Man Films His Hemorrhoids

Man Films His Hemorrhoids

This man developed hemorrhoids and says they just wouldn’t go away. I have to give him mad props for the balls to film them cause hemorrhoids are such a sensitive condition to develop, natural reaction would be to suffer them alone without ever letting anyone know you have them.

It is my understanding that hemorrhoids are a painful condition which not only complicate sitting, but also walking and other daily chores. I hope they go away for the dude who made this video. Damn…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. I had a kidney stone once, and it was terrifying. I felt an intense pain when i had woken up that morning, it was in my right lower left back. I just decided to dismiss it as sleeping wrong, took some ibuprofen and it kinda went away. Went to work and I guess when the medicine wore off the pain was so intense I told them I had to leave and I drove myself to the hospital and got physically sick due the the pain. ( has never happened before..) I pissed it out but it felt odd. Kinda some pain in my shaft and then I pissed and it as gone. They fucking suck. If you get one, take my advice and start drinkg LOTS of water. No problems since I cut soda out.

    1. well for human papillomavirus if you get on antibiotics the day you notice it can cure it. anyone ever been in a hospital with wounds or some condition and you just know, you just feel it, antibiotics will help speed up the recovery. however the doctor isn’t giving you any and so you ask and you’re met with great resistance. and a lot of anal conditions can be treated with a combination of internal antibiotics and a external trippple antibacterial cream. now doctors may say antibiotics don’t cure Hemorrhoids or papilloma virus but they can get rid of the bacteria building up on your “area” of discomfort and can even make them go away. now a key thing to remember here is hygene. shower twice a day and clean your ass and rinse it off well then when you get out of the shower immediately reapply the topical antibiotic ointment. also when you go bathroom use the medicated wet wipes then apply topical antibiotic cream. it is a lot of work but within one week you should feel better.

    1. Given women and their propensity for having naked pictures and videos on the Internet, that’s probably a road women don’t want to go down.

      Hell, even this site you have women with their tits and shit hanging out. (Can’t respect women like that, it’s impossible).

    1. Maybe I should try your trick for getting a promotion, Empty or a measly raise.
      The kitty is now probably blind, and this asshole is having a laugh at us because he got to moon everyone. He flashed his meaty asshole and we stared right into it!!

      1. Hi Lady L,

        Its a good way of getting a promotion, I couldn’t sit down for a week and it wasn’t because of the excitement of a better wage.

        Be careful not to stare at that asshole for too long otherwise your mind will destroy itself.

        ?if you gaze long into an abyss the abyss will gaze back into you?

        friedrich nietzsche

      1. @1girl,
        silenced strikes me as the sort of man that would kill himself if he ever started fantasing about knob-end. Only he would go to a mall and take 20 people with him and leave a note saying it was because of multiculturalism.

        1. Nope. I see no issue with being gay. As a matter of fact, I experimented with it when I gave up on White women. Didn’t work out, can’t force it.

          Also – I’m not a psychopath. Just a man with peach skin who see’s reality for what it really is. If this somehow makes me capable of going into a mall and killing 20 random strangers to you.. Then that’s your problem, not mine.

          But that’s nothing new with your kind. 🙂

          1. @silenced,
            it was a joke! You can’t deny you leave yourself open to it.
            I’ve noticed you’ve been making comments about posts recently and not just your politica rhetoric.
            I’m still waiting for you to crack a joke on here, come on, you can do it!

          2. Ironically enough, I’m very funny, have a good sense of humor and love to make people laugh in my personal life.

            I only display that part of my personality to people I trust and deem friends, though.

            And someone who looks at certain posts I make, and swipes them away as nothing more than political rhetoric.. Well, that doesn’t endear said person to me.

            Sorry :), maybe some other time, when our viewpoints match up, or are at least exist within the same universe.

            Doubtful, but hey.. Stranger things have happened!

        2. Some more tough white guy action! @silenced, your post was strangely pleasant. As I would love to shoot up 20 people. No drive by, no cartel, no kindergarten. No, just plain pick 20 assholes to drive a polymer bullet through their pitutary gland. On the softer side of my to do list, speaking of giving up white women, I have an upcoming date with a sexy ass Korean Lady Boy. Big tits, beautiful face, big dick. I’m so excited I made my dimple rings sink from smirking in anticipation. So I have to make up a lie to my Irish MUSLIM husband, AND my pinoy (filipino) mistress to see my Korean Vixen. I’m. A fucking PLAYER! We’re a fucked up bunch! 🙂 (

  1. At first I thought it was gonna be goatse man! Anyway, I was concentrating on the kitty and his well-hung pecker! It prolly was his wife’s idea to make the video. Wanted to show off her old man’s package! He he!

    1. Trust me it was no big deal.Most women suffer from a mild to much worse of a case of hemorrhoids sometime during pregnancy and trust me when your carrying over a 101/2 lb. baby, hemorrhoids can make things pretty miserable.

  2. Those are, “anal warts” my friend, not hemorrhoids. Go to you doctor and get them burned off, or if he doesn’t have a cauterizer then he can put a topical ointment that slowly burns them off over a few weeks and repeated treatments. Make sure to stop treatment before the acidic ointment continues to burn past the warts and you find your entire crack is skinless, “ouch!”

  3. I know his pain I have a hemorrhoid. It was a little bit outside my ass then went to hospital to have to sit for 6 hours waiting to be seen very painful an I had to walk an hour home after. Bit now that I’m eating healthier its gone thank god. It was so fucking painful an its kinda of embarrassing. But eating healthy can prevent shit like that I guess best hopes for this guy. He’s got it waaaay worse then mine was

  4. Those are not Hemorrhoids, they’re, Anal Warts. He probably got them from sticking his own fingers or a friend sticking his/her fingers inside his rectum. They can be burned away in a single session or the old way is to administer a slow burning topical to the area repeatedly over three or four weeks. However it’s easy to over medicate and cause severe burns along the crack. I experienced them in the Army over 35 years ago.

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