Industrial Cement Mixer Accident Victim Undergoes Surgery

Industrial Cement Mixer Accident Victim Undergoes Surgery

One evening while working alone in a factory plant, Paul went to answer a phone and tripped over a cable. He fell straight into a working industrial cement mixer. By complete luck, a lorry driver had pulled up outside the plant – they usually stay outside and wait to be unloaded, but on this evening the driver came straight inside and found Paul stuck in the machine and managed to turn it off.

By the time the cement mixer was stopped, Paul’s left arm had been severed along with his left leg, and his right arm badly damaged. It took emergency services over an hour to get Paul out of the mixer. Close to death, they flew him by helicopter to Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester UK, where he was treated by surgeons who are world experts in microsurgery.

Despite his close shave with death, and thanks to the expert surgeons, only one year after the accident Paul is able to do most things he did before – he drives and can get about like he use to. He even has planned skiing with his family. The video below from Bizarre ER series shows how surgeons reconstructed his arms and leg, using his severed leg for parts, including a working thumb fashioned from the toe of the leg he lost.

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        1. hi ??*~Juicy~*??I’m not saying that this guy is not a lucky guy, but this is still sux a lot. some fucked up mind peaople blow up ones brain for a fucking scar. one question, Could you sleep with him, not for his mind but of his body?:) just for fun?

  1. It is amazing what the doctors can do these days however I do find that I am slightly anguished that we are still at the Frankenstein stage, the stage where we mix and match and hope that it works.

    Cancer treatment is the same, we do not know how to cure cancer outright and so we just attack all the cells including the healthy ones until the disease is no more and hope that the immune system is not completely fucked and that homeostasis returns to reasonable levels because if it does not then the cancer will return.

    Medical knowledge and treatment has come a long away in a short amount time but I feel that because of the monopoly by companies such as GlaxoSmithKline that medical advancement is being stifled, just like Microsoft stifled and crushed competition, they do the same in the medical world and when it comes to the creation of knowledge competition is good.

    As we know, medical treatment is a very profitable enterprise to be involved with and like all large organisations they do not like competition, they also do not like taking risks with their money and so funding goes on those projects that guarantee success and bring about quick results.

    Real medical advancement like all other discoveries and inventions in this world do not come about from directions that guarantee success nor do they bring about quick results and so the emphases on funding based upon results and ideas based upon quick profits is a backwards and useless mindset to have in science and medicine.

    Can I please now find a rock to crawl under that is not corrupted by greed.

    1. I know that the hospital where i work at does a lot of research together with Bayer and Sandoz. But that’s really on a smale scale and very specialized to certain diseases and medicine even mostly based to fight side effects of medicine.

      We don’t work so much with GSK so i wouldn’t know about them, but yes, i think its pretty obvious they don’t spend enough on research and development. In this particular case i think that we wont life long enough to see a world where we can use body parts like a big toe as thumb and make it look perfectly normal, not so much the fault of GSK either it’s just the human body.

      GSK and other big pharmaceutical companies can’t help that some cells regenerate different, not or just completly wrong. The human body is just so difficult to understand and to fix, i don’t know what you’re proffession is but for me personally as a doctor i feel that we still make big steps in cures to certain diseases, there are things money can’t fix yet.

      1. I don’t think we are still at the Frankenstein stage as we have come a very long way to be able to use amputated body parts to save what’s left attached. Just think there are nerves, tendons, muscles, veins, and all sorts to connect – it really is amazing what they can do now.

        1. Hi guys, I didn’t mean to belittle medical achievement its just that with science now able to use a persons cells to regenerate tissue and grow body parts that we should have already moved past the initial testing stage and on to actual application and be funding it appropriately.

          1. I often ask myself that question “Empty Soul”, and this might sound like tin foil had conspiracy shit, but I think there are pharmaceutical and biotech companies that have technology that is even more advanced than we think including cures for certain diseases and stem cell therapy that is at the roll out stage, but more money is made on medication and therapies that don’t permanently fix something.

            If anyone could go to a hospital and get stem cell therapy for e.g multiple sclerosis no one would need to spend shitloads on meds. I know one relative who’s on 10 different tablets daily. That shit’s expensive.

            Same with grafting body parts to other people. Once it’s attached you’ll need at the very least anti-rejection drugs for most if not your whole life.

      1. That’s true. My wife got cure by cancer. Not by modern medicine but by nature. Checkout Soursop. This fruit is a 1000 times more effective then chemo therapy and has no side effects. It has been confirmed by scientists. Still i don’t see any mass production of this fruit popping up to cure people with it. From this perspective you can better have a dictatorship then a free market. That’s why Cuba is top rated in the world for it’s medical care.

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