Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife

Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife

This video is “just nuts”!

Crazy wench wife cut off this man’s Johnson. It happened in Indonesia and they can’t find the severed shaft. Since I don’t think there are many penis organ donors, the man will likely end up living the rest of his life with an amputated cock. Allahu Akbar castration!

I don’t know what his wife’s problem was. Afterall, don’t Liberal fags tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and treats women equally? As a Muslim wife, she should feel equal and privileged to know that she’s only allowed to have one husband while her husband is allowed to have 4 wives. I don’t know what her Allahu Akbar problem was…

The plus side to having one’s penis amputated by a crazed bitch, as seen from the video, is that you get another bitch to dry shave your pubes for you for free. You can kick back and relax while your curls are being taken care of. You don’t have to worry about popping an uncomfortable boner cause you ain’t got a pecker so just soak in the different pleasures. Except from the obvious lack of anaesthetics.

Brutal either way. Ungrateful Muslim women. They need to praise Allah for the privilege to have a husband in the first place and not to stick their noses into his cheating affairs. Mohammad would have them all executed if he was still alive.

Luckily for the dickless guy from this video, he’s Indonesian so he can just go male to female tranny and whore himself out in brothels like so many of his fellow Indonesians do. He doesn’t even have to pay to have his penis amputated. His towel draped wife took care of the business Lorena Bobbitt style. From dick to magina in a flash.

Props to thecas for the video:

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153 thoughts on “Man with Amputated Penis Chopped Off by His Wife”

  1. I have heard that a dick replacement can be done using part of an elephant trunk.The tip of the trunk has similar nerves as the human penis. Once healed over they have attained get results in erection stimuli. The only side effect found is that when you cut your lawn the trunk tends to try to shove grass up your ass……

  2. I liked the video where the guy was strung up and had his junk cut off before his head. In my opinion, they should have let him live for a day or 2 after the penis removal. This vid reminded me of that one

  3. Studies have shown that transplant of an elephant trunk have been very positive. The tip of the trunk has very similar nerve endings as compared to the human penis. Experts agree that sexual stimuli can be made with correct re-assembly of the subdongable vertex combined with post-dermal rehab to the vasdeferance cortal reflex nerve ends.
    Side effects have been reported as only minimal. One major side effect that has been reported by most patients is when the patient is around any form of fresh cut grass, the transplant tends to try to shove said grass up ones ass.

  4. I’ve often fantisized of have my penis cut off .I ‘ve actualy have cut it off 1 time only to have it reattached.i would be very pleased if i could get someone to cut it off for me ANY TAKERS

  5. Thats just wrong, you dont mutilate some one because they fooled around on you. You leave em, and move on with your life. The pay back is to live well, show en you dont need em. The guy would do well to put his name on a transplant list, he can request an ” addadicktome”. On the other hand, like a previous comment noted, he can learn to take it up the ass, maybe get off via prostate stimulation.
    The later will probably be the most likely, the guy is clearly in pain, he given his shirt to bite on instead of a couple mg’s of morphine or dilaudid. Doesnt look good !

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