Prosthetic Joint In Situ with Antibiotic Beads

Prosthetic Joint In Situ with Antibiotic Beads

Prosthetic Joint In Situ with Antibiotic Beads

I’m not a fan of joints. They are clunky and prone to injuries and pain. I know they are an evolutionary marvel and all, letting us have load-bearing appendages that provide mobility and agility. However, I note that a penis is a load-bearing appendage and it does just fine without bones and joints.

Given we have to have them, it is good to know there are clever humans around who can build near indestructible replacements for when we wear our feeble natural ones out.

I’d like to think that one day full limb replacement can occur. Yes, hands and feet pose a significant challenge, but certainly the long bones may be able to be exchanged for titanium or carbon fibre. As for bone marrow and blood cell manufacture, I’m happy to keep the fantasy simple for the time being.

The other items I’m sure you’ve noticed in this picture are the little white beads that have been placed around the joint. These antibiotic beads are the equivalent of Osmocote, except that they are impregnated with therapeutic drugs to provide prolonged release of high doses directly into the vulnerable region. They all but eliminate the risk of toxicity and other complications such as blood vessel damage which often occurs with intravenously administered antibiotics.

First developed in the 1970s, beads would be made up in the operating theatre using mix and set medical cement and a raft of antibiotics to match the treatment required.

In more recent years, as are pictured, prefabricated antibiotic beads are now being phased in which dissolve over time to provide the same targeted and sustained release of drugs without the need for follow up surgery to remove them.

So you can have your Steve Austin knees with much less chance of them turning septic.

Now all they need to replace is meat.

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  1. Wonder was it the first time they had beads put inside them? This has me warmed up for the morning, im going toget surgery to fix my spine. I wish i could get them to film it. Id send a few pics here so everyone could see my insides. Not in a weird sexual way, i know i left myself wide open. And again. Terrible…

    1. I’m going to ask my neurosurgeon if i can get a taping of my VP shunt operation when i meet with him in a couple weeks….hope he says love to put it on here…oooooh the honor of being a video on here would be sooo great!!..hope this guys not a prick…good luck with your surgery jonny!!

        1. Why thank you scholar….i won’t be having mine until next month sometime..i need my time to get some affairs finished first….i didn’t know jonny was getting this tomorrow i just saw another wanting to donate a surgical video here…..

          1. Thank you my friend…..I’ll always be around….well except while I’m sleeping but my shit stirring ass will be back as soon as i can…who knows maybe I’ll get some hotass nurses to start some shit stirring while there…mmm… <3

    2. stagedoor jonny, as a person with a spinal problem myself, I know what misery it can cause.
      My sincere wishes of good luck for a pain-free, fixed spine. πŸ™‚
      (a video would of been AWSOME, especially more so to me, as a fellow sufferer!)

          1. I wish the Drs here understood more Lady…
            I’m in BC where you would think it would be easily attainable through a Dr., yet you are hard pressed to find a Dr. that will write you a prescription.
            Heal thy self I say πŸ™‚

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          3. Thanks z…lolz warrior chick…i like that..yeah turns out my friends didn’t fuck them over in the first was all one big misunderstandi ng…when i found that shit out i was livid…..if i gotta get hurt..i like for it to atleast have a purpose man….sigh..

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          1. I sure hope it is. Maybe take some hand to hand courses if you think it may happen again. The only other knife wound I got is some slash scars on my left lol. Ones huge , I didn’t get it stitched.

          2. I’m actually pretty good withmy hands..just some people are dirty and caught me slipping…i shouldn’t go out fucked up i guess…i don’t like using weapons…but don’t push me…..i have plenty at easy access….but we don’t need to go further with that info..lolz..

  2. I bet it’s expensive, lucky fuckers if it is covered. I have to pay 8000 Euro for my surgery tomorrow, and it’s the second time in 6 months I’ve had to get it. Or I could go to a public hospital, and go on a waiting list of 2 years until I even speak to the fucking surgeon.

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  3. I don’t even think about the metal rods in my spine until something like this post reminds me about it. It’s been almost two years since my surgery and I’m as good as new except for the fact I can’t tie my shoes..or put my socks on…or cut my toe nails…who am I kidding, I’m fucked up. At least I can still reach my cock. Btw…hi guys (and girls).

  4. I didn’t know about the antibiotic beads they put in people. None of my body parts have had to be replaced, yet, so it’s interesting to know more about the whole process.

    I can’t help but think of prayer beads when I look at them. Seeing them wrapped all around like that gives a religious aspect to the new joint.

        1. @Altering-erection
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  5. Actually, if you are having surgery ask your doc about spraying in synthetic hot sauce….it’s bull shit that pharm companies have blocked using it…just like on your tongue it over stimulates the nerve endings and numbs all the pain…it works but there is too much money in pain meds ….studies shows no need for pain meds for days after surgery when they sprayed the opening with hot sauce….

  6. What’s up everyone. Gonna caption my photo “got piss?”. All good, except the fookers wouldn’t oblige me by filming my surgery or taking a few snaps of my spine. But they fixed me, so can’t complain I suoppose. Thanks again to everyone who wished me well. I’m refusing all painkillers to see how bad it gets, that’s how bored I am. No Krusty’s chewable morphine for me today. And goddamn, the nurses. Just awesome.

      1. Thanks man, I feel awesome, my legs don’t feel like they are plugged into a nuclear generator anymore, I feel like I could hibernate, the relief is that good. It’s funny, the pain of the surgery ain’t got shit on 3 prolapsed discs. The pain now is a walk in the park compared to before.

          1. Haha why not, I’m paying enough money anyway! If I do my next profile pic will prprobably have a shiner. I have to tread carefully, they are in a great position to hurt me if they feel so inclined…

      1. Thanks @itwasme, best part is there isn’t anyone else in the little ward I’m in so that means no fucking snoring, thank fuck! If there was I’d have to smother them with a pillow cuckoo’s nest style and post the video here. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Ah well…

      1. Hey @ladywicked, all good here. I saw your earlier comment about the opiates and decided to give them a miss. You are right, not worth the comedown, plus they cut through scar tissue from before so there is hardly any pain. I’m doin fine without them. I’ll treat myself with something natural when I get home, take a “leaf” out of your book, so to speak.;-)

      1. Thanks fiend, glad to be doing well. I’m almost certain the nurse saw me take that photo, I’ve been getting the odd raised eyebrow from her a few times since. Must have looked a bit weird I suppose, but fuck it. If we can’t have a laugh at life what’s the point?

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          1. Thank you @scholar, it’s an honour to be thought of in that way by yourself. This is the only place I feel I can say whats in my head, and people don’t think I’m crazy. The people I interact with here are awesome. I wish I had more friends like these outside of the site.

        1. @scholar, they TRIED, but it just wasn’t happening, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like a mix of speedos and those hair net things they wear in a surgical theater. I’ll post a fresh pair to ya, you can see the madness for yourself. And feel free to get yourself and your fucking beast of a car over here to Ireland. I can promise you there are next to no women of your caliber around here. You’ll have me ruined, @scholar. Fucking ruined.

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