Mountain Biker Exposes Ankle Bones

Mountain Biker Exposes Ankle Bones

Remember the tough guy with the partially severed foot?

Here is another to add to the family of folk who break skin instead of bone.

The story with this guy is that apparently he was mountain biking and took a heavy landing with his foot on the pedal. It would appear his leg has overtaken his foot, and given that bone is stronger than skin, he has peeled like a banana.

I used to mountain bike when I was younger and this type of injury never occurred to me. I was always more concerned with becoming one with a tree or loosing parts of my face in the gravel.

Mountain bike guy wasn’t quite as stoic as our tough guy though. In the photo above you can see a medico holding him down while he is examined. I’m not afraid to admit I’d be like mountain bike guy in the same situation.

29 thoughts on “Mountain Biker Exposes Ankle Bones

  1. Oh fuck that looks painful as fuck….ugh..compounds hurt like a bitch….poor dude…I’m sure they were doped up..but still…that makes by breaks hurt…oooof…

  2. Damn i sprained my ankle last month and it still kinda hurts if i put too much weight on it. I couldnt imagine how long and bad the healing process will be for this dude.

    • ive always heard ankle sprains are worse than fractures for healing….all I know is I badly sprained my ankle back in may and the fucker still is painful to walk on :/

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