Midsagittal Plane – Photo of Vertical Section Through Female Body

Midsagittal Plane - Photo of Vertical Section Through Female Body

Midsagittal Plane is a vertical section through the body that divides it into left and right (unlike coronal plane which divides the body into front and rear, or transverse plane which divides it into top and bottom). This photo is of Sagittal Plane of a midsection of female body (Midsagittal Plane) and shows what the human body looks like when cut right through the middle. It’s like coming to a “Body Works” exhibition, only with real human body. Can you identify which part is what?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Midsagittal Plane – Photo of Vertical Section Through Female Body”

  1. The urogenital tract are the bladder, the vagina (with cervix and uterus) and the descending colon, rectum and anus. The hip bone and half of the pelvic structure is also present. From the condition of the skin etc; this appears to be a medical school cadaver.

  2. It’s very interesting. But the fact that it looks like it might be an old lady cut in half is really creeping me out. And even being a girl, I can’t determine shit… Is it pointing at the uterus? :/

  3. There is your text book illustration of a “dusty old uterus”.

    By the look of it that was a rather well used uterus. (anybody need a place to park your car?)

    The age factor has definitely taken a toll. I’ve seen cross-sections of younger people, and they’re a bit easier to identify the parts on (not as much sag/withering has happened)

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