Indian Man Blinded and Disfigured by Human Papillomavirus

Indian Man Blinded and Disfigured by Human Papillomavirus

32 year old Indian man by the name of Mohammad Latif Khatana (that’s right, he’s only 32) suffers from a bad case of disease caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The virus caused large lobes of fat to grow over his face giving him quite an unpleasant appearance and complete blindness on one eye. His other eye is still sort of functioning but is severely obstructed by the tumor like growth.

Because he’s been disfigured since birth, Mohammad Latif Khatana has been treated by his peers like a piece of dirt his whole life. From early childhood throughout adulthood, Mohammad has been ridiculed, spat upon, even beaten – all because of how he looked. And because no one would employ him, he’s got no choice but to beg for change in the streets.

Despite his challenges, in 2008 Mohammad met a woman named Salima. Like himself, Salima was an outcast ridiculed her whole life because she was born with only one foot. The two fell in love and are expecting a child.

Now… at this point I just want to ask – has anybody else thought of exactly the same thing I thought of the moment they saw these pictures? Yes it’s related to that filthy, attention whoring spoiled skank Amanda Todd.

This is precisely what I was talking about when I posted my thoughts on the skank. I myself wish my life was as easy as hers so all I could worry about were some pics of my tits on the internet and a broken heart cause I fucked somebody’s boyfriend and kids were having LULz over me on teh faceflook. And I’m sure this man would likewise gladly swap with her “unbearably difficult” life any day.

There are thousands of kids bullied on a daily basis solely because of how they look – whether they are fat, ugly, have impediment, disability or are just plain not Amanda Todd hot – they are being mocked, picked on, pointed fingers at, isolated, physically abused or worse. And unlike Amanda Todd, they haven’t done shit to deserve it. They just weren’t lucky enough to have been born attractive.

This here dude Mohammad never even got to imagine the premise of seeing a woman’s breast when he was twice the age of Amanda yet at that time, she’s already sucked a dick of every jock in school and had illegally created a profile on every adult video chat site in existence. Mohammad got beaten for just showing up in public – for him to have nobody to talk to him so he can whine about feeling lonely and abandoned would have been a great improvement in the quality of life.

Fuck this. Not like the sheep could possibly understand what I’m getting at cause among the sheep, it’s only popular to feel sorry for pretty people and this man doesn’t quite cut it. And the sheep bully me and others like me because we recognize the real victims and scoff the posers.

Props to Best Gore member belgiumbastard for the pics:

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77 thoughts on “Indian Man Blinded and Disfigured by Human Papillomavirus”

    1. This is what pisses me off about this world. This guy could easily have had this eradicated from his body when he was a kid if he had been treated for it early on. We have the means and technology to help others yet we don’t do it, or at least don’t share it. I am so damn grateful that I was born in this country where if I did get HPV early on I would not end up like this chap. Thank you God!! for this.

      1. @guysd80

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I tend to lean much more to the right in my views, but one thing that i lean to the left on is providing necessary medical care to anyone who needs it. Now, we may argue about what is necessary (taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for every little thing) but this guy is an example where a little medical care could change his whole life.

  1. See, now this guys a champ! This other little faggots and Whores dont know shit until they walk in the shoes or flip flops of this monstrosity of a man!!!! Pathetic little sheep!!!!!!! Hail Satans Might!!!!!

  2. 32 years of cruelty, ridicule and violence…what’s stopping him from killing every living thing he sees? he sees the truth of this life and awaits the next.
    while others cling hopelessly to their possessions, busying their lives with useless noise he can surely see the foolishness of this life.
    why can’t something like this happen to kim kardashian or snooki? pieces of shit who dont deserve a goddamn thing they have, leave them penniless in India they would be dead in less then a month…

    1. “…why can?t something like this happen to kim kardashian or snooki?…”

      LOL – aren’t their lives already shitty enough? I wouldn’t wanna trade with them whatsoever.

      They don’t realize their pathetic existence at this point but it will come to them one day…

  3. I am not a monster but a human being, so said Joseph Merrick. The whiners of today have little to whimper about but are still correct, their hardships are only relevant to their external reality. Ones own suffering can only be relevant and subjective to their own parameters as set by their surroundings.

    I am from the UK and as such I find that I, given that I am from the working class, am treated much worse than my affluent counterparts, therefore am I a coward and a villain or am I a victim of monetary divide, am I disallowed similar benefits because I am unable to pay my way or am I kept down for social economic means.

    The answer I come to is that suffering and misery stems from what is expected from you and what is available for you, regardless of financial background the prospect of failure is still very much an issue for an individual who is expected to meet expectation.

  4. I completely agree with this post in an ideal world. Personally I don’t think Amanda’s parents seem to be very supportive in allowing there daughter to be so shallow. Still however a life has been lost for whatever reason whether we agree or not. I mean we are all guilty of this, when we moan we are skint are we thinking of those with extreme poverty. When we moan we live in violent places are we thinking of those dying on the streets. When we declare ourselves as dying from a mere cold are we thinking of those suffering from terminal illness. Unfortunately none of us think always of those worse off then ourselves so if us as adults don’t, we can’t really expect a young teenager to can we else we are hypocrites ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Actually my first thought was that his face looks like there are a bunch of hands trying to take it over. Then I thought….he can’t work, has to beg for money and he’s expecting a child with a woman with one foot. Jesus. This kid is going to have it awfully rough.

  6. So sad. I am glad he found a mate in this crazy life.

    On the bully issue, I was extremely bullied as a child, because I had to wear leg braces for a while as a child. People can be cruel. I was the shortest kid in the class so that was strike #2 against me, and my family was, no need to sugar coat this, but we were poor, yet my mother and father provide so me and my brother were well taken care of. It hurt a lot to be mAde fun of, but karma is a bitch, and many of those people who were cruel to not only me but so many others grew up to be as worthless as a 3 dollar bill, working in your local mall, while I grew to be a better person, not giving a shit about others thoughts about me, and have a great job The only people’s opinions on my life I care for are my parents, my child, and husband. When I was bullied I did cut to get the pain out but I found better outlets to get it out of me, as in poetry and prose, I also am a major horror genre fan, so that helped. I never thought of killing my self when i was you becuase if you do and your successful, you give the bullies the satisfaction they won because you caved.
    Sorry for rambling

        1. @Future, IF???? I don’t see ya…you must have went on a beer run. Just my luck. I don’t know…you might want to reconsider that offer. I’ve been celibate for going on 4 years, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any injury or death. ๐Ÿ™ But, if you did die, I’d post the photos on BG… ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. @Future Days, crushed pelvis? crooked/mangled neck?? hahaha, what were you thinking?? I don’t plan on running you over with a car! I was thinking, deadly dehydration, severally chapped lips and deep scratch wounds on your back…;)

  7. This poor man…He’s got to be one of the most spiritually powerful people I’ve seen. I don’t even have to speak to him to see the strength he has within. To get to the place he is in his life, MUST have taken immense willpower. Over in his country death surrounds him on a daily basis, yet he’s managed to keep the wheels rolling. Unlike teenagers here in the states who act like their lives are so bad. A good example of strong individual in my opinion.

  8. This really puts one’s life into perspective. Somewhere out there in the world there will always be someone who is in more pain and who suffers more than you do, makes our problems look pretty insignificant when compared to his. When things look down I’ll keep this guy in mind and think what he’s gone through to survive this long.

    Teenagers today need to toughen up and be accountable for their actions so that they don’t start whining and complaining when life spits in their face, we sure as hell don’t need anymore people like Amanda Todd swarming the headlines and begging for sympathy because of their actions.

  9. i told a work colleague about amanda todd after i read the post about her here on BG….i stated the reasons why i thought she had thrown her life away for no reason, and although i do disagree with bullying, and those bullies did take it too far, i STILL stand by my opinion that she brought it upon herself for being such a little teenage slut. my work colleague, however, argued that teenagers live in a bubble…..which i agree with. everyone starts off in a happy little bubble, with adults around to take care of everything. however, that bubble bursts as soon as you enter the real world and have to support yourself for the first time. but, had amanda todd been stronger and weathered her ordeals, she would’ve eventually seen that she didn’t have it that bad, considering what many others go through. instead, she decided to take the easy way out. of course, i may be being a little hypocritical, since i used to think of suicide on a regular basis, and am only still here today (and in a much happier state of mind) because i had someone to lend me their strength and support.

    i hope this man and his wife have a wonderful, healthy child, and maybe, one day, he can get treatment for his condition.

  10. So, is anyone still thinking that the shot for papilloma shouldn’t be given to men? Seriously. Women may be the spread of it but men are carriers, the women got it from some male. IMO the shot should be part of the vaccination effort.

  11. Im so happy for him…look at the first picture of him on the bottom row. It looks like hes got a big smile on his face and notice how hes showing off that wedding ring! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it! Best ending on Best Gore ever! (at least I think it is…is it?)

  12. This story has a happy ending. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Goes to show how Indian high society are completely snobby fuckbags even in the states here, they treat people like criminals when you walk in their stores always gazing at you like greedy vultures.

  13. hat pisses me off the most is not that Amanda Todd couldn’t handle a little bullying – it’s the fact that the world is weeping over HER, rather than the countless others who have suffered and continue to suffer. I know so many people who have committed suicide, but few would sell newspapers if their faces wre on the front page.
    By glorifying her suicide, we are reinforcing the belief that your actions only matter if you are beautiful.

    As for our friend from this post – I get a lot of flack for defending Indonesia, but living there made me a better person. I was a total cunt of a teenager, and seeing people like this guy (and worse) metaphorically slapped the “princess” out of me. I became grateful, and more grounded, and kinder.

  14. How are you so sure that it is HPV? I’ve never heard of/seen this type of symptom with any type of HPV. Certain types of HPV lead to facial wrats, but look nothing like this.

    So I’m very curious!

  15. That was beautiful!!! I honestly don’t think that those words could have been phrased any better. My sister is the ‘Amanda’ and I’m the Mohammed of our life. I swear, she is only 16 and I’m 23( tomorrow!) But to her she is the older more deserving one of us. I’ve never had many friends, no one really wants to be around me, why because my beliefs, thoughts, AMD looks aren’t to their standards. She takes everything in life for granted like she deserves it all while I can never catch a break, have workd 2 jobs ever since I had my son and have never had anything just given to. Ever. So ya I feel mohamed life is always a fickle mistress, either be a sheep or get thrown off the cliff… Sorry this is a million thoughts just kinda pouring out at once

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