Man Gets His Dislocated Ankle Snapped Back Into Place

Man Gets His Dislocated Ankle Snapped Back Into Place

Video from ER in New York shows a man with dislocated ankle getting it snapped back into place by a doctor. As the patient explains, his foot dislocated while playing basketball, although even he didn’t know how exactly it happened.

The doctors numbed the patient with morphine so the experience wasn’t really painful, but it’s just another proof that getting fat in front of a laptop while masturbating to online porn is safer than getting active and engaging in sports. Besides, there is nothing gayer than twinks with gym bags.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Man Gets His Dislocated Ankle Snapped Back Into Place”

          1. I member this one time I went to get my wisdom teeth pulled out when they gave me the anesthesia I fell asleep on less than 5 minutes then I woke up and it only felt like I slept for 2 minutes o.o ^_^ I felt awesome my sister told me that I asked the nurse out o.o .. It felt awesome ^(^o^)^I want to get put to sleep again !!

  1. I’ve had a couple dislocated shoulders the most recent one was a couple weeks back when I crashed. A dislocation is painful but I never figured you would need morphine for it but then again I’ve never had my ankle dislocated so for all I know it could hurt alot more than a shoulder…and shoulder can usually be popped back into place with out the help of others or a trip to the E.R.
    While a dislocated ankle does look painful its nothing compared to when they have to snap a broken bone back into place. I’ve had to have my wrist snapped back into place but even with all the local anesthetic it was still one of the most painful things you can feel.

    1. Broken bones feel like someone is stabbing you with an ice pick for several weeks. You can’t move it without pain for about 8 weeks. It will hurt so bad you will become nauseated, you won’t even want to move. If its a hip fracture its way worse but I have no direct experience.

    1. @lunatic- Juicy here!!! 馃槈 I’d do her, but only if you were there with us. I’m not a vegetarian- there needs to be some sausage at the party…

      Although, the way my heart is feeling these days, I’m starting to think that becoming a lesbian is the answer to my problems. Lol

    2. @lunatic- it’s Monday. My brain is fucked! Meant to say if YOU were there AND if there was some sausage there! I better get to these 4 fucking hilly miles before i hang myself in the backyard! I need to get them feel good fitness endorphins flowing- and fast! See all you guys in a bit!! 馃檪

    1. @obnoxiousbitch- Doctors gave me that morphine shit after hour number 29 of labor with my first child. All i can say is- FUCK THAT SHIT! I would practically doze off and then a contraction would hit, and I’d practically hit the ceiling! That shit did nothing for me except make me twitch and itch for days! No motherfucking- thank you!!

          1. I used to dabble in some morphine when I was younger, got me hella high (got it from a friend’s mom who broke her back and is in a wheel chair) but made me hella itchy too! I wonder why that is.

          2. Working as a Labor and Delivery nurse if the patient requests any narcotics to take the edge off I give them Nubain (they usually come off as loopy and silly, but it works for about 1-2 hrs). I’ve had patients itch after that and/or the epidural, in which I’ll give Benadryl which seems to help a bit. I opted not to have any narcotics during labor with my first because of possibility of respiratory depress on baby if given too close, so got the Epi, which worked too well. Second baby I opted for no pain meds and it worked out well and fast! We don’t usually give our laboring moms Morphine (unless it’s to put them in that rare morphine sleep, which I haven’t even seen yet and probably won’t).

  2. I thought the “twink” had nice dimples, but the nurse/doctor/assistant in the green scrubs (the one holding the patients knee) was a cutie! ADORABLE!!! I swear to God that he winked at me too!!! 馃槈

    The foot shit was nasty! Give me a beheading over that shit, any day!!!!

  3. Give me propofol with 250 mcg Fentynyl and I’m good.

    Morphine doesn’t work well, I’ll take it When needed but it makes my arm red an they always give like 5mg which is nothing compared to the 90 mg TID for severe nerve damage and spodylosis.

  4. i ve been through that.dislocated my ankle playing basketball.difference is,i didnt get any morphine before this procedure..pure pain baby!but the feeling when you hear the ”crack” and feel your foot back inplace is awesome.

  5. Ouch!

    The nice looking orthopaedic resident is yummy! He can keep winking all he wants! I remember having morphine once in my life while I had a severe headache and I just ended up laughing the entire time and acting silly of course lol. Kind of like some of my patients right after I give them Nubain via IVP to take the edge of off their labor! After they just kind of doze in and out of it for about an hour or two.

  6. I remember once when I was a kid, I was in the waiting room in a hospital waiting to put plaster on my arm, and a little boy was in front of me in the doctor’s room, he has dislocated his leg. He screamed so much … The screams it scared me and I run away in fear.

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