually bare legged!

    Heroin, it my wife and it’s my life (Lou Reed)

    1. @bobcat,
      Remember that song ” Nice legs, shame about the face ” ?
      Well, did the skanky bird have a nice face ?, or would swapping the lyrics be pointless in her case !?

      Love Lou Reed. His life story is etched all over his face.

      1. @Stomper.

        She was a mess! I’ll stick to my legal drugs, the ones the government profits from.

        You should be allowed to ingest, inject, inhale whatever the fuck you like. If we were, the thrill would wear off, it may take years but I believe that’s the solution.

        Tell people it’s illegal and your asking for trouble.

        1. @bobcat.
          If it impacts on your own life only, fair enough. Most people need that little something, whether it be illicit substances or adrenaline.
          I’m in two minds regarding legality, not certain that something being illegal has more appeal. Maybe for the younger folks, but I think that whole going against the grain thing wares off with age.
          The legal drugs, like cigs, which are almost as expensive as a bag of weed. How the fuck did cigarettes get to ten quid a frigging pack !?, crazy.

  4. Ehehehehe… Ahh junkies, you so silly… πŸ˜† Well i cannot give my respects to him if he makes it out of his… well, addiction, because if he felt for it in the first place, its enough reason to cast him out from the “somewhat worthy” list.

    You only reap what you sow… πŸ˜†

    1. becoming an addict is the fault of the addict? you never know what is going to happen. some people use drugs their entire lives without fucking up. i fucked up my nervous system. i reaped what i sowed then. I was a pot head, coke fiend, alcoholic and fucking crack head for nearly a decade. we don’t deserve a second chance? i guess i should have just died, hmm…

      1. If i’d be president of something, i’d be a dictator. I dont believe in second chances, specialy when is about something i personaly dont tolerate one bit. But thats just my opinion, im just a single cell in the middle of millions, and im president of nothing, so dont let this intolerant individual (me) rustle your jimmies. πŸ™‚

        1. I hope you never need a second chance at something. Obviously you have no clue what it’s like to be an addict or you were on the losing end of a family member that was an addict because it looks like you feel pretty strongly about it. More so than just a random asshole making a retarded comment about something they know nothing about.. or maybe that’s exactly it. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy, but don’t act like you’re so much better than a person with an addiction. I hope you get as much compassion as you give out.

          1. I never had second chances, so i just deliver the same fish they sell me. And no, i dont know what is it like to be an addict because, unlike so many people, i learn from OTHER’S mistakes. So if that makes me look like some “random asshole”, so fucking be it! Hell, im not here to please anyone, and even less, some pathetic waste of oxigen who’s life choices lead to their very own destruction for deliberatedly ignoring the information about the dire effects that drug using can cause, that has been running arround in panflets, journals, blogs, books, TV documentaries and on internet for years. So if you fell victim of drug addiction because “its a new experience, and i want to try it out because it makes me look cool!” or “Im so depressed and i cannot find any other FREE, harmless, and effective way to keep myself distracted and cheering me up, other than drugs.”, just give me ONE reason why i should respect you one bit? Because honestly, i dont think theres people that forces others to take drugs to that person’s unwillingness, or that theres no other alternatives to find temporary happiness. If that is so, why shouldnt that make you weak?

          2. @Der K – no one is going to change your mind. There are those of us who have compassion for some addicts depending on circumstances.
            And actually there are young kids getting involved who haven’t been given resources that allows them to make better choices – their brains just aren’t fully developed to understand the dangers involved in drug use. Parents and doctors (in the US) have been known to get kids addicted to meds which many times turns them into addicts.
            There are so many different scenarios that to lump all addicts together just doesn’t work for me. We all have such different life experiences that I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one.

          3. I understand that, but understand that im simply expressing my opinion, just like everyone else, not willing to start a flame war (unless they start to pull my strings for it, like YourNext there). Ive met a few addicts (one of them being an heroin one), but the different situations that brought them to that world are basicly the examples im globaly applying everytime i read something about drug addicts, so i guess our countries are very different even on that.

          4. I attacked you?lol I was as respectful as i possibly could be considering what you said and the way you’re throwing that self-righteous attitude around. I think you’ll get over it.

          5. How old are you @DK ? , you haven’t lived yet. You need to grow up.
            With that narrow minded attitude you are in for a shock. ” Real ” life is never ever as black and white as you seem to perceive it to be. You come across as being very insular, like you only need to look as far as yourself, number one is as far as it gets.
            Good luck with that, you’ll need it, one day, guaranteed.

          6. I lived longer than i was supposed to. Im younger than the most of you, yet feeling long lived, but you would need to live one day in my head to understand that im already used to the “black and white” view, because, like i usually say, “expect disapointment, and you shall not be disapointed”. And yes, i get that “im narcisistic” judgement alot because of my pragmatic way of seeing things, on wich you will never understand, because youre just normal human beings who’s only focus is to “live your life like there’s no tomorow”… so you can spare yourself from giving me that “doomed” sentence, when im already planing to live as an heremit anyways.

        2. @DK I understand that you don’t like drug users…to each their own. But why so much judgement? That’s not cool man…you pretty much insulted everyone on BG & yes, yes we all know you don’t give a shit but take it easy dude. You can learn from others mistakes but don’t make the mistake of judging others just because you can. Peace & luv…

          “No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we?re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn?t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.” P.J. O?Rourke

          1. @BB, we are all entitled to our opinons in here, i was just expressing that, but this is a very sensitive matter on wich i get easly hostile if i get suddenly “attacked” for it, just like how YourNextEx did. If i offended everyone for it, hell, the whole site is ment to show how dire the reality of the world is, and the opinions should fall under that as well, we are all different people even on that, with different realities and prespectives.

          2. @der and others who seem to have no idea.

            So what about the kids of addicts? What about when they grow up, as little kids seeing their parents use drugs every day, seeing a syringe on the coffee table is normal. How do they grow up and not become a drug addict too? Many of these problems are intergenerational.

            You forget with your ignorance that many addicts never even had a choice.

            I hope for your sake, you don’t suffer a debilitating chronic pain condition one day, such as lower back pain. What would you do then? Are you going to be the one person in history who doesn’t take the pain medication, because you have learnt through the
            mistakes of others and will just therefore put up with the pain? Yeah right…….

          3. Like I said @Dutchy , those that ” in their own narrow mind ” believe they can walk on water, usually reach that point in life where they really wish they’d kept a lid on it.
            For the record, I don’t buy his bravado, I see straight through it. There’s more to those shallow words than initially meets the eye.

          4. @BB, yes, defensive, because i had woke up when i wrote that. Unless you perfer me to go hostile to you as well.

            @Dutchy, and others that think they have their own eyes opened. If they grew up in a non-exemplar family, social security has the job to take care of it. On that example, the parents would suffer the consequences on that for making their own child the victim, and in this case we would be dealing with a different situation, but unfortunately, judging by the nature of all of you, you’ll be more directed to whine about how “poor” and “miserable” the kid is, instead of attacking the irresponsible parents for it… But of course you wont, because you live exactly on their world, and attacking their own social integrity would be attacking yours as well. But either ways, your example does not reflect on the +95% of the drug addicts today that are living in first world countries.

            So start by defining the example of “choice” there, because as far as i know, addictions ARE NOT a mental disease, they ARE a choice. If you choose to try some drug for leasure, and became a drug addict in the process, thats entirely YOUR fault. And if you fail to recover, if that is your choice to do so, you enter in self-denial, because it has become a need to you, and not a choice anymore due to your fault. If you were already grown up and had a little bit of sense in you, you wouldnt even try it in the first place.

            And just to end this, i never went to the doctor for any problems i ever had, i dont go making analisis, and i dont care if anything happens to me either. If i have any pain or whatever, i can amend myself like i ever did, but thats none of your fucking business. But i dont know what the hell of pain pills are there in your country since the ones in mine does not cause any sort of dependency, so my judgement on that is… Congratulation, your farmaceuticals fucked you up real good. You might not die with the disease, but you might from the cure.

          1. @BB – kind of like those people who do no wrong (or at least say/think they are perfect) may someday meet with misfortune, just like the rest of us sinners. At least that’s what I’ve always understood it to mean. :mrgreen:

  5. rhabdo – rod shaped (skeletal muscle)
    myo – muscle
    lysis – destruction of

    I always wondered why boxers didn’t get this; they are struck in the abdomen and the head, mostly.

    Your kidneys cannot handle the size of the protein molecules (or were made to handle sugar, either) so it hurts the kidneys.

    A car crash, getting stuck in a small hole in a cave, or passing out for hours, making a compression to a long muscle (mind out of the gutter, boys!) or a broken bone slicing through muscle can lead to rhabdomyolysis.

    The body is created to compensate for a lot of damage, but it can’t overcome everything. Party with responsible friends who will reposition you every two hours!

    1. Yep, I love how the body works (and often fails due to various reasons)!
      @nicoletrohs – hope your friend recovers from “all” his issues. I have some tolerance for addicts. It can be such a love/hate thing being around them!

    2. Rhab-do-mya-ly-sis, try spelling that when you’re drunk.
      I didn’t know it can happen acutely, i thought it was a slow disease where your piss gets brown because you pee out your own muscle cells.
      @Sparkle you’re not saying that one accident or a night of being passed out on booze or whatever else, can cause this, are you?….I hope not…?

  6. I honeslty cant believe people are defending a dirty smack rat!!! You all realise its people like this that think nothing of robbing old age pensioners or burgling little kid’s Christmas presents??? They have no morals. The worst part of the story is he survived….may the next overdose kill him off. The worlds a better place without smackheads. Amen

    1. Usually id let a comment like this get to me but you know i actually envy you for being able to think that way. Clearly you havent had to deal with a loved one stuggle with this disease, and clearly youre not an addict. My friend is one of the greatest people i know, very kind, but he has to deal with this terrible addiction everyday, its out of his control, its a mind of its own. But i dont blame you for being that ignorant, i used to be just like you. Have a nice night πŸ™‚

    2. i never “robbed on old age pensioner” or “burgled little kids christmas presents” when i was addicted

      but i know plenty of NON heroin addicts who have
      funny that you mention having no morals, right in the line before you say “…may the next overdose kill him”
      your sickening self righteousness is clearly outlined by the way that you “amen” yourself

      well done for your comment. may it suitaby inflate your chest for you

  7. I hope his next hit is clean unadulterated and gives him immense pleasure. If it where legal that’s how it would be. But then the government would lose a shit load of income (tax) that they funnel off here and there to fight the “war on drugs” funny how it’s only really frowned on when a poor person does it. Nobody called peaches geldof or the umpteen film stars filthy junkies when they where found brown bread off the brown sauce. And that Glee guy he was treat like a hero. Leave a dog to be.

    1. Hes still in the hospital, he has to have a skin graph for the leg, but mentally hes a little shocked at how close he got to death, but hes over a month clean now because hes been in the hospital so long which is good πŸ™‚

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