Oscar Orlando Moreno – Drug Cartel Killing Victim

Oscar Orlando Moreno - Drug Cartel Killing Victim

As it would seem from the photo, his name was Oscar Orlando Moreno. He was executed in a drug cartel killing after he messed with the wrong guys. Pretty fucked up teeth you have there, Oscar. Damn!

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34 thoughts on “Oscar Orlando Moreno – Drug Cartel Killing Victim”

  1. I agree looks like he was shot in the mouth the back of this neck is pretty bulged out, I would guess probably a shot gun blast. Too bad there isn’t a view from the back probably a big hole

  2. Well the best way to kill someone, is to stick a gun in their mouth and aim it straight back – not up wards. This way you take out the brain-stem. This is also the best way for suicides to happen – leaves absolutely no chance of survival.

  3. Corregimiento, not correjimiento. Stupid illiterates.

    I think they killed him by ramming a thick steel tube up his mouth all the way across his brains. You don’t see the sort of explosive damage you can observe after a shot.

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