Leg Amputation Video from Syrian Hospital

Leg Amputation Video from Syrian Hospital

Video from a hospital in Syria shows surgical treatment of a patient with severe leg trauma. The leg had to be amputated above the knee. The video offers few nice close ups of how surgeons sealed up major veins for safe amputation.

The doctors did a great job. It’s only sad to know that Sunni terrorists routinely blow hospitals up because civilians and/or government workers are also treated there. I’m pretty sure Syria has all of their medical field professionals working around the clock given the amount of injuries active warring generates, and these terrorists go around blowing up hospitals, killing not only patients, but also doctors and nurses who are so desperately needed by the wounded.

I wish Allah existed so he could strike upon all murderous Salafis and Wahhabis with vengeance and furious anger to wipe them out of the surface of the world once and for all. They’re naught but a bunch of cut throat criminals.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Leg Amputation Video from Syrian Hospital”

      1. Well actually its a surgical drill ! I usedto rebuild them for a company called Hall Surgical and sometimes they would come in for service with blood and skin still on them sterial though because they have to run them thru a autoclave after surgery with them!

  1. His ankle and foot appear ok and most of his thigh, it sucks that his calf was pretty much destroyed and his leg couldn’t be saved. I guess he should be happy he survived? Also, nice fleshy close ups.

    1. I’m sure you’d change your mind if you were actually in a position where you’d lost a leg/or legs. Now, if I lost the ability to get and keep a hard-on then yeah, fuck it, pass me the rope, I’d string myself up as well but seeing as legs aren’t actually needed for me to fuck and blow my load then shit, life would go on (with copious amounts of morphine for pain relief of course : ) ).

  2. What was the doctor rubbing on the patient’s foot at 2:12, some sort of ultrasound machine? Pretty sick close up into the tendons and the splayed flesh, medical videos are so fascinating to watch since you never stop to think that might be you on that operating table one day.

  3. That was very interesting, especially the part where they used the ultrasound device to listen for blood flow/heartbeat.

    This is going to sound very crass but I think this is the place I can ask this question…
    Do surgeons get boners while doing this kind of stuff?
    I mean this is the kind of thing that makes them become surgeons in the first place – Yes?
    I’m sure there has got to be some kind of intense rush.

      1. Yes, that has been my latest joke actually Whitechapel – except I use the word Doctor instead of surgeon.
        I recently had to pull my Mum out of care because of abuse going on there. The ‘higher ups’ (gods/doctors call them what you will) could hardly care less about it.
        Scary… you’re not safe anywhere – not even a care facility.

  4. *I wish Allah existed so he could strike upon all murderous Salafis and Wahhabis with vengeance and furious anger to wipe them out of the surface of the world once and for all. They?re naught but a bunch of cut throat criminals* love it !!

  5. The little machine they used is like a portable ultrasound. The close up work of the ‘tendons’ were not tendons but arteries. The surgeons were restoring blood flow to the foot. The ultrasound was used to make sure the foot had blood flow. Amazing! The surgeons worked on both legs. The left was saved (even with portion of calf missing). The right leg looked as if he came in with a mid calf amputation so the surgeons took it to the knee. Brilliant to use the ball joint as the amputation site. It saves them from having to round down bone for a prosthetic because the bone is already rounded. It looks to me as though this man stepped on a landmine or had a grenade explode at his feet. Long recovery.

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