Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots

Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots

Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots

I don’t know the background story about this video, but the visuals are pretty creepy. A man laid naked on a hospital bed has maggots crawling all over the old wounds on his head and inside his eye sockets. The eyelids are closed so it’s hard to tell if the eyeballs are still OK, but the presence of maggots doesn’t suggest anything good.

He gets his hair shaved off, although it looks like it would fall off on its own. The doc also cleans his wounds but at 2:50, when he pulls off a flap of scalp, the underlying maggot infestation shows just how badly this man is infected. The language spoken in the video sounds Chinese, or some other Asian variety.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Man Has Eyes and Head Wounds Full of Crawling Maggots”

    1. excellent “quote”

      maggots only eat dead tissue – so ironically, the maggots are probably doing this guy a favour – cleaning up his wounds and helping protect against future infection.

      still….the overall effect visually is certainly gag-worthy

  1. Maggots are good. Doctors have finally figured out nature, there, here. The wounds I’ve seen on pigs, growing up on/near pig ranches with really bad cuts to the hogs… then maggots cleanse the sores…

    1. I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic but I was wondering the same thing when I watched lol. I couldn’t make it past the flap. I’ve read how some countries use maggots and leeches to clean/clear out infection. I wonder if that’s what’s happening here. How could someone knowingly live with this activity on their body. A single mosquito, fly, or gnat, drives me nuts. That cut on his head looks like something from an attack/fight. Maybe they simply waited too long for treatment or were a prisoner of some sort and that’s how it became infected. Bottom line…damn nasty.

      1. In some cases, here in the US, they have indeed used maggots and leeches for medical procedures with great success.

        Leeches for a few blood disorders and maggots to eat away flesh infected by bacteria, thus dying, they could not stop the spread of. It works great actually and I’d imagine, humans throughout history have done the exact same thing.

        Leeches were commonly used for many ailments. Some of them wrongly, some of them properly.

          1. Unfortunately, though developed medicine has saved millions of lives, the one thing bad it’s done is make many anti-bacterial resist bacteria (which includes peroxide), in which thinking outside of the box is key. You can only treat someone with so many anti-bacteria medications until you are doing more harm (for everyone), than good.

            As the poster said below: Nature does truly do best at times and there is no immunity to nature.

          2. Peroxide should not be used to cleanse open wounds, ever. Or any wounds, really. Not only will it kill bacteria, it will put back healing by distroying everything that is protecting your skin and the new skin cells coming in, leaving the wound open and vulnerable for a longer period of time.

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  2. I wonder if he woke up that morning and said fuck its not getting better by itself, I’d better go down the docs and get me some antibiotics. How bad would that shit stink?
    Fuck this dude is rank. Should go fishing with those big ass maggots.

  3. Wouldn’t maggots tickle? It tickles when a bug crawls up your leg or arm, so I am guessing this would tickle? Lol!. Unless the flesh is completely rotten and dead, then it probably wouldn’t! I would be afraid that the dr would forget a maggot or two, and close them up inside of my body! Yikes!

    Haha, Asian variety! Maggots n rice! Fit-eeen -min-iits!!!

    1. I watched a documentary where they used maggots to clean out the dead flesh on some dudes foot. HE stated that they did indeed tickle a bit when crawling around the live healing flesh (healing flesh itches anyway), but he could not feel any pain of them eating; along with pain killers.

      1. I can picture the following: Hey man, I got some heroin, you got a spoon? Sure man, just pull it out of this maggot invested wound in my leg! There you go, now I just got to pull out my lighter from my eyeball socket!

  4. Been visiting for years but never bothered to make an account til now. So, first post.

    Anyway, this is probably in Taiwan since they spoke fluent Taiwanese. The examiner asked the old man what happened and I heard something about catching bees and beekeeping. Most likely he fell in the mountains while going after bees and did not seek immediate help. He also mentioned being electrocuted before getting to this place.

  5. I just kept hearing the lyrics from “Hey You” while watching this:
    But it was only fantasy.
    The wall was too high,
    As you can see.
    No matter how he tried,
    He could not break free.
    And the worms ate into his brain.

  6. Maggot vids always put me in the mood for rice pudding, these are small ones tho, I get more of a tickle from the beefy fuckers THAT’S the ending to a perfect day, beefy maggot vid, followed by cozy shack rice pudding. Mmmmmmmmm 🙂

  7. Seems to me, this guy must’ve gotten his ass kicked or took a couple of machete blows to the skull and was figured dead by his attacker(s) and dumped somewhere and was unconscious long enough for the flies to lay some eggs and that’s how the infestation started.

    1. Several fly species here, and some of them are moving really quickly. I agree with something along the lines of a machete attack and subsequent fly strike.

      The fact that they are also infesting his eyes suggests that his chances of survival are low.

  8. sounds like Taiwanese, can’t understand all but mentioned about catching bees and fall hit on sth, seems like a farmer still work and careless about his wound ..working at farm is easy to get infected, with those mud and contaminated water…but how he could wait that long to see doctor, even one maggot is too much

  9. This is TRULY fascinating! As far as I know- maggots only eat DEAD tissue, which there appears to be. But the fact that they are alive is a miracle. Dr.’s use them to fight infection on a patients appendage BUT they are ALWAYS sterilized! On a personal note, I was OK UNTIL the doc pulled back the FLAP on his head/skin and we see even BIGGER BUGGERS! EWwwwwwwwww! Haha

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