Meth Addict Goes Picking For Brain

Meth Addict Goes Picking For Brain

Whenever your mother told you to stop picking at a sore, you probably thought she was being neurotic. If you are this guy, you’ll now wish you had listened.

You’ll probably also be wishing you hadn’t heard of Meth. Yes, this is the scalp of a Meth Head. Our friend got it into his head (no pun intended) that there was a bug crawling under his skin and decided to try to pick it out. Who’s neurotic now?

An unpleasant side effect for some heavy users of Methamphetamines is that they see and feel bugs crawling on their body. They are referred to as crank bugs, meth bugs or ice bugs. The user will dig at their flesh trying to get at the imaginary villain, causing terrible wounds usually to their faces, scalps, arms and legs.

It appears he has dirty fingernails too. His wound has been consumed by infection with the flesh eaten away to expose bare skull. Seriously, who lets something get this bad before going down to casualty. What a moron.

Don’t do drugs, kids. They are bad!

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          1. It’s ludicrous to consider the amount of pot it takes to OD (twice your body weight). Although habitual overuse forms an addiction, I don’t ever see myself sucking someone’s dick for it. 😉

          2. Wtf? ?maybe it was spice or however they spell this shit almost like meth and more dumb as I see…nobody od on weed I smoke more than 14 years marijuana and not dailly so I can tell you isn’t addictive too …

          1. Your fucking retarded dude.One does not “take” marijuana and its impossible to OD from smoking it your probably just a fucking stupid little kid who cant handle the shit your trying

          2. its not OD’ing when your sick every 5mins, its what we stoners call ” whitying ” more or less when you take it for the first time

        1. I get the hole “if you try method just once you’ll be an addict, same with heroin, but I always wonder what could even out the thought of even trying it one time in someone’s head. And I don’t mean this at all in a judgmental or mean why at all. I, too, was addicted to xanax for couple Yeats of my life during a time when I felt that things were so bad there was no way out and m emotional pain was so great that I felt the only way to rid myself of the horrendous pain was to pop a pill so I understand that some things happen in life that bring people lower than they ever thought they’d go but even when I was doing any shit I knew that no matter what, no mater how low I felt or how bad things got, no matter how badly I wanted to get high or fucked up, I knew that I would never out myself in a situation were trying meth or heroine would be an option let alone even a thought of curiosity in my mind. Sure, I smoke weed, I’ve done pills and I’ve taken all kinds of hallucinogens during a experimental time in myself where I wanted to try everything out and experience the different highs but I’ve never done anything worse than pills or snorting them rather (actually I havr tried coke acoupleof times but nothing above that)as I always knew anything above that was a hard limit for me so with all that being said, I always wonder how this isn’t a hard limit for others. What has happened in a persons life to make someone want to try a drug that they know will make them forever addicted. When does a person get to the point where their inhibitions get so low that they decide it’s okay to try just once? Again, I don’t mean any of this in a rude, condeacrndi or judge mental way at all, I am just simpky curious as I’m sure know one expects to become an addict or does so on purpose, no one grows up thinking, “i ‘m gonna try heroine or method one day”. As I said, even with being an addict myself at one point, there were still drugs that I just wouldn’t do no matter how badly I wanted to get high and I wonder why and how someone crosses out that thoht process and just willingly goes for it?

          1. My step-family use to make and sell Meth when I was a teen. Even all that didn’t stop me from trying the stuff once after I got out of the Army. I even tried Heroin and a bunch of other stuff. I never got addicted, turns out when you have the mental illness and emotional issues I do you tend not to be addicted as easily.

          2. for the most part its circumstances. i never had the opportunity to try meth. it was never around my area during my drug using days. but plenty of weed and coke. after years of smoking weed it was doinng little for me other than putting me to sleep, so i gravitaed towards uppers. i had the opportunity to try coke and fucking loved it.

            my alcohol use increased as coke became scarce and fucking overpriced. i had connects in Philly to score coke, but since they prefered crack i went that way so we could put all our money together into one big bundle. i never really liked crack but continued to smoke it since i needed to get high and snort coke on the rare occasion, ultimately i became a full-blown alcoholic and things got really really bad.

            i had to stop everthing, i had no choice. i would be dead or in prison now if i hadn’t gotten sober. drug use is not for me. i don’t condemn those who use drugs as long as they can control themselves and handle their responsibilities. i can’t. i am a monster and pray to your god every night that i never start drinking again.

          3. Im a recovering addict for the last few years it was coke and heroin,i didnt asspire to be an addict but i dont trip up over things that are behind me today. meth and these other drugs that are around i wouldnt even try i know the power and pull the drugs can have its an old saying but just say no if thats what you want i cant and wont tell anyone how to live. Live Life

          1. It just takes a bit of getting used to BG. Thick skin may be required. Don’t let temporary misunderstanding put you off. Welcome to Best Gore. Just keep commenting, you will get a hist of it soon. Old members are naturally suspicious of those they don’t recognize. It has nothing against you personally. I hope you won’t give up on us because of some temporary misunderstanding.

          2. Welcome mate. The key here is not taking certain comments seriously. It’s usually hard to distinguish sarcasm from seriousness on the internet, especially here, since a lot of people (and myself included) are sarcastic many times.

            Just shill out, and enjoy the show. 🙂

          3. Don’t leave p1zza we love newbies….I was the sameway..I can’t here for years but couldn’t make an phone sucked…can’t wait to read more from you though..once again welcome…

  1. Okay, someone has got to tell me what the fucks up with this dude’s skull. It looks like a cracked egg or something! I get that he picked and picked and picked but how did the actual skull born become chipped and cracked in the one area?! The Fuckkk!!!!!

    1. There’s a good chance that, that’s just the way his skull looks. You’d be amazed at how different peoples skulls look when you get down to the bare bone. Some peoples skulls have pits and holes, some have the picture perfect looking skull. It all depends on how the bone formed and aged, plus any previous injuries.

      But I’d wager that his skull has an infection now due to being exposed to the elements. His wound might not heal due to the prolong exposure. He’d need some plastic surgery and skin graphs to fix this one up.

  2. He should leave the wound just the way it is, it makes for the perfect cup holder. Thanks for the post @McTreblar, you got me all itchy and scratchy and needing a shower for the second day in a row.

    1. Because people of color..any color are to embarrassed by having a whitey disease so they push it under the rug and ignore it…then they become gang bangers…druggies and or dealers…rappers…turn or white brothers and sisters into jumping monkeys and shit….lolz

    2. @Obi,

      Actually that is an interesting social concept you have just touched upon and one that I have researched before.

      Of course there are mentally ill black people but statistically speaking white and (Asian), Chinese, Japanese, Korean ect, have the highest number of mental illness and the question is why?.

      It is because the above races, for the most part, control themselves and keep their emotions bottled up and their own families and communities place a lot of conditions on their existence such as high educational attainment, good job prospects, partner and kids, mortgage on an house, they force them to accept nothing less than the, ideal, perfect outcome.

      Obviously then when they fail to meet the above or they want to create a different path for themselves they struggle between expectations, what they are and what others expect them to be collide and sometimes it causes mental anguish and illness.

      Other races, even though they may give their children a lot of love tend not to be so hard on their own kids, they do not see them as investments to be capitalised upon and as a result they tend not to achieve great heights but at the same time they don’t break down as often.

      The conclusion, sometimes expectations can push a child to achieve great things but other times it can cause them to overload and break, there is a fine balance between love and obsession.

  3. Lolz as an old meth user I find these post funny as fuck…not only did I get to the point where I was slamming dope..I was selling it…never sold a tv…a couch..vcr…never did I pick my face..head…and it body apart..and I’d quit cold turkey just for the fuck of it so I could experience the come down….I liked how they felt….been off it for over a yr now…I miss the non stop calm it gave me..I have adhd so I’m used to amphetamines I guess…lolz…my mom did it too…became a drug induced schizo…that was fun to watch with a blunt..but yeah…don’t do drugs kids..I’m like a one in a million person…..addicts of everything used to always tell me how lucky I am….I pick up a habit…I drop it as easy as I picked it up…except weed….I’m addicted to the feeling I guess??…lolz I can quit..but it’s hard and why?…I’m more friendly stoned… 😉

  4. I never understood why meth users pick at their skin. Had a good friend who picked at her face for hours one day when we were tweeking. She looked horrible. It never had that effect on me, but, it was never my drug of choice.

  5. its another proof that doing drugs is not that bad.
    I mean hes still alive, only with scars, Human body is stronger than you think. Like smoking its bad but it doesnt kill you. But ofcourse too much is too much but i guess he didnt find limit like most of stupid peoples.
    Today i stoped eating something which is not good for human. I feel inside that iv done that too much in my life. Now im more healthy. Its all about listening your inner spirit and protect yourself.
    And even if i try to be that better person, i still give wrong impression to others like im same crazy than those Meth addicts

  6. There isn’t an easy fix for this holy man. There isn’t enough excess skin on the head to close that. It’s not unlike when someone needs a fairly large nevus sebaceous removed, it either has to be done in stages or with the use of tissue extenders.

        1. Oh Mikey..calling this’s habit out is gonna cause me problems..thanks Mikey..but anyways .I’ve been using lolz forever…its the same as lol just add a z at the end of loud….sigh..please save the imma nigger or speaking nigger I’m white and I like it…..and I’ve been writing it since lol came out…

          1. Gonna chalk that response up to stoned/drunk/stressed/whatever cause you reeeeaaally misunderstood me Lady. #1) It was an honest question. I think you know by now if I’m being sarcastic, or you should know by now. #2) What does a ‘z’ have to do with “speaking nigger”? I don’t know who told you that but it’s not something I’ve ever heard, and definately not something I wrote to you in the above question. #3) I apologize if I read your tone wrong. It came across like you thought I was fucking with you or something, but if that wasn’t what you meant then my bad. #4) You sure do “sigh” a lot! 😉
            #5) ^ That’s how you know 🙂
            #6) I really like numbered lists!!

          2. Ooohhh ok I re-read it. I thought when you wrote “please save the I’m a nigger or speakingnigger…” that you were implyingthat I was saying that to you or was gonna say it. My badz! (See what I did there 😉 )

          3. Haha..fucking Mikey…you’re silly hun…I was just saying that because when I said something like this I got called a nigger and shit..not by you hun…but by others…I know when you’re playing with me and others and when you’re being an ass…I’m sorry if I came off wrong..I’m sober…I need to go smoke now…I’ll be nicer then…I sowwy…. =(

            And yes Mikey..I sigh way TOO much….I actually sigh when I write what I say…in fact I speak to my phone as I type to guys all the time…or type whatever I’m writing about the post…..lolz

            And I did see what you did there Mikey….you’re awesome <3

            That's supposed to be a heart..but lips work too…. 😉

  7. He’s a breakdancer who specializes in headspins. Similar to a trumpeter’s lip, these folks wear out a spot like that so they can get bone on cardboard contact. That’s how they can spin much faster than the rest of us.

  8. All drugs should be legal!!! We should have the right to put whatever we want in our body. Treat it like alcohol. No driving well fucked up. If heroin was legal today would you guys buy some? I wouldn’t! I would stick to drinking,smoking bud and an occasional trip on shrooms or DMT. If people want to overdose so be it! And people say..if somebody is high they will commit crimes. I fein for sex all day but I don’t go out and rape women. I have self control and respect even if I’m fucked up. This war on drugs is ridiculous! I know It’s all set up and for profit but still. It’s not criminal and you shouldn’t be in jail for taking a substance. But they let you take psychotropic drugs which is worse!

    1. Most likely to the mutt..or he wiped it whatever he was..when you get to be this kind of tweaker you rarely eat and it sleep…that’s why they pick lack of sleep I mean days..weeks at a time…..ugh..I tweaked with alot of people who’d do shit like this…*shivers*..I used to like to be up for weeks..but one time I over did it and I was hallucinating…talking to myself and shit…I slept 3.5 days straight that time…took me a week to function right….I took a break at that point…I had gotten like 1.5 weeks sleep in a month and a half…I sporadically slept..never really ate..I lost like 65+ pounds during that binge…never did this shit though…yuck!!

  9. I’m glad I never tried this shit…friends offered me few times when they smoke this shit but never try it even one puff I love my weed only ..i was hooked on opioids and relapse many times but never on meth ..weed is standard value

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