Metal Rods Used to Straighten Spine in Scoliosis Surgery

Surgeons Had To Scrape Flesh Attached to Spine to Gain Access for Metal Rods Installation

Metal Rods Used to Straighten Spine in Scoliosis Surgery

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member reef_flipflops. Father of his friend had scoliosis and underwent surgery during which he had metal rods implanted around his spine to help straighten it. It looks far more graphic than I thought it would. It’s probably because I imagined how much work it must have been to scrape all that flesh off the spine. As you know, if you cook meat thoroughly, it will separate from bone easily, but in raw state it’s a major task to just debone a chicken. Just imagine what it must have been to remove all flesh from a jaggedy spine. In reef_flipflops’ own words:

The picture is of my friend Steve’s dad. He is from Staten Island, New York City. He had scoliosis so bad it was ruining his quality of life so they stuck these rods in there to straighten his ass out.

Thanks a lot for the exclusive submission to Best Gore, reef_flipflops. Hope your friend’s dad’s quality of life improves after he’s all healed up:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Metal Rods Used to Straighten Spine in Scoliosis Surgery”

    1. @Transylvania, thanks but I would’nt call myself a king…I’m just a guy with three metal rods holding my spine together. As far as the wrinkles go I don’t have any (thankfully), it might be age related but it does leave a nice scar and going through airport metal detectors can be a real bitch, especially if you are forced to strip down naked to prove you don’t have an AK47 strapped to your body.

  1. is this the brother of Zelda from the Stephen Kings movie Pet cemetery? He should tell his sister to get this op done and forget about the tit implants she was saving for….the slag! She were a crap fuck anyway…like a sack of potatoes !

      1. Thanks, @IWMe. She’s getting steroid shots right now but they’re not doin the best job. So i think she’ll have to get some kinda surgery. She’s got a few issues, and scoliosis is just one of them. But she’ll be ok. Thanks for your kind words! <3

  2. Wow, a fellow rod brother. I wonder how long his surgery took. Looks very similar to mine which took eight hours to do. I also spent two months in the hospital recovering but my spine was broken and I had fractured ribs as well. I hope he has a better quality of life now and makes a speedy recovery from the surgery.

        1. I mean when you were laid up in hospital, you must have been bedridden lying on your stomach (I would imagine), how do you use a bedpan? Or do they put giant pads down and you just shit everywhere and then they just clean you up.

          1. I was laying on my back in an upright position the whole time. Those hospital beds are very comfy and can be adjusted just right with the push of a button. Since I hardly ate any solid foods the whole time I was there, shitting was never a problem. When I needed to go I would just use my walker to get to the bathroom (which was about ten feet away) and go normally.

          2. The worst part was having a freaking tube up my dick to drain my urine for the first few days after surgery. When I asked the nurse if we could lose the tube she said maybe if I’m really nice to her. WTF did she want…a tongue job from me?

          3. What are you even talking about?!? Cathaters are amazing! You don’t even feel like you need to go to the toilet!!

            I had one after my cesarean, I loved hobbling to the shower carrying my little bag of piss 馃槈

          4. I’ve had a few catheters in my life and they were fucking horrendous!!! I let them know to do my epidural first becausemy pretty little P doesn’t like anythingup there except for what nature intended!! Lol

          5. Wow, I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks they’re great. I really hope someone can back me up so I don’t feel all abnormal.

            The time and effort they save… and I just hate feeling like I need to pee every few hours. It’s annoying. They really sold themselves to me. I want one for my day-to-day.

            I was numb when it went in but it felt a bit weird coming out. Not unpleasant though. I could definitely get used to it.

            Something might be wrong with me.

          6. I’m with my wifey on this. No thanks to having anything up there but what is supposed to be. There is nothing normal about carrying around your own bag of piss. Nasty.

        1. Me too, Wicked. I can’t imagine the ability to get out of bed and use a walker to walk fucking anywhere after having your back broken. I pictured runny shit everywhere. Anyway, guess we humans are nothing, if not resilient. -k

  3. i have congenital progressive scoliosis. mine was corrected with this same surgery when i was fourteen. i have one rod and three hooks in my lower back fused to the vertebrae with bone shavings from my right hip. mine wasn’t as bad as this guys altho it would have gotten to that point by now(30).
    the kicker is that because it’s congenital there’s at least a fifty percent chance that any children i have will be born with this…luckily i’m too selfish to make children.
    thanks for sharing this!

    1. I have congenital scoliosis too, high five! 馃槢

      Though, I wasn’t diagnosed till I had a trampoline accident when I was 21 and I’ve only ever had physiotherapy and pain medication for it.

      I’ve been told by my doctors that congenital scoliosis isn’t hereditary. I have a son and I keep extra close watch on his spine, just in case, and thus far it’s perfectly straight.

  4. The flesh isn’t really scraped of, it’s more like pushing it to the side with inmense force. Usualy reqcuires only a straight (deep) cut from top to bottom over the spine. Still pretty impressive

  5. I took a special interest in this post because I don’t have any pics from my actual surgery. Seeing that pic of the exposed spine with the metal rods got me thinking of my surgery and what it really does look like.
    Thank you reef_flip flops for sharing this with us.

    1. I have degenerative disc disease and scoliosis and stenosis and cervical kyphosis and neuropothy and a whole bunch of other shit. I have had 3 back surgeries and a spinal fluid leak, but no metal. And this is big fucking polite pass. Holy hell!! Some bad ass mother fuckers, I couldn’t do it. BB I hope you are recovered and I hope the dude pictured is doing better.

  6. I wonder why the little ‘hinges?'(they look like little ball joints actually) are staggered on either side instead of being evenly spaced and at the same heights? Is it to help with straightening the spine maybe? Definitely cool pics tho, and of course, GORY! :oP

    1. @Plup, sounds like you’re describing the anchors that the rods go through. Those are what’s screwed into the spine to hold the rods in place. This surgery is almost identical to mine…so much infact that it’s scary (to me).

    1. Do you have scoliosis of the vag , cause those pics sound more interesting to me , giggty goo goo goo . shouldn’t type and consumer alcoholic beverages at the same time (WUI) Writing Under the Influence.

  7. Damn looks painful…and I’m not talking about the process, I’m talking about the pain after the surgery when the anesthesia and pain killers wear off. He probably felt like he got hit by a semi truck for a couple weeks after the surgery.

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